Chapter 24:


BTCOA but it's clean and full of wholesome cuddling

[11/1, 9:51 AM] I wake up. Uhnnn…I feel like craaaaaaaaap…

Chocola is still asleep without a care in the world. I know I really shouldn’t, but…I slept all night without her doing anything…

I turn my head and burrow into her cleavage. “Kyaaaa!

I thought she was out…oops.

I sit up, blushing intensely. “Sorry…I thought you were asleep.”

She sits up and pulls me back into her cleavage. I’m confused…

“You surprised me, that’s all. You could’ve just asked.

She looks at her hands. I tense. “So you listened, then.

I relax. She twitches her fingers. “Wait…I shouldn’t be able to move my fingers, and certainly not twelve hours after being injured…

I realize Kanna and Tohru are still gone. We lay in silence for a minute. “Should we visit the others now?

“I dunno…It’s pretty early.”

I stand up.“I’m gonna try something.

“Try what?”

Noah still has a corporeal body, right? So I can separate from him while still hosting Lexa.

“I don’t know…If you get mad, there’s no one to stop you from hurting people. She hold no sway in her current body. I guess…if keep your emotions in check and focus on what you’re doing. No multitasking. It’s too risky.”


I need to be really careful now.

I concentrate. Noah, I want to separate.


I am well aware of the risks.

I separate myself from Noah, returning him to his corporeal form.

I start wavering, splitting into two images. Suddenly, we split, sending both Noah and I toppling to the floor. Kanna comes bursting in through the door and Lexa walks in, ribs still bound, her back in a brace, a few seconds later. Kanna gasps. “NOAH!!!

She runs and throws herself at him. “Oof! Kanna, chill!

She sits up, blushing. “S-sorry.

I look at Kanna. "Where am I going to stay?"

Lexa answers. "Oh, I know! No one messed with my room, right?"

"I dunno…The angel loft isn’t my jurisdiction. The only reason I go there is to visit Miss Kobayashi."

"Oh…Wait…the policy…can Noah even go in there?"

"No…Alex can, though. She’s half-and-half. Policy says she can stay wherever, as long as it’s one of those two places. Noah has a room here. You should still have yoursAlex will be able to stay in your rooms."

"Wait...I’m still technically a fallen…what if Sora finds out?! She’ll…I’ll…"

I pale. Thanks to Sauron, I knew the penalty. She would have to do a spell that required so much magic that her body would burn up and combust. However, if she were to somehow survive, no matter what state she's in, she'd be welcomed back with open arms. 

"Spontaneous combustion…Not the best way to die…But I’m so well known, it’s hard to hide."

"You have Noah and I to host you."

"Wrong. You are now my sole hostNoah has a corporeal body, yes. However, you performed the spell."

I decide to distract her. I force the locket to appear around her neck. “Oh…

The locket appears on my neck again. Lexa takes it, then turns to Noah, who has sat up, released from Kanna’s grasp. “Noah, this is yours…it’s only right that you be the one to wear it. ‘Sides, it’d be better if Alex didn’t have it, considering she needs to learn to control her powers.

She turns to me. “Maybe me and you can go down to the woods, find some demons to piss off, so you can learn to control it.

“Sounds good, actually.”

She holds out the locket and Noah accepts it. Then she turns to me. “Remember, if you think you’re gonna blow, recall me, got it?

Yes, mistress.

[Lexa] I turn red.

“Kanna, c’mere.”

She crawls over to me. “I missed you

Onee-san... she adds.

“I missed you too...


I pull her into my lap, facing me. Her eyes widen she’s finally seen the sun after years in a cave. “Nee-sama, I-

I pull her close, hugging herI breathe in her scent. We sit there in silence. Then we kiss.  Tohru speaks up. “Ummm…well just…go then…

I wave them off, leaving me and Kanna alone. “I missed you, nee-sama. First, you died and I had to wait for you to reincarnate and die again…and now this. I get lonely, you know…I missed youonee-senpai.

I was originally born in the dragon world, as Kanna's older sister. I was a few human years older than her. I blush as memories flash in front of my eyes. Kanna’s birth. Me and Kanna, playing as kids in the dragon world. Cuddling. My first death. The curse of being forced to remember everything, as I lived out my life in the human world. Dying again, and Kanna personally retrieving me. Kanna’s hearing for letting her personal feelings override the policy for entering Akihabara. Her turning into a fanmade teen form and us progressively going further and further in bed. Doing the deed. Using forbidden magic. My hearing. Losing my memories. Regaining them, tormented by my memories of Kanna, unable to see her. Dying a third time.

