Chapter 13:

Rendezvous Part 2

Tales Of The Chosen "Heroes"

Kuran and the rest of the group trudged through the forest, Amelia the flame haired sorcerer lead the way. Kuran was rather curious how she was tracking the group; on occasion she would pull something out and glance at it before putting it back. With her back facing Kuran he’s unable to discern what the item is.Bookmark here

“So, how close are we?” Blake asked Amelia.Bookmark here

“Close.” Was all she said. Bookmark here

Suddenly a small buzzing noise could be heard emitted from Aron. Giving a look of surprise he dug into his cloak’s pocket and pulled out an egg-shaped device. Bookmark here

“What’s that?” Blake asked.Bookmark here

“That wonderful captain lent me this lovely device. It that allows messages to be sent and received.” Aron explained. Upon activating a voice came through.Bookmark here

This is corporal Lucy; we have discovered the location of chaos chief. He is accompanied by a large group of chaos worshippers, including the warlock. We have also encountered a group that had been attack by the chaos warriors, they were apart of the back of the trail. We are sending our coordinates to you; we are waiting for new instructions.Bookmark here

The voice then spewed out a set of coordinates and more details on the survivors and the worshippers.Bookmark here

Charron looked at Oskar in excitement, “Did you hear that?”Bookmark here

“That sounds like our people.” Oskar said in agreement.Bookmark here

Kuran asked Aron. “Where are they?”Bookmark here

“According to this device, roughly fifteen minutes away.”Bookmark here

“And my device says that the chaos group is an additional ten minutes away and moving towards those coordinates.” Amelia said.Bookmark here

“Then we need to move quickly.” Kuran said.Bookmark here

They all nodded in agreement and began to hurry their pace.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Shawn helped navigate the entire group over to the two waiting soldiers. Who both looked at the group in amazement.Bookmark here

“I know you said twenty-three. But it’s still impressive seeing so many people gathered together.” The man said.Bookmark here

“Why’s that?” Rose asked.Bookmark here

“No group of citizens that have been reported found has been this big.” He explained.Bookmark here

“Well, I have to admit, these people have been impressive.” The injured caravan guard, Lukas spoke out.”Bookmark here

“Lukas! You’re alright!” The woman said in surprise.Bookmark here

“Well, more or less.” Lukas said. “Good to see some friendly faces.”Bookmark here

“Well unfortunately we don’t have time to celebrate.” The woman soldier, Lucy, interrupted. “The chaos warriors are approaching us.”Bookmark here

“What right now?” Lawrence said alarmed.Bookmark here

“Somehow they’ve been able to track us the whole time. Likely the warlock is responsible.” The woman explained. “We’ve been given instructions to take you guys and get out. Other groups are converging in. But…” Her voice trailed a bit.Bookmark here

“It’s very likely that they’ll catch us?” Shawn asked plainly.Bookmark here

“Yes.” The woman said.Bookmark here

“We’ll need to slow them down somehow.” Rose said. “I’m going to help deal with them.”Bookmark here

“That’s way too dangerous.” The Lukas said.Bookmark here

“You mentioned a commission?” She asked the man.Bookmark here

“Uh, yeah. The guild posted a commission for adventurers to deal with the chaos worshippers.” He explained.Bookmark here

“Well, I’m a registered adventurer.” She said as she pulled out a tag. “And I am going to accept that commission.”Bookmark here

“But…” The man voice trailed.Bookmark here

“Don’t worry, I how to take care of myself.” She assured him. “Besides, others should be joining us soon so I will be alright. Getting the others out of here is more important.”Bookmark here

The soldiers shared a glance with one another before finally relenting.Bookmark here

“Alright stay safe then. Everyone else follow me!” The man said.Bookmark here

The group, save for Rose, began to follow the soldiers as they lead the way to salvation. Lawrence walked next to Shawn.Bookmark here

“Nice of her to do that.” Lawrence commented.Bookmark here

“I guess.” Shawn said half paying attention.Bookmark here

“We’ll finally be able to meet the others soon.” Lawrence said, a hint of excitement in his voice.Bookmark here

“Yeah…”Bookmark here

“Hey, what’s wrong?” Lawrence asked getting concerned. “We’ll getting out of here. No more fighting today.”Bookmark here

