Chapter 1:

A girls first day at school shouldent involve yanderes!

It's My First Day at My New School and I'm Already in a Yuri Harem!?

"Alright, you dumbasses we have a new student today." The teacher was in an unusually cheerful mood. He probably wanted to give the new kid a good impression.

It was first thing in the morning and the first period just started. Most of the students in the class would still be half asleep but the morning's announcement gave everyone a boost equal to three cups of coffee. Everyone looked at each other and started whispering.

"I hope it's a hot guy, all the other boys here suck." One of the girls said.

"They better be smart, I need a new homework slave. My last one got me an F in geometry." A bald student said.

"Bruh, I hope it's a chick with a huge rack.” Said the prodigy student who skipped a few grades. She was a few years younger than everyone else.

The teacher waited for a second for everyone to shut their bitch ass mouths up but realized that it would take a lifetime. I hate all of you.


Not even one student was surprised by the sudden yelling of their beloved teacher.

"Sorry teacher." They all said in unison, not really giving a shit.

Mr.Dinglefeck scratched his ass as he motioned for the student to come in.

A short girl with brown hair walked into the classroom with wobbly legs and stopped when she got to the teacher. She was dying of embarrassment and her face was as red as a tomato.

Make a good impression, Make a good impression, Make a good impression! She repeated in her head.

"Introduce yourself or whatever. I don't really care." He yawned. Everyone loves a carefree teacher but this guy took it to another level.

"Y-yes…u-um m-my…n…name.” She already fucked up her introduction.

Oh no, I’m blowing it!

The teacher walked over to his desk. He made sure she could only see his back because his face was cringing so hard it was turning inside out.

While waiting for the girl to finish -hopefully in their lifetime- a dark ominous feeling was felt coming from the back. All the students knew what this meant, it meant that the new girl was in danger.

"My name…is Daisy…nice to meet you all." She managed to get it out of her fucking face.

"Finally, god damn…oh er…I mean go take a seat or something."

From the back of the class, a student's hand was raised high. This grabbed the teacher's attention.

“Fuck off.” He said to the student.

"Um teacher, shouldn't she tell us a little more about herself?" A girl with short pink hair named Molly asked. The boy to her side looked at her nervously from the corner of his eye.

A pleasant voice with mommy energy came next.

"I also would like to know more about our new friend. Like her hobbies." Next to Molly, a well-endowed girl with long green hair named Alice chimed in, she was wearing a pleasant smile on her face. She was resting her chin in her hands and was dressed fully in Lolita fashion.

Next to Alice, a student stood up from their desk.

"I have to say that I agree with my fellow classmates as well. Please do your job properly, teacher.” A stoic-looking girl with blue hair named Eve-who also happened to be the class president- lectured her teacher.

"Sure fine, she can share her entire backstory if it keeps me from having to work." He rested his feet on his desk and started reading a magazine.

"You are an inspiration to us all sir." Eve replied before sitting back down.

"Well you heard them, get yapping." He barked at Daisy which startled her.

"Uhhhh…right. Well…my hobbies are hanging out with my friends, um…I like to read…and I collect marbles."

Where did the marbles come from? thought everyone.

Why did I talk about marbles!? They are going to think I’m super lame now…

"My my marbles huh? How interesting." Alice chuckled to herself.

"Why marbles!?" Molly asked. She was so invested that she was leaning over her desk.

Well since I already let it slip I might as well spill it. Thought Daisy.

"When I was a little kid I ran out into the street and was almost hit by a truck but I slipped on a stray marble and flew out of the way. I now take care of every marble I find until I pay back the debt."

Pay it back to who!? Everyone thought.

After Daisy finished telling about how she was almost isekai'd Eve spoke up.

"Well we are all glad you are ok, I am certainly glad that you are ok." Eve grinned.


She sure is sweet. Daisy smiled back to Eve.

The room now fell silent. The students noticed that Daisy was completely unaware of the seductive look on Eve’s face.

Realizing that nobody was talking the teacher put his magazine down.

That only took a fucking minute, is that marble story the only thing interesting about you!? Mr.Dinglefeck looked annoyed.

"Well, I guess go take a seat or whatever." He waved his hand.

Daisy looked at every seat around, they all had a student in it.

"Um…where should I sit exactly?" Daisy whispered to her teacher.

"Your in high-school figure some things on your own for once in your life!" He yelled in her face.

Daisy cowered back, feeling personally attacked.

"Oh Daisy, you can take the seat next to me." Molly yelled, waving both hands so she could easily be seen.

"But I'm sitting here…" The boy next to her muttered.

Molly turned her cheerful face towards him. Her visible dark aura poured out of her and spilled onto the floor.

"Didn't you have to go to the ER or something?" She asked as she drew a line from one side of her neck to the other with her finger. "Cause you might really need to go pay them a visit."

"Mr. Dinglefeck I need to go to the bathroom!" He stood up and ran out of the class so fast it was like he was in the Olympics.

"Oh my, it looks like a seat conveniently appeared. How wonderful." Alice covered her mouth with the tips of her fingers.