Then I see Noah's memories. Cuddling her. Hearing Kanno's story. “When I was sentenced, I really missed you too. My memories came back while I was in the human world. Every once in a while, the memories I lost as a lost spirit come back…like just now. Fragmented, slice-of-life pieces.”

How often?

“I’ll look at something or someone, like you, or those men, and I’ll suddenly remember something. Even if it’s something that I’d forgotten before dying, it’ll happen. And I feel, see, hear, smell, taste everything like it’s happening right now. All memories associated with it return…I even saw Noah’s memories of youNow...I just wanna cuddle.

She snuggles into my neck.

Her tongue darts out and quickly strokes my neck. I moan. I melt and slump into Kanna. The emotions that I've pent up for so long surge. I start crying. "N-nee-san...shh...I'm here now, I promise."

She rubs my back. Slowly, I allow myself to be soothed, quieting down. Eventually, I’m reduced to sniffling every few seconds. She pulls away and holds my hands, interlacing our fingers. “Lay back,she says in a gentle, soothing voice.

I do, and she lifts up so I can stretch my legs out. We lace our fingers together. She leans forward, until she’s on her hands and knees, pinning my hands on either side of my head. (\\O=O//)(blush mouth) “Ummm…”

My breathing quickens. She leans down to kiss me. My eyes widen, then close as I allow myself to melt into the kiss. I squeeze her hands, and she squeezes back. She pulls away to breathe. “Hey, Kanna?”


“I love you.

I love you too.

I blush, color creeping from my cheeks down my neck. My neko ears and tail automatically appear. My ears are flat against my head in nervousness “MistressIf you need anything, just ask. I'm here to serve you...

We melt into each other as we kiss and the world falls away. We stay like that for a bit. I bury my face in her shoulder. She holds me tight and rubs my back as I fall asleep. “Sweet dreams.

[10:30][Kanna] I pull away, pick her up, and lay her on my bed. Then, after some debate, I change her into some of my pajamas. Her face relaxes into an innocent expression. Awww…I could watch her for hours and not get bored.

Tohru and Alex walk in. “Ka-!

I glare at them and draw my finger across my neck, then point at the bed. Alex looks and pales. I turn around. “That’s new…” I whisper.

Lexa is floating a few inches above the bed, still asleep. White static crackles around her. Alex creeps over to her and lays her hand on Lexa’s forehead. The static flows into her and Lexa falls back down. She looks at me. “Apparently her current body is reacting with Akihabara and filling her with excess energy. I’ve absorbed it, for now. Let me or Noah know if this happens again, and we’ll take care of it.

They leave. I sit on my knees next to the bed and put my head down, watching Lexa. She rolls to face me and starts petting me. Quietly, she says, “Would the mistress like to use me as a stuffed animal? What I said applies in my sleep, too.

“I’m going to kill them.”


They woke you up. You’re cute when you sleep. All the stress melts from your face. It’s such an innocent expression…reminds me of myself in my canon form.”

I wish I came with a portable charger, but I don’t.

I laugh. I climb into bed behind her and spoon her. She rolls over, burying her face in my chest. “Kyaaa!”

Titty pillow!

I laugh again. I hold her tight. She wraps her arms around me. I feel her relax as she falls asleep again. I breathe in the scent of her hair as I drift off too. [10:48]

[11:00][Tohru] We drop in to check on Lexa. She’s in bed with Kanna. Both are asleep, snuggled into each other. I turn to Alex and we smile at each other. The scene was so cute it was magical. I take a picture with my phone and we leave.

[1:32PM][Kanna] I open my eyes.

[Lexa] “I see mistress is finally awake…shall I make lunch?”

Her stomach growls. I giggle. “It is settled then! What would the mistress like to eat?”


I blush. “Sorry mistress, but I’m not currently on the menu…I’m famished.”


“How about something I can pour a decent amount of TLC and soul into?”


“Takes too long to cook. How about…sushi and…teriyaki beef kushiyaki?”

Sounds good.

Mistress, you know you have to let me go first, right?”

She lets go. I roll over and slam onto the floor. “Ow…”

I slowly climb to my feet. I walk to the kitchen and start making lunch. Half an hour later, I finish and walk to the bedroom. “Mistress?”

She sits up. “Coming, Lexa-chan.

I walk to the kitchen. “Do you have a folding table or…never mind.”

I focus on the image of a transparent blue table. It forms. I set it as Kanna enters the room. I feel a slowly growing heat ignite between my thighs. Noooooo! Oh…actually, an excuse to cuddle...awesome!

