Chapter 12:


Tales Of The Chosen "Heroes"

Year 5026, Pryin’s Era Year: 236 Month: 03 Day: 13thBookmark here

Shawn groggily opened his eyes, blinking several times, trying to wake himself up. As he rubbed his eyes, he began to be aware of his surroundings once more. The sun had just begun to rise as dawn approached. In a panic he looked around seeing Lawrence and Rose standing to the side talking.Bookmark here

Lawrence looked over noticing Shawn now awake, “Ah, we were just about to wake everyone.”Bookmark here

“What? Why didn’t you wake me?” Shawn incredulously.Bookmark here

Rose gave her armored shoulders a small shrug, “It looked like you needed the rest. Besides there was no threat.”Bookmark here

“That’s not the point.”Bookmark here

“How so?” She asked.Bookmark here

“Ah, ignore him, Shawn is always scared of showing any weakness. I blame Oskar for that.” Lawrence teased.Bookmark here

“Shut up old man.” Shawn said as he picked himself up. Stretching as he looked around. Nothing out of the ordinary.Bookmark here

“I’ll go wake everyone.” Lawrence said as he headed back into the cave. Bookmark here

“So, you ready to keep moving?” Rose asked.Bookmark here

“Yeah, yeah.”Bookmark here

Bookmark here

The group tracked through the woods once more. The trip so far had been relatively silent, no signs of any danger. They should reach the city by late afternoon. There was an air of hope that was present from the group having survived the first day.Bookmark here

Though there is a chance that these chaos worshippers are going to be a lot more active today. Shawn thought to himself. Likely after a night of celebration of their victory and, Shawn assumed, that the city indeed began to hunt them down, these chaos worshippers have refocused their efforts. Still the closer towards the city, the less likely they were to encounter any trouble.Bookmark here

Rose suddenly paused and stood still seemingly trying to focus on something. Shawn looked at Rose in confusion, her helmet made it impossible for him to tell what she was thinking. Then Shawn began to hear something, it was faint, but he could what sounded like voices. Screaming voices. She’s got good hearing. He thoughtBookmark here

Shawn gave a quick scan of the area, no one near them. If they kept moving, they could avoid any conflict. Shawn looked back towards Rose; the armour was getting agitated. Not going to happen, I guess.Bookmark here

Rose’s helmeted head quickly snapped towards a direction, “I hear something, I’ll go check it out.” Without another word she disappeared into trees heading a certain direction.Bookmark here

“Shouldn’t you be following her?” Sara asked.Bookmark here

“Why?” Shawn asked.Bookmark here

“She is our only guide.” Lawrence pointed out.Bookmark here

Shawn glanced at Sara and then towards Lawrence.Bookmark here

“Fine.”Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Shawn could see Rose ahead of him, nimbly running through the forest. Running past the uneven terrain and brambles in her way like they were nothing. Despite being completely clad in armour she moved without issue. Shawn followed closely behind her, following her trail, mimicking her movements as she navigated through the wilderness.Bookmark here

She did say she grew up in a forest. Shawn thought as he hoped over small ditch, the noise was getting closer. But she’s just showing off with that armour. As he thought that, Rose had climbed over an incline and disappeared on to the other side, towards the direction of the noise.Bookmark here

Shawn as he approached the incline, he could here a few yells of surprise and clashing of weapons. Ah, she found them. Bookmark here

As he clambered over the incline, he poked out his head to get a better look of the situation while still hanging on the other side.Bookmark here

In his view was three bodies on the floor, two chaos worshippers and another man who was wore armour similar to that of the Esterwood caravan guards. Rose and two other Esterwood soldiers were clashing with five chaos worshippers.Bookmark here

From what Shawn gathered from looking at the situation it appeared that the two soldiers were attacked, and the chaos warriors were going to overwhelm them. That is before Rose intervened and got in the fight herself.Bookmark here

Shawn simply hung onto the incline and watched as the fight ensued. Maybe I don’t need to get involved. He thought as Rose’s introduction had changed the tide of the fight. Though they were still outnumbered. I’ll probably get flak for not helping. Bookmark here