"Life always has a funny way of working things out." Eve nodded towards Daisy. "There you go, dear."

“Dear?” Daisy said to herself before taking a seat at the now free desk.

"My name is Molly by the way, nice to meetcha!" She reached out her hand, offering a handshake.

"L-likewise!" She shook her hand. Daisy noticed that Molly's palms were unusually sweaty.

"Our little Molly seems confident but she always gets nervous around someone she likes." Eve chuckled.

"Oh, Molly." Alice sighed before giggling herself.

"Uh ok." Daisy lowered her hand.

"So Daisy do you want to eat lunch with us-" Molly said before an eraser smacked her right in the face. It bounced off her mug and landed on her desk, leaving a chalky imprint on her face..

"Alright everyone, free time." The teacher casually said.

"The heck did you throw an eraser at me for then!?" Molly held her hand to her face.

"Felt like it."


“Relax now.” Alice patted Molly's shoulder.

What kind of classroom is this? Everyone is so bizarre. Daisy wiped the sweat off her hand onto her skirt.


Daisy stepped out of the bathroom stall and started washing her hands. My classes at my previous school were nowhere near as fun. She thought.

“Though I don't think I'm going to learn anything.” She giggled to herself.

A creaking sound came from the entrance to the bathroom. Daisy looked to see who was coming in. Eve walked in and smiled as soon as she saw Daisy.

It's the nice girl!

"Oh hi…Eve right?" The brave Daisy decided she would try to start up a conversation despite how shy she was.

"I'm honored to see that you went out of your way to learn my name." Eve walked right up to her.

"Well, you are the student president." She let out a nervous laugh.

"That's true. If I can change the subject, I wanted to talk to you about the lunch invitation Molly gave you earlier. Will you join us?"

"Oh yeah, I don't have any friends here so I'd love to."

A large slam came from behind Daisy, making her jump.

"SHE SAID YES!!!" Molly yelled. She had been hiding in the stall next to the one Daisy was using the whole time. Like a cat stalking its prey, she was waiting for the perfect chance to pounce.

"M-molly!' Daisy said, totally caught off guard.

"How did I know you would be here…" Eve shook her head.

"Well, I just had to!" Molly exclaimed.

"Why do you two want to be my friend so bad? I'm not complaining but I find it strange, I'm not particularly interesting."

Molly and Eve gave each other a shit-eating grin.

"Now now don't talk that way about yourself little one." A voice from outside the bathroom. It wasn't coming from out in the hall but rather from outside the window. A girl in a fancy lolita dress was staring at them. Alice opened the window up and climbed in.

This is the second floor!

"Aw, Alice you just had to show off!" Molly pouted, puffing her cheeks out.

"I had no such intentions, hun." Alice pinched her cheeks.

“Ow, let go, dammit!”

"Well now that we are all here let's get to the point of this." Eve clapped her hands.

"Righto!" Molly saluted, her cheeks still being pinched.

"Yes, why don't we." Alice finally let go of her crab pinchers.

"Yes, let's be friends." Daisy smiled. Still being stupid.

The three girls looked at each other with a confused expression and looked back at her.

"Friends…?" Daisy repeated herself.

"My my." Alice said as Molly busted out laughing next to her.

"I think you have the wrong idea dear." Eve chuckled to herself as well.


No friends…?

"We never said anything about being friends."

Daisy tried to back peddle towards the exit, thinking that she just got mixed up with the mean girls of the school.

"Now now don't panic dear." Abby held her still.

"She's so fidgety, it's so cuteeee." Molly squealed.

Eve walked up to her and gently grabbed her chin.

"Please don't hurt me…" Daisy started to tear up.

"You don't listen very well, do you? Well, maybe this will help you understand." Eve said before putting her lips to Daisy's.

Why is she kissing me!? Daisy tried to get away from the girl snacking on her lips.

"No fair Eve! I wanted to kiss her first!" Molly tried to pry Eve off Daisy's face.

"Now now Molly it's ok, I'll let you go second."

"Awww I love you, Alice, at least you are considerate." She glared at Eve.

Eve pulled her lips back from the girl who looked like she had never been kissed before. "Quit bitching and kiss her."

"Wait what's going on-" She was ignored and Molly gave Daisy a series of quick pecks. It was like she was being attacked by a woodpecker.

"One kiss Molly, it's Alice's turn" Eve put her hands on her shoulders.

"Yes, I wanna see how she tastes." Alice grew a menacing smile.

"Why are you girls kissing me!?"

Alice forcefully grabbed her and pulled her into a deep kiss. Daisy's eyes widen as Alice shoved her tongue into her mouth.

Eve and Molly blushed as they watched the two of them make out.

I need to get out of here! I think I'm at the wrong high school!

Daisy accidentally grabbed Alice's breasts as she pushed herself off.

"Explain what's going on right now!" Daisy tried to put on the most commanding voice she could muster, but it came out as a high pitch cry.

"She is kinda slow isn't she." Eve sighed.

"She's just a shy little bunny." Alice said as she savored the taste of the girl's saliva.

Molly hugged Daisy tight. "You're our new girlfriend dummy!"


Don't I get a say in this!?

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