Chapter 2:

Shouldn't a girl have the right to paint in peace!?

It's My First Day at My New School and I'm Already in a Yuri Harem!?

After the intense makeout session in the bathroom, Daisy managed to get away from the three girls. They smiled at her while they watched her run off with mischievous looks on their faces. They found the chase to be entertaining.

Daisy luckily made it to her next class on time. Art was her favorite subject and she hoped to forget the past ten minutes and move on with her school life.

Today the class was painting self-portraits. Daisy held her brush to the easel as she looked at herself in a tiny mirror attached to it. She still couldn't get those girls out of her mind and had trouble concentrating.

My first kiss…was stolen from me in the girls' bathroom…

She thought about how they told her that she is their new girlfriend. She considered the possibility that she was being punked, but kissing would be taking it too far. Her face grew warm as she imagined having a girl shoving her tongue down her throat again.

I’m not a slut, I’m not a slut, I’m not a slut! She thought before she felt a tap on her arm.

“Huh?” She looked over and saw a friendly-looking girl with a white headband and bob-cut length red hair.

“You must be the new transfer student. Sorry to interrupt your painting, I just wanted to say hi.” She was sitting in a seat next to her.

“Oh y-yes, my name is Daisy, nice to meet you.” Daisy tried to regain her composure.

“My name is Bailey....erm… that's an interesting painting, is that how you see yourself?” She was taken back when she looked at Daisy’s painting.

It almost perfectly resembled herself, the hair was spot on, her body and clothes were accurate. The only issue was the fact that instead of a normal head, she had the head of a marble.

“Ah! I didn't even realize I did that!” She put a hand over her mouth. Apparently, when Daisy imagined lewd stuff her hands took over and drew what she loved most.

“You seem kind of tense, being the new kid must be really stressful huh.” Bailey patted her back.

“I just have a lot on my mind right now…” Daisy drooped her head.

“Well if you want to talk about it I’d be happy to listen.” She gave a thumbs up.

Her kindness was enough to bring a tear to Daisy’s eye. What an angel!

“Psst Bailey..” A voice came from the other side of Daisy. The whisper belonged to the kid that Molly scared the shit out of earlier.

“What’s up Russell?”

Despite not being her fault, when Daisy saw him she instantly felt guilty about taking his seat last period.

“Oh you’re the boy from earlier, I-I’m terribly sorry for what happened earlier!”

Russel just ignored her, he didn't want to deal with anyone that was connected to Molly. “You don't want to get too close to the new kid, she's been branded.” He said to Bailey.

“Branded?” Daisy tilted her head.

“The crazy bitch trio!?” Bailey reeled back into her seat. This was enough to make the whole class turn their heads.

Being branded didn't mean that Daisy was going to be sacrificed to evil spirits but it wasn't far off. It was a term that the kids used when the three girls found someone they liked.

“Not so loud!”

If she could have done anything to help the new girl out she would have but it was too late, Daisy was already as good as fucked. Bailey looked at Daisy with a look of pure pity. “I’m so sorry…”

“Yeah, she was lucky enough to share her first-period class with them.” Russell shook his head.

All Daisy wanted was to live a quiet, normal life, but this school seemed like it was going to take a huge shit on that plan.

“What’s the deal with those girls!” Daisy looked for an answer.

They both looked at each other and said “They are pure evil. Devils incarnate.”

E-evil devils? Am I being punished for not going to church!?

“You might want to consider homeschooling.” Russel suggested.

Surely they can’t just get away with their behavior right!? Thought Daisy, not having a damn clue of how wrong she was.

“C-cant I just talk to the principal or something…?”

Just as she asked that the principal opened the door to the classroom and stood in the entryway. He was so fucking fat he covered the entire doorframe.

You say it and he will come. What a lucky break! Daisy thought.

She wanted to try asking him if she could talk with him. When she started to get out of her chair the teacher spoke up.

“We… have th-three students… who are transferring over to your class.” He was shaking like a leaf, which rattled the walls of the classroom.

“Uh, what now?” asked the teacher. She was in the process of helping one of the students.

The entire class now looked at Daisy, which she didn't understand why. You just had to be in our class, didn't you!? They all thought.

“That is all!” The principal yelped, pissed his pants a little, and hurried off after he felt the tip of a sharp object digging into his skin. No one could see it but three knives had been pushing up against his back the whole time.

After he left three girls walked in. Daisy knew them as the power slut rangers who tried sucking off her face off. Their eyes widen and sparkled when they spotted her. All three of them could hardly stand still.

Daisy’s right eye twitched as she thought I wonder if I would die if I jumped out the window…

“Baby!!!” Molly left a cloud of dust as she sprinted and flew into Daisy. The two of them skidded back fifteen feet in the school desk.

“It’s adorable when she gets excited like that,” Eve said as she walked over to the two, she found it difficult to hold back her desire to start kissing her.

“Um…Alice, didn't you already take this class last semester?” The art teacher asked as Alice started to follow Eve.

“Well it's embarrassing for me to admit to the class, but I somehow flunked and have to take it again.” She tried to look ashamed but failed with the giant grin on her face.

“You didn't flunk, you passed with a perfect grad-” The teacher stooped when she saw Alice's usual cheery face turn into an uncanny horror like something from a shitty creepypasta. All that was missing was the hyper-realistic blood.

“Are you really going to make me admit that I flunked twice and embarrass me even further…teacher? That would be…unwise.”

“S-Sorry my mistake.” The teacher grabbed one of her art knives in her desk, just in case.

Alice nodded “We all make mistakes in life, no shame in that. It’s learning from them that’s important.” She went over and joined her girlfriends.

