Chapter 10:

Warm Bath and Pom Poms, Part 1

Magical Pom Pom

(Pov: Axel)

For the first time in my life I had achieved something that every guy dreams of, having a girl in my room. And to top it off, it's the girl I liked more than anyone else

We were sitting on the floor in my room by the coffee table.

"That's when I saw you at the arcade, then…well you know the rest." She finished.

She had just told me a crazy ass story about how she got sucked into some dark void at her school and woke up in an alley in my city all alone.

The setting of Magical Pom Pom takes place in New Castle. Not my New Castle but it's based on it. The creator of the show lives here and wanted this to be the setting.

This was all too crazy and I didn't want to believe her. But after seeing a monster with drills for hands earlier, I really had no choice.

"So you were really brought to my world huh."

"Yes, that seems to be the case."

I don't believe in magic, ghosts or fairies so I had no clue how it was possible for a magical girl to cross dimensions. The fact that there is now proof of other ones is enough to make me lose my shit.

"Also could you let go of my hand?" I looked at our hands.

Ever since we had sat down to talk she had been holding my hand. My palms were starting to get sweaty but she didn't give a crap. Every time I tried to move it away she tightened her grip even more. If I tried any harder she would have broken my hand.




"I said let go dammit!"

"No you're my boyfriend and I want to be comforted! You're going to hold on to my hand whether you like it or not."

"I'm not your fucking boyfriend!"

"Would you stop saying that…" She looked like she was physically ill.

"How can I be your boyfriend, hell how do you even know me!? You just showed up in my world today."

"I told you a bunch of times now that I don't know."

"So you're just going to roll with it!?"

"What other choice do I have!? You're the only one I can rely on."

Her body was trembling, I didn't notice that she was trying her best to hide how scared she was till now.

"I wish Cheer was here." Pommy said under her breath.

That would definitely help. Cheer has many abilities. The writers of the show kept pulling new ones out of their ass whenever it was convenient for the plot. I could have used some plot convenience myself.

"Yeah…I guess he could help you."

"…" She said nothing.

This is awkward…

"Er…I guess till he shows up, I'll see what I can do to help out or whatever."

I didn't know if she would ever see Cheer again but I didn't know how to deal with a girl when she's depressed so I gave her some hope

I felt a delicate pair of lips on my cheek.

"I love you!" Her face lit up after she kissed me.

L-l-l-l-love!? Those words from a girl were enough to fuel a man for the rest of his life…why did it have to be from a fictional character. God is being a real asshole.

Her arms wrapped around me as she invaded my personal space. I lost my balance and we both fell over, Pommy laid on top of me.

"Ow! Ow! Would you watch it!? I just got my ass handed to me by an armadillo!"


Out of all the injuries I had, my toe easily hurt the worst.

"Damn, I think my toe is broken."

"Let me look at it!" She said as she yanked my shoe and sock off without thinking.

"OW! I just told you that it's broken, idiot!"


She sure says sorry a lot…

My toe was completely purple. I really should have thought things more clearly before trying to punt a giant ass armadillo. Lesson learned. Only kick small ones.

"That looks really bad…" She said with a horrified look

"It's nothin-"


A bright flash of light came from her hands. And a large flash of pain with it.

I flew back and bashed my head against the wall and rolled all over the floor in agony. This was the worst pain anyone could have ever felt.

"Darling! I'm sorry, I thought I had gotten better at it!"

Whatever gave you that idea!? You always sucked at it.

I pushed myself against the dresser and held onto my foot.

Just…tough it out…it will be fine in just a moment.

Sure enough, it did…eventually. The pain faded and took the injury away with it leaving my toe as good as new. I was glad that it was all better but I'll never want to go through that again.

"Wow, it's really all healed." I said as I stroked my toe.

"Ah, I'm glad darling! Can you praise me-" She ran to me.

Once she got within range I grabbed her by her cheeks. She looked like a pufferfish with a pink wig.