“Lexa, your cheeks are a little red, you okay?

I nod. We sit and eat. By the time we finish, it’s really hot down there. I clear the table. “Lexa, you’re flushed, and your breathings a little heavier…are you sure you’re okay?

I nod again and decide to redirect her attention. “I promise that I’m perfectly fine, Kanna-dono.”

She blushes, eyes wide. “Y-y-you don’t have to do that for the roleplay, you know…

“It’s not for the roleplay. Why don’t you lay down, and I’ll bring yourdessert out to you after I wash the dishes, okay aijin-sama?”

Wow…for her to use Japanese to address me when she prefers English…she must really think highly of me.

“I do. Though…since they mean the same thing, may I call you sensei?”

“You can…but I’d rather you stick to mistress-sama, at most.


I spin. She smiles, then leaves. My heart feels like it’s on fire. I dispel the table, then start washing the dishes. I stop with a plate in my hand and imagine being held by Kanna, water pouring into the sink. Kanna sneaks up behind me. “Are you in heat?

“Y-y-yes…I-I-I’m sorry to be such a bother…”

“You can’t help your nature…and you can’t work in that condition…

Her hand caresses the small of my back, then slides down my tail and back up to my butt, then up to my boobs. My ears flatten and my tail swishes wildly. “Uhnnn…”

I’m flushed and really turned on. I’m breathing hard. “Mistress…this is really hot…”

She palms my boobs and starts sucking on my neck, pressing against me. I’m pinned to the cabinet. “Nngh…”

She slowly and gently starts playing with them. Soft moans squeeze out of me. I cum, dropping the plate. It shatters in the sink. “S-s-sorry…”

It’s okay.

She stops. I slump against the sink. Finally, after about ten seconds of fighting, exhaustion wins and I collapse into Kanna’s waiting arms, gasping for breath. “Is my little kitten better now?

I just nod. She scoops me up. “W-w-wait…can you just sit down and hold me? I don’t want you to have to carry me.”

She slowly sinks to her knees. I turn around and wrap my arms around her, laying my head on her shoulder. She cuddles me and rubs my back soothingly. I snuggle in and fall asleep.

[2:00PM] I wake up to find that Kanna and I are still in the same position, but now she’s asleep. She’s stroking my braid now. I undo my braid with my powers and examine the scrunchy. It’s made of the same stuff I made the table out of. I dispel it. Kanna’s face is buried in my neck. I feel her breathing in my scent. Her hand has adjusted to stroke the hair that cascades down my back. Heh…now that I think about it…I don’t think Kanna has seen me without it…I never undid it. I took it off for showers. That was about it.

I realize Kanna’s legs must be asleep from my weight. Can I still manipulate the Mist? It should be easier with her being asleep, because she’s not seeing anything.

I imagine me leaning against the fridge, legs out, her sitting in my lap, arms and legs around me, still stroking my hair. My vision becomes obscured by mist, and when it clears, we’re doing just that. I bury my face in her shoulder and stroke her silky hair. I breathe in her scent. (^w^) Mmmmm…she smells nice…like strawberries.

She shivers. “S-s-stop, Lexa…uhnnn…

“I made you lunch…”

I helped you relieve yourselfW-w-wait…d-did you undo your trademark braid?

“Kinda hard to stroke someone's hair when it’s basically a rope. I don’t plan on letting you see me without it. In fact…”

I use my powers to remove her hands, do my braid, create the scrunchy, and tie it, all at the same time. I let go, and her sadness is tangible when she finds my braid. “At least, not without some effortyou are my mistress…use it as a punishment.”

I actually really want her to see me without it…

She gets up. “Clean up the plate. When you’re done, come see me.

My face falls and I look at my lap as she leaves the room. I get up and clear the glass out of the sink, then throw away the shards. I slowly creep into the bedroom, shaking. “What took you so long?!

Her tone softens. “Stand in front of me.”

Blushing, I do. She comes closer and tickles the slope of my neck with her tongue. I giggle. With her free hand, she tickles my stomach. I start giggling and squirming like crazy. Then she stops and kisses me. Her eyes are closed cutely(◠o◠) Mine are wide open. I melt into the kiss and go limp.

She pulls away. She has drool all over her chin. I look over her shoulder at the mirror and see that I do, too. She licks my face clean. She positions so I can clean hers.

This body is kinda fluid…I wonder…

I imagine my cute lil seven-year-old self. I shrink, reverse aging. My hair, bust, and curves all remain proportionate to what they were. The effort exhausts me. My legs give out, causing me to collapse into Kanna.