Chapter 1:

Chapter 1: welcome to the chaos world

Welcome to the Chaos World

Chapter 1: welcome to the chaos world

A man lying unconscious near a sea shore woke up rubbing his eyes.

“Am I dreaming?”

Saying these words he slightly pinched his hand.


The pain woke him up completely.

He stood up rubbing his hand to relieve the pain.

He looked around where he was standing on the beach of the mini island that seems to be few tens of square meters in size.

There are a few coconut trees and some shrubs visible on the island.

Before he could observe other thing about the island his attention was diverted towards the suddenly emerged light screen in front of his eyes.

Welcome to the Chaos World

As soon as the man read through the name it disappeared and a new detail appeared in the light screen.

“For registration please enter your name………..

This is same for all the players that entered the chaos world.

If player refuses to register then the player will be considered as a chaos monster and will be treated as a hunting prey by all other players.

So please enter your name for registration.”

The man did not know what all of this is so he simply entered his name like entering his name in a game panel with an illusionary keyboard.

“Did is accidentally entered some sort of a game.”

The person muttered and entered his name in the light screen.


Unfortunately he is an orphan and did not have any surname.

So he chose to leave the surname blank.

As soon as he confirmed the name there is a strange light that passed through the body of Chandu.

There is a synchronization percentage bar in front of him on the light screen.

There are 4 synchronization bars each has a name like body, mind, soul and system analytics.

After a few moments all the bars are filled to the hundred percent and the words saying successful has appeared on all of them.

Then a new page appeared with the instructions or knowledge to know like rules and regulations.

The main heading of the page is

“Survival of the fittest”

Below that there is some detailed common knowledge for the beginners of the world.

First is about the world.

“Player this is just the mortal plane of the chaos world where the difficulty of survival is just like your previous place.

The place you lived previously is one of the resource sanctuaries that would supply various adventurers and explorers to this world.

Once in a while when the number of people in those sanctuaries has exceeded the limit of available sustainable resources, then a disaster will occur.

This disaster will pull out many people from that place to this world.

When arriving here the age of every person will become exactly 18 years.

The disaster will not kill any infants or kill indiscriminately.

Only those people that have a minimum potential and fate toward the chaos world are killed in the disaster……

Chandu found the reason why he was here and he vaguely remembers that there is such an incident.

Chandu was not actually an 18 year old young man.

Instead he was around 38 years old and came to give a lecture on his new form of thinking process at a famous world conference.

This has many people including genius students from both arts and science fields.

While he was speaking Chandu spoke about his thinking process called conditional thinking and its base theory of conditions and solutions like lateral and logical thinking.

At the end of his lecture Chandu spoke about his inspiration for this theory being lady fate and was talking about unexpected conditions like disaster.

In that very second something supernatural happened and his consciousness went blank.

When he woke up he was already here at the beach.

He did not expect that he became an 18 year old boy back to his prime age.

Before when he woke up he was too distracted to look at the changes, but now he went back to his prime he couldn’t help but smile being satisfied.

Then he continued to read the other information related to his current setting.

All in all he is in a world that has all the other places like earth as its subsidiary resource provider or a farm to get players.

This world is like a survival game with many realms to cross over.

He is currently in the mortal realm and it is divided into 10 layers like 10 rings.

To go to the next realm he has to reach the centre of the current realm that is the centre of the 10th layer.

Also the entire realm is filled with islands that are connected by water, magma, space, acid…..

That means it is not necessary to say the connecting medium between two islands is water like ocean.

The island that normally floats are food but there are islands in the sky and there are even islands under water.

Some islands are fixed, some are moving and some are appearing and disappearing at any time.

There are some mindless creatures on the islands and even in the water or whatever medium it is between the islands called the Chaos monsters.

These chaos monsters can be in any form that is in human form too.

There is no way to identify between a human chaos monster and a normal human through facial features.

But the best way is to communicate with them as they are very violent towards all other people and attack indiscriminately.

There is one special race called the night walkers that has the ability to imitate the player’s race and communicate.

This race of chaos monsters are the most dangerous.

They are also called silent assassins.

Chandu received some of the information of the world structure.

It is said that there are kingdoms villages and cities formed on the fixed islands on water surface, sky and even underground and under water.

There are professions like mages, adventurers, scouts and many classes like that of…….

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