"A kish?"

"I'm not going to give you a kiss!"


"We need to establish some rules. First one is no healing without my permission. Understand?"


Her cheeks were slightly red after I let go.

"Jeez Axel you should give me a warning before you start being rough with me. I need time to prepare myself…" She rubbed her face.

This bitch…

I didn't know why she was so obsessed with me. Being summoned to my world was weird enough but why was I involved in any way?

She inched closer to me and hugged my arm and then looked into my eyes.

This really was Pommy. The hair, the eyes, everything.

I tried to look as annoyed with her as possible until I felt how cold she was.

I took a glance at her body and her clothes were completely damp and her shirt was slightly see-through.

Stop it!

"Um your clothes…"

She looked down and blushed.

"Yeah I woke up in a pile of snow. I don't have anything else to wear."

"Why don't you go take a bath? I'll get some clothes for you in the meantime."

"Really!? Thank you!"

You don't have to lose your shit about it.


Warm water filled the tub as I started the bath for my weird-ass guest.

"Alright, it will be ready in a few minutes."

"Thank you." She smiled.

"Yeah…don't mention it."

I went over to grab her some shampoo. I got the feeling that 'Husky Bulldog' wasn't her so I grabbed one of my mothers. Something like strawberries seemed more appropriate.

"Alright I got the-" I turned around and when I saw her I squeezed the bottle so hard that shampoo shot out and shot through the ceiling.

Pommy had removed her shirt and dropped it to the floor.

"What the hell are you doing!?"

"Taking my clothes off?" She said as she started to unhook her bra.

"I'm still here!"


"What do you mean 'so'?"

"We have seen each other naked lots of times."

When the hell did I miss this!? Rewind that shit!

"Name one time!"

The only time I had ever seen her naked was from nsfw fanart online.

"Well the night after our first date…" She blushed and covered her face.

We have never had even one date!

"That was a really wonderful night, Axel."

"I'm leaving!"

I ran out of the room and slammed the door.

Seeing each other naked before, what a joke.

But wow…Pommy is really here. Just like my stor…ies. Getting sucked into my world…us going on dates…us having seen each other that way…

It was exactly like the stories I wrote. I was going to have to look at my notebook.


I opened my door with my now non broken foot. I had two large bowls of instant noodles and a big bowl of ice cream-also a bottle of chocolate syrup, I figured that she must be hungry.

After I sat the stuff down I went over to my dresser. Opening it I found a bunch of my pommy collection. After I had decided I was done with her show I had shoved them all away until I could get around to taking that crap to the dump. Pommy was crammed in my drawers, underneath my bed, and in my closet.

It would be really bad if she sees this stuff. I'll have to keep her from snooping around.

From the swamp of Pommy I pulled out my notebook. I flipped through the pages, it was filled with embarrassing fan art and fan fiction.

Found it. Holy shit that was harder than it needed to be.

I started reading the story I wrote the other night about how she came to my world.

It was about our first date at the arcade. The same arcade we met at.

Did I do this, but how? I'm not a magician.

Then I flipped the page. There were two pages full of us getting home…and kissing…and then…

My first time was in a fanfiction!? Wait…so am I still a virgin? This is getting really confusing.

"Excuse me…" A voice came from behind me.


I threw the notebook behind my bed.

Pommy was standing at the entrance to my room in just a towel.

"Why didn't you put clothes on…?"

"You never left any…"

"Oh sorry, I got distracted."

You idiot, how could you forget that.

I yanked open my closet door to grab her a hoodie. What happened next was something a dumb person-aka me-would probably call a Pommylanche.

I collapsed under the weight of three long years of Pommy collecting. Reji would be laughing his ass off right now if he saw me.

"Huh? What…is all this stuff? W-why is my face everywhere!?"

Stepping backwards, hands over her mouth. I don't think she knew if to be confused or scared so she went with both.

"I can explain!"

A Pommy body pillow flopped onto me.