Chapter 33:

A4P7: response of three dukes

From Assassin to Demon lord

Two days later we continued on our journey. Yama still didn’t get response from three dukes and now evolved into new, more powerful being, she was even more influencial with the army.

„The road is pretty calm, don’t you think?“

„Yeah, too much calm. Haba, go check it out.“

„As you wish master.“

We were in front of the army, unlike king Ya-rok, who was in rear end.

„So, Yuki, tell me. Haba have doll of me. You know something about it?“

„Yeah, she made them herself.“


„Her room is full of them, several piles… oh, and one is life-sized.“

„The fu*k?“

„I was also supprised, but that is probably her way of showing her love for you.“

„Do you aslo have dolls like that?“


„Yes,“ Lizzie said, „both you as adventurer and demon lord.“

Is that something you should be proud of?

„I think the reason for her requesting material body was so she could acompany you in night.“

This conversation is getting of hand…

„Yeah, I can see that, and also it would explain why Kaen did not requested material body, he was thoughtful of his sister.“

„Okay! Stop! This thing is officialy over. Look Haba is waving at us, let’s proceed a little faster.“

As we get to the point where Haba was standing we saw an elderly man with straw hat and five tiny black horns on his forehead, a low-ranked ogre.

„Hello there, sir Ogre, what’s your name if you don’t mind I ask?“

„You look like a demon… no a demon lord correct? My name is Galo-im-daist.“

„Yes that is correct my name is Zaru, these two are my companions, Lizzie and Yuki, princess Yama is curently with rest of my people in the back, if you want to greet her, But let me tell you her looks changed a little.“

„So you give our princess a new name is that it?“

„Yes, she now go by Kyoko.“

„Beautiful name, in that case, would you accept this small gift from me?“

Galo gave me three blue letters with seals of duke families.

„I see. You work for them… good that I made us invisible.“

„Huh? I didn’t even notice, hehe… and I call myself ilusionist… hehehee… You are really good one sir Zaru. We will look forward to your future.“

With that, Galo disapear like fog in the morning, and I canceled the invisibility spell.

„What was that? Where is that guy?“

I looked at place he disapeared to and said: „He give us his message and left.“

„Is that so?“

„Let’s check it out in the evening with Kyoko.“


In the evening we all sit in out tent with Kyoko. Lizzie created barrier so no one could listen in our conversation.

„So they said yes to my demands?“ Kyoko asked.

„Yes, they said that they would be glad if they could work for me under you, so I thought that I would give them land to manage around ork capital. You Kyoko would be given title of Grand duchess and capital will be your main town, what do you think?“

„I think that it will work, well father will not take easy their betrayal, but he’s not so stupid to go to war against you lord Zaru, I belive that after he gets the south under his control, he will try to stabilize it, after that he will probably attack Balgom mechant cities and petty kingdom of gurrem to the east south-east… but that would get him to conflict with Holy empire that took most of the old Ogre empire.“

„I think so too. Holy Empire will assist merchant cities and the petty kingdom. Control of Balgom gives power over export into Astenna kingdom through Dwarven council state and vice versa. Gurell kingdom, Fallboar city union, even High elvish empire will try to overthrow the orks and with ogre current power… if we send spies into those countries and let them say for example that Ogres teamed up with demon lord, but demon lord stayed in north to set his rule in stone, then High elvish empire will stay out becouse their border would be with demon lord, not the ogres, Fallboar will try to use us and as for the rest… petty kingdom will try curry some favor… Balgom merchant cities will definitely call for hero, they will fear that we would take their bussiness… dwarves will stay neutral as always, so only problem is Holy empire.“

„It will be hard, and Lizzie is correct so I think… we will need to use someone inside ork kingdom.“

„But who would help us destroy their own country?“ Yuki asked.

„Those who have eyes in every part of the kingdom. I realised that someone stole one reciever in that city, that we took over. So I was thinking, and went through some documents and I found out, that the reciever was taken with bribe by royal near guard. But why would they do that? If king want it he could just take it without asking.“

„Someone is pulling strings behind the scenes of ork kingdom…“

„Yes, someone is pulling strings, but we show them those strings.“

„What do you mean Lord Zaru?“

„Remember my speach? I am sure that the one who have the reciever knows about us, so they would stage a rebelion against royal family.“

„But why would they do that?“

„On one side demon lord who took over city in less then a day. On other hand union of human and elvish countries… they are in the middle, so who is more dangerous?“

„Demon lord, no doubt about it.“

„Correct. With my last speach I said: You all are equal under me. Work hard and you will be rewarded. Opose me and you will die wasn’t in that speach so what they would be thinking?“

„Better be under demon lord then ogres or humans who sees you as lesser being… is that why you wanted me, Yuki, Haba and Kyoko with Hikari to stand behind you?“

„What can show that I treat people equaly than having different races behind your back. I mean, Snow elf, Azure elf, True fire spirin in homunculi body, bloody cat beastwoman and ogre are quite imposing.“

„True that, Milord,“ Hikari smiled.

Our next stop was duchy, so we had more cities to conquer. Villages of duchy fell one after another, but most of them give up after seeing Me and the Gnolls.

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