Welcome to the Chaos World

Welcome to the Chaos World
The one and only rule for this world is
“The survival of the fittest”
All the people in the world were suddenly sent to the chaos world.
You will be given a shelter that you have to upgrade to resist the chaos monsters while you rest or hide.
The story is about a man that started his survival in the chaos world which is filled with noting but islands of various types.
There are islands on water, islands in space, islands underwater, and islands under the magma river.........
There are treasure chests protected by these chaos monsters with food, materials, designs, runes and deadly traps............
There is magic, evolution, guns, space ships, cultivation.............
There are kingdoms, there are humans, beastmen, strange creatures, deities and demons, there are zombies, elves, mythical creatures……

UpdatedMar 19, 2022
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count10,857
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