Chapter 11:

Warm Bath and Pom Poms, Part 2

Magical Pom Pom

(Pov: Axel)

The last thing I would have ever expected to see happen in my room is the girl I liked -who is half naked- catching me in a pile of her own merchandise.

I don't want to be known as a creep that has a shrine of his crush!

"What is all this!?" Her body trembled. Girls often had this reaction to me but this felt different.

"I can explain!"

"You keep saying that!"

"You…" I didn't know how to tell her. There is absolutely no way to say it a ‘right way’.

"You're scaring me! Just spit it out."

"You are a cartoon character."

"Eh?" She looked unamused.

There was no other option on how else to tell her so I decided I was just going to be blunt about it.

"In this world…you are a cartoon character."

"Shut up." She started tapping her foot.

Is that anyway a character from a children's show should talk, bitch!?

"I'm telling the truth!"

She got down on her knees and picked up a Pommy plush. It looked like she was holding a baby-sized clone of herself.

"This is supposed to be me?... It looks nothing like me."

Are you blind!? You two could be twins!

"Here look."

I dug through the mess and pulled out Magical Pom Pom's first season box set and handed it to her.


She took it from me and examined it closely, flipping it over occasionally.

"Magical Pom Pom. That's my Magical girl name."

"Yeah…this is how I know of you."

"Me, Cheer, Botan and Harmony…We are all on here…”

She took a deep breath.

“This…" She started.

Yeah, this has to be hard for her to understand. I wouldn't believe it either.

"Is so cool! I've always wanted to have my own show!"

What an impressive turnaround!

"But why do you have all this stuff? I don't own this much stuff for my favorite shows." She tilted her head.

I was hoping you wouldn't ask that…I don't think I can change the topic though.


Crap I can't say it. If she finds out my obsession with her she will definitely get the police involved. I don't need to deal with that again.

"Well…I" I started to explain before getting interrupted.

"Well, I guess it's normal for someone to have a collection of the one they love. All part of a healthy relationship!" She nodded like it was a matter of fact.

No, no it isn't!

"Anyways how 'bout I show you an episode, that might make things clearer for you." I took the box set out of her hands and walked towards the tv, gladly taking the opportunity to change the subject.

"Yes! I really want to see myself on tv!" She was so excited she couldn't stand still.

You could at least pretend to be humble…


I put one of the dvds into my game console and started it up.

Pommy was now wearing one of my hoodies and a pair of boxers. For some reason, she insisted on this and flat out refused to wear my jeans and leather jacket.

The hoodie she was wearing was themed after her so she looked like somebody with a huge ego problem, though she didn't seem to give a shit.

"Thank you for making me something to eat, I was starving. You're so sweet, darling."

"It's only instant noodles."

"And ice cream!"

Pommy always loved sweet things

She grabbed the bottle of chocolate syrup. It hovered over the ice cream and then right over to the ramen. And started pouring chocolate straight into it. A waterfall of chocolate sludge covered the entire bowl. It almost made me vomit.

"Stop, that's disgusting! How are you so slim when you eat like that!?"

I put all that work into making you something to eat and you ruin it! I want those three minutes back!

"I like it though." She started pouting as she puffed out her cheeks.

"I know and I don't give a shit. Rule number two, no putting chocolate on things you shouldn't put it on."

"Can I put it on pizza?"


"What about green bean casserole?."

Who even thinks of that!?

"What the hell happened to your taste buds!? You might really be an alien!"

"These rules are going to get annoying. You know you could at least put up with some of your girlfriend's quirks, I’ve been putting up with some of yours." She crossed her arms.

"What quirks do I have? I'm as normal as they come."

"You dress like a dork."

"What the fuck did you say." I glared at her.

"Sorry, I meant to say that you dress like a moron."

I'm getting insulted by a cartoon character…

"I dress like a goddamn badass, maybe you should get some glasses."

She started giggling.

"What's so funny."

"This is fun. I missed hanging out with you, although you were nicer before."

Is that because I treated you like a damn princess in my story? Sorry but this is reality.

Seeing her laugh kinda made me want to laugh too.

I sat down next to her and started up a random episode. She kept scooting closer to me till we were practically touching.

I've never had a girl that wanted to be around me so much. Something about this made me feel not awful.

I guess…this isn't so bad.

The intro of the show started. The flashy pop intro seemed to have awakened something in the girl sitting next to me.


Her eyes were practically shimmering. I wondered if celebrities acted like this when they watched the movies they starred in.

"Eh, I like the 2nd season's intro better."

"I have a second season!?"

"Well, your third season just started airing."

Although I don't really know if it will continue after last night.

"How many episodes are there!?"

"Almost a hundred, first season had forty-nine, and season two had forty-six."

"Have you seen them all?"

"...Yeah." I tried to hide my embarrassment. I felt like a real stalker.

"You must really love me." She blushed as she leaned against me.

"Just watch your show."

The episode that I chose at random was about Pommy and friends being attacked by a half squid-half man-creature, who was also a master at kung fu. This episode starts with Pommy asleep on her school desk.

The Pommy next to me pointed at the screen and looked at me.

"That's you."

"I'm really a character from a show in this world."

I was showing a fictional character her own show. The idea that this was an experience that no one else in the whole world could ever have made me smile.