“I know. It’s just that she still has my map.” Shawn replied.Bookmark here

“Huh? What do you mean?”Bookmark here

“My map, she still has it.”Bookmark here

“Uh, yeah so?” Lawrence asked brow furrowing with confusion.Bookmark here

“I want my map back. I’m going to go get it.” Shawn said.Bookmark here

“Wait, hold on-” Before Lawrence could say anything else Shawn had already disappeared. “Damn it, Shawn. Always hate owing debts.” He muttered as he watched Shawn run off. Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Aron received another message on his egg-shaped device.Bookmark here

“It seems that the chaos worshippers have ran into some opponents and split its forces now.” He reported.Bookmark here

“Do you know where the leader still is?” Kuran asked Amelia.Bookmark here

“Yes. He’s moving towards our direction.” She said quickly.Bookmark here

“How far?” Kuran asked again.Bookmark here

“A few minutes and-” She suddenly stopped as they heard something approaching.Bookmark here

Then a group of chaos worshippers burst out weapons drawn and charged them. Kuran gave a small click of his tongue as he noticed that none of them seemed to be the chaos leader.Bookmark here

Before the chaos worshippers could reach them two arrows came raining down on them. Cutting half of them down, the other half stopped in place trying to process what just transpired.Bookmark here

Kuran launched himself forward and cut down the closest chaos worshipper. Upon pulling back his blade he saw in his peripheral that the armored blonde woman and Aron cut down the other remaining two.Bookmark here

“Thank you for the assistance.” Oskar said to apparently the source of the arrows.Bookmark here

Kuran turned to see the half a dozen Esterwood soldiers along with the human and dwarf duo from earlier, Darin and Helm respectively. Bookmark here

Darin moved over towards them, “Hey, nice to see you again. Looks like we arrived just on time.”Bookmark here

“I wouldn’t day that help was absolutely necessary, but it is appreciated.” Kuran replied.Bookmark here

One of the soldiers joined in on their conversation, “According to reports the main chaos faction has been sending these small forces to harass us. Weakening us so that the main group can wipe us out. I’ve sent a message to the other groups to converge on us, they’ll be here soon.”Bookmark here

“Sticking together would be smart.” Aron commented.Bookmark here

“So how large exactly is this main group?” Oskar asked.Bookmark here

“A couple adventurers volunteered to go on ahead and scout out the numbers. They should be returning soon.” The soldier replied.Bookmark here

“No point. We’re going to find out.” Amelia said suddenly staring intently at a direction holding a device in one hand while the other glowed red.Bookmark here

“What does that mean?” Blake asked.Bookmark here

All of a sudden, a terrible scream was heard, and few seconds later a body was flung through the trees. It hurtled through the air and landed with a messy crunch before Kuran’s feet.Bookmark here

Kuran stared at it and noticed a small object glinting from the shine of the sun. An adventurer’s tag.Bookmark here

“It means that they’re here.” Amelia said bleakly.Bookmark here

From the trees emerged a massive figure. Followed by chaos worshippers behind him.Bookmark here

This man towered over the others, muscles bulging from his massive frame. On his arms were various symbols of the chaos gods tattooed. Metal straps adorned his outfit, all engraved with similar patterns. On his shoulder rested massive battle axe. On his face was a deadly grin.Bookmark here

“So, these are the ones that are trying stop me.” A deep rumbling came from the chaos chief. “I was expecting more.”Bookmark here

The air was thick with tension. All the adventurers and soldiers stared at the chaos worshippers, unblinking. Waiting for the inevitable fight to begin.Bookmark here

“You know.” Kuran began.Bookmark here

Everyone’s focus was directed onto him. He gave a quick look around, checking over the chaos worshippers, more then he had ever seen before. All armed with various weapons, some had bows. In the group he could discern another unique member with a strange staff, the warlock he presumed.Bookmark here

He then focused his sights back onto the chief, giving him a once over. As he did so he noticed on his peripheral that another group of Esterwood troops and adventurers had just arrived. Bookmark here

“When I heard that there was a chaos worshipper chief, I was excited. Looking at you, I’m just disappointed.” Kuran said with a shrug.Bookmark here

The chaos chief gave a terrible laugh before his smile disappeared into a snarl. “Kill them.”Bookmark here

With that the chaos worshippers charged.Bookmark here

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