With that he climbed over and snuck behind one of the chaos warriors who had unknowingly retreated towards him. Bookmark here

Shawn crept up until he was just a step away from the chaos warrior, who was transfixed on Rose and the two other opponents.Bookmark here

Shawn gave small grin and introduced himself, “Hey.”Bookmark here

The chaos warrior snapped around in surprise, giving Shawn a confused look. In before Shawn slammed him headfirst into a tree. The chaos warrior head cracked against the hardwood. Before being swung into another tree, giving another loud impact.Bookmark here

Shawn then tossed his opponent down the incline, landing with a thump.Bookmark here

This momentary distraction caused the other chaos warriors to turn towards him. Rose and the other two soldiers used the opportunity to strike down the remaining opponents.Bookmark here

With a quick, powerful single swing Rose was able to fell two of the chaos worshippers. With the other two being dealt with by the soldiers.Bookmark here

With the fight over the two soldiers quickly dropped their guards catching their breaths.Bookmark here

“Thank… you....” One of them said breathlessly.Bookmark here

“So... out of curiosity, why are you here?” Shawn asked the two once they recovered enough, arms crossed leaning on a tree.Bookmark here

“We were scouting out the place trying to find the chaos camps.” One of them, a young man replied, barely older than Shawn. “You two are adventurers?”Bookmark here

“No.” Shawn said.Bookmark here

“Yes.” Rose replied.Bookmark here

Shawn looked over to Rose, “You’re an adventurer?”Bookmark here

“Well, I travel for a reason.” Rose said with a shrug.Bookmark here

“Well, she is, but I’m not. Why?” Shawn asked.Bookmark here

“Do neither of you know about the commission?” The young man asked.Bookmark here

“No, we were part of the caravan trail that was attacked.” Rose explained.Bookmark here

“You are?!” The other soldier a woman exclaimed, shocked. “I didn’t expect to run into any survivors here. Most of them have already been found.”Bookmark here

“Yes. We were part of the back wagons that were attacked.” Rose said. “We are apart of a larger group. The two of us came here to see what the noise was.”Bookmark here

“Well, we’re glad that you came when you did. You say that you have a whole group with you?” The man asked.Bookmark here

“Yeah, twenty-three others. Could you help escort us to the city?” Rose asked.Bookmark here

The two soldiers shared uncomfortable glance with one another.Bookmark here

“I’m not sure if that’s possible right now.” The man spoke up.Bookmark here

“Why not?” Shawn asked annoyed.Bookmark here

“Because we just found the chaos chief.” The man quickly explained. “He’s accompanied by their warlock as well, and a large group of worshippers.”Bookmark here

“That’s why they chased after us.” The woman added.Bookmark here

Shawn stared at the two in disbelief. “Are you telling me that a massive group of chaos worshippers are approaching us?”Bookmark here

“Well… it isn’t certain. But it is likely they are chasing us.” The man said awkwardly.Bookmark here

“But now we have some time… before they realize that their advance group isn’t arriving. We have time to alert everyone.” The woman assured.Bookmark here

“We also have twenty-three people with us. How are you going to reach everyone?” Shawn said.Bookmark here

“With this.” The woman said as she dug out a strange egg-shaped metal device. Magic runes were written around the device and a few of the internal pieces could be seen through small. Small metal parts, alongside other magical elements.Bookmark here

“I just need to activate this and send a message to everyone. Then all available hands will converge. I’ll also tell them about the you guys. Then we’ll be given new orders.” She said.Bookmark here

“Alright we’ll bring the others over while you send the message.” Rose said.Bookmark here

“Alright then.” The man said.Bookmark here

With that Rose headed back and Shawn followed suit.Bookmark here

“Well, we’ve found Esterwood soldiers.” Rose said.Bookmark here

“Yeah, and we might be attacked by an army of chaos.” Shawn said darkly.Bookmark here

“Is that any different from before?” Rose asked.Bookmark here

“I guess not.” Shawn said with a shrug as he hopped over the same ditch he leapt over did earlier.Bookmark here

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