"I wasn't bullshitting."

"My hair looks so good and my skin seems so soft. I look like a goddess!"

Really patting yourself on the back huh.

"Well, I'm glad you're so excited."

Pommy’s best friends Botan and Harmony walked over and woke her up after their class ended.

"Botan!" The Pommy next to me squealed.


"Harmony!!" She squealed again.


Cheer popped out of her backpack.


"I get it! Chill out!"

The episode played out as normal and the monster Ink Lee showed up and started destroying the school's library.

“Hey, I remember this guy! I remember all this.”

“Really? Huh.”

So the show is showing actual moments of her life or something?

Ink Lee spat out globs of ink at the girls. Pommy nimbly dodged it before getting grabbed by one of its tentacles.

“That was really funny.” Pommy -next to me- laughed.

“You were in danger. That was funny?”

“He will come to save me.”

As she said that, Sir Prince dashed onto the scene riding a white horse and severed the tentacle holding Pommy with his rapier. Pommy fell into his arms as he took her to safety, blushing the whole time.

The girl next to me looked at me from the corner of her eyes, nervously sweating.

Does she think I'm going to get jealous or something?

“Everyone, I need your help if we are to defeat this creature.” Tv Pommy said to her friends after Sir Prince went back to fight the monster.

“Do…I really sound that corny?” Pommy cringed.


Since no one else in the school could see them they started doing a dance and began their transformation. They were swallowed by a bright light and their bodies had a rainbow-colored filter on them.

“I think I've seen enough…” Pommy reached for the tv remote.

“But it's just getting good! Keep watching.” I grabbed it and put it to my side where she couldn't get it.

“I’m the Magic Cheer Squad leader, Pommy. Gimme a C-”

Her hair which was usually in a short bob cut now was long enough to support two twin tails.

The Pommy next to me started fidgeting. Her whole body was vibrating violently.

“Gimme a H-” Her schoolgirl uniform now was a red cheerleader outfit.

“Please…dont look.” Pommy grabbed my shoulder tightly.

“Why? I've already seen this a million times.”

“Oh god…” She muttered.

“Gimme a E-E” Tv Pommys legs now were wearing pink and white striped thigh highs.

Her mouth started foaming as she slowly stood up.

“Calm down it's not a big deal!”

I always thought it was kind of charming but yeah I can't deny that it’s really dumb-looking.

“Gimme a R!”

“Turn it off!” She stomped while she screamed right next to me. Her eyes turned red and steam came out of her mouth.

“Alright, dammit!”

“That spells cheer!” The Pommy on tv's hands had two large pom poms. She finishes it off with a cutesy wink.

Before I could hit the power button on the remote, Pommy raised her arms high and slammed them down on the tv, completely crushing it. It looked like it was murdered by an ogre.

“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING!?” I ran over to her.

“Must…destroy…all…evidence.” She limped over to the side of the tv like a zombie.

“I said what are you doing!?” I tried to hold her back but she easily threw me off.

She raised her arms again.

“NO, ANYTHING BUT THAT!” My voice got high-pitched.

She repeatedly bashed her fists against my game console. She hit it so hard the dvd tray flew out.

I almost fainted.

“The hell is wrong with you!”

“It's still intact!?” She said as she grabs the disc. A large vein appeared on her forehead. She was at her max.

“You should have just destroyed the disk to begin with!”

She lightly tossed it in the trash.

“Why are you so gentle now!?”

She took a deep breath and calmed down.

“All better…”

Like hell it is!

“Look what you did…” I collapsed to my knees and picked up my game console. I felt like I was holding a dead baby.

“I did that!?” She gasped.

Were you that blinded by rage!?

“You fucking owe me for the damages.” I gave her a look that shot daggers. Tears formed in the corner of my eyes.

She began sulking.

“Can…I get a girlfriend discount?” She tried to give me the sad puppy dog eyes. That shit wouldn't work on me.

“No, you can not! And you're not my girlfriend, you nutjob.”

Pommys eyes began to water.

“I'm sorry Axel, I've been causing you nothing but problems.”

“Well, at least you understand that much.”

“I’ll leave if you want me to…” She looked at my door.

I sighed.

“Do you even have a place to stay?”

“I could sleep in the alley or something…I guess.”

“No, you’re not. You're sleeping here.”

“Even though I broke all your stuff?” Hope filled her eyes.

“Yeah, even though you broke my stuff.”

“Even though I hurt you with my healing?”

“Yeah, even though you hurt me.”

“Even though I said you dress like a dork?”

“Yeah, though for some reason that pisses me off the most.”

She hugged me and lifted me off the ground. I felt my back pop and all the air escape my lungs.

“Thank you so much, Axel. I knew you couldn't stay mad at me.”

I hated to admit it but she was right. If anyone else had done that crap I would have killed them.

“But I promise I will pay you back for all the damages I caused.” She put me down.

“I’d hope so.”

“In any way you want…” She tried to look as submissive as possible.

Aren't you a PG character!?

“Rule number three, don't say stuff like that.”

“Yes, darling!” She nuzzled into my chest.

Sorry, but you won't get the chance to pay me back Pommy because tonight I’m going to write you back into your world.


Magical Pom Pom