Chapter 34:

A4P8: Capital city of orks, Hu-bano

From Assassin to Demon lord

In casle of the king, a girl in beautiful, yet obviously used for long time, dress was running through a hallway. One could say that it was against etique, but she didn’t care.

She didn’t care, becouse no one ever expect something from her, not even her father, the king.

The girls name was Galulu Gerba Ogur and she was First princess of Ork kingdom.

Guruk, her older brother, left with small army to destroy ogre kingdom and never come back. The reason for that was evil machinations of demon lord who teamed up with ogres. This information was secret, Galulu told no one.

Why that?

Simple reason really, altough she was ork and was born from ork mother, she looked like an elf.

This was the biggest scandal in recent years in Ork kingdom. The reason for that was simple, no matter who orks breeded with, their kids always looked like ork.

Only different between the two was in base stats of the newborn child. Let’s say that magic total of both parents was 100 and were from different species, the childs magic total would be between 100 and 200, if the parents were both orks, then it would be between 80 and 150.

This could aply to all stats, but orks primarly looked at strenght, vitality and MP.

That being said, Elf-looking ork was first for the kingdom.

Since she was little, she was always look down upon by everyone at the court. She hated that, but she wanted to show what she can do, so she gathered group of strong like-minded people to overthrow the king.

Truth to be told, her group had no political power, being made from primarly her guards and few daughters of noble families.

And then a miracle happened.

Demon lord Zaru came and took over barony that was next to small ogre kingdom.

In other words, he killed her brother and came to destroy the kingdom.

But even being demon lord, he spared people of the city he took over and even helped them to be self-sufficient, that was something Galulu never felt, her heart started beating like never before.

Under his rule everyone is equal, so why don’t bet on this one card?

With this in her mind, she get to her private chambers in second floor of south wing of the palace. In reality, this entire floor of the palace was her golden cage.

„Milady, miss Gurara and Miss Gezuzu are already waiting for you,“ a female knight said.

„Thanks for telling me Zaguma,“ Galulu smiled and Zaguma bowed in acknowledge.

Princess walked inside and saw two female orks, they were like her a special cases. Gezuzu had green hair and eyes, and Gurara had red hair, eyes and nails, which she colored.

Normal orks were always brown in color and only difference between male and female was in their fur. Male had it all over their bodies, while females lacked fur on most parts of their bodies. Fur of females was mostly concentrated on their back and tail.


„I’m back. And I have bad news for you two.“

„What did the king wanted? Were we find out?“

„Calm down Gezuzu, we were not find out, but father wanted to ask me if I had chosen a spouse.“

„What? Did he really ask you that?“

„Well it was the only reason he kept me alive all this time, but that is not what I wanted to talk with you about.“

„And what is it Princess?“

„A demon lord apreared. And to make it worse, he teamed up with ogres and he command a group of fiendish creatures known as Gnolls.“

„That mean your brother must be dead, sorry for your lost.“

„Good joke, you know better than me how evil that pig was. After all he was your fianceé, right Gurara?“

„Oh, hush! You know it was my father who decided that… if I could chose for me… hehehee… noooo… hehee…“ Gurara started blushing and everyone know she was thinking about Zaguma’s brother, captain of pricesses near guard, who was currently with his mother, who was gravely ill.

„With that behind us, let me show you something interesting. I recorded demon lords words to the city he took from us few days ago. Here watch it.“

Princess took purple crystal out of her sleave and place it in the middle of the table. Then demon lord Zarus words ringed through the room.

„So… the demon lord is coming here… are we dead already?“

„I don’t think so, Gezuzu. I see this as an oportunity. We need to get all of our allies here to this town. After the demon lord came here, we will release the ogres in prisons under the city and let them create a riot in streets. Father will have to go to the battle as well, ‘couse he’s the strongest ork in the kingdom. Sadly, he will be killed by demon lord in process and my older brother, the second prince, will try to take fathers place in stead of first prince, who is currently in south destroying the rebels… ah, I can see it already…“

„If we are lucky, we can become concubines, or better, wives. The demon lord looks like he holds multiple species under him, there were two elvish girls, so maybe he will mistake you for one princess and take you as his wife.“

„Your wish. I would be lucky to be concubine, those girls behind him were probably all his wives, so I would be rather low… still he looks nice don’t you think, Gurara?“

„I-I don’t know what are you talking about princess!“

„Well, maybe if you swear your loyalty to his rule, you would be granted permision to marry whoever you want, riiight?“ Gezuzu smiled.

„Wawawawawawaaaaaah!“ Gurara was unable to think stright anymore and her brain melted.

„Fufufuu… now seriously. What is our plan next?“

„I will call all guards…“

„Princess! It’s emergency!“

„Wh-what is happening Zaguma?“

„The north wall was torn down! Ogres are in the city!“


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