Molly was sitting on Daisy's lap as Eve rubbed her shoulders.

“How is the school going for you, my love?” Eve kissed her cheek.

Worst day of my life, what do you think!? Daisy yelled in her mind.

“You’re squishing me, Molly…”

“Oh don't be shy Daisy, I know you love the feeling of my butt on you.” Molly blushed and held her hands to her face as she wiggled her ass on Daisy.

You liar when did I ever say that!? Don't say things that will make people think I'm weird!

“My my Molly, are you trying to make the whole class jealous?” She said as she pinched the girl's cheek.


“We should really save that kind of talk for when we are in private…” Eve sighed as she shook her head..

How about we don't talk about it ever!

“What a funny painting, is this one of those su…su…real paintings?” Molly asked. Alice felt sorry for the dumbass and let go of her cheek.

“Surrealism dear.” Eve corrected as she ran her fingers through Molly's messy pink hair.

“Riiiiiight.” Molly’s body relaxed as her hair was played with.

“Aren't you the little rebel. I think you were supposed to just do a normal self-portrait.” Alice chuckled.

“I…um…got distracted. S-So anyways, Bailey, what’s your next class?” Daisy was looking for the nearest exit out of this situation.

Bailey started sweating and singled Daisy to shut her mouth. She flinched when she saw Alice’s head turn like an owl towards her

“My…My…who’s the skank, Daisy?” Alice’s eyes squinted at the girl.

What are you being so rude for!?

“Already talking to other girls dear? Isn't three enough for you?” Eve said as she put her hands back on Daisy’s shoulders with a tight as hell gorilla grip.

I’m…in trouble.

Russell tried to ignore the whole thing but when she saw Daisy in pain his white knight instincts kicked in. There is a girl that needs my help!

“D-Daisy just didn't know her way to her next class and was asking for help finding it.”

Molly turned her head looked at the boy who she thought she had chased off for good.

“Say Daisy…who’s the skank?” She pointed at him.

“I’m one too!?” He also pointed at himself.

“You should have just asked us if you needed help, that's what we are here for.” Eve loosened her grip.

“Can you three at least paint…” The teacher nervously butted in with the art knife ready, again, just in case.

“Sure thing, ma’am” Said Eve.

The three girls all pulled up a chair right next to Daisy and started working on their painting.

“I love painting, don't you!?” Molly asked Daisy.



There were 10 minutes left in class and everyone had finally finished their paintings.

“Alright everyone is there anyone who wants to share their painting?”

Daisy looked at her huge marble head painting and sighed. I don’t want any more people seeing this…

One girl with fluffy blonde hair raised her hand and went to the front of the classroom and held her picture over her head. Daisy recognized her from her class, she was a school prodigy named Clover. Her picture was very good despite the fact she drew herself with impressively large tits when she was in fact flat-chested.

“You are all lucky to be able to witness my beauty. Check out my rack!” She made sure everyone saw it.

The teacher knew Clover would do something like this. “Alright, anyone else?”

Next stood up Russell, Daisy noticed his picture in his hands. It was nothing special but not bad and he seemed really proud of it.

“I’ll go next!” Molly shouted as she ran up to the front and shoved Russell to the side, knocking him over.

“What the hell is your problem with me!?”

“Here’s mine, look at it!” She held her painting out in front of her..

The picture was a very crudely done painting of Daisy. Molly also drew herself right next to her, Molly was kissing her in it.

Why did you draw me!

Eve and Alice both started clapping.

“This was supposed to be a SELF-portrait Molly.”

“It is, see I’m right there!” She pointed to herself on the painting.

“Fine…just go sit back down. Anyone els-”

“I would like to share.” Alice rose from her seat and walked to the front of the class.

The teacher had seen her skill in art before so she was actually eager to see it. “Alright Alice let's see your-”

Alice's painting was beyond remarkable, out of this world really. Somehow with only half the class time everyone else had, she drew a painting that would take a master a month to finish. This was something that you would find hanging in a castle. The only issue was…

You also drew me! Daisy let out a gasp of pain. She was both creeped out and honored to have such an amazing painting of herself.

"ooooooh." All the students said with admiration.

“I said a self-portrait…” The teacher groaned.

“My my I can understand how you wouldn't notice, my little bunny’s beauty is breathtaking. I’m right here holding her, tho my head is not completely in the picture. There was no way I could take the spotlight away from my princess.”

“Well…it’s very…lovely.” The teacher forced out. The spotlight is supposed to be on you, SELF PORTRAIT

“Yes, any picture with her is lovely.” Alice smiled and waved to Daisy.

Daisy slammed her head on her desk. I want to die…

“Ok, I think that’s enough for-” The teacher got interrupted for the 100th time.

“I’m going to share mine really quick ma’am.” Eve said as she stood up.

“...Fine.” She’s a very diligent student, I’m sure her picture will b-

What Eve held up was hardly school-appropriate and could only be described as a sexy pin-up of Daisy. She was wearing a very revealing white bikini and seductively eating a popsicle while spread out on a beach.

“Your not even in that picture!.” The art teacher yelled.

“I’m sorry I had to make sure I got my girlfriend's figure just right.”

“Damn can I get a copy of that?” Asked Clover. “That shits hot.”

“Me too!” Molly added.

Bailey gave them both a dirty look. She had never felt so bad for someone before.

“Just leave me alone already!” Daisy yelled with tears going down her face.

Eve, Alice, and Molly all gasped at her outburst.

“I hate you!” Daisy hid her face as she ran out of the classroom crying.

Seriko Lee