Chapter 90:


The Y-files [GL]

6 AM on a Sunday. A time nobody should ever have to see displayed on a clock in real life, and yet that was the moment my alarm was telling me to get up.Bookmark here

Yesterday evening I had been really brave and had promised Anna to prepare us lunchboxes for our trip to the amusement park. But that did mean I had to get up earlier than usual. It was the only way to recuperate some of my regular cooking time for the weekend. Not that I really had the time to do something fancy, but at least it was something. I hope it would be enough to get me through the day until we got back.Bookmark here

Our trip today wasn't just a fun trip though. Therese and Eve had to organize this as an apology for their vicious attack on Tina and Elsa. They got away with it rather cheap, so they really would have to do their best today. That meant of course that Anna and I had to do our best too. After all, we wanted them to be successful so we could finally put the incident behind us.Bookmark here

When I prepared 2 lunchboxes of cute sandwiches, I took a shower. It was incredible how soft my skin felt after yesterday. That is probably what mom meant by saying that I would like "the results" of the treatment.Bookmark here

Choosing clothes was rather simple. Since I did not want to stand out too much, I went for jeans and a t-shirt, a cap to hide my hair, and some sunglasses. That should be sufficient to avoid being recognized like on my date with Valerie.Bookmark here

It was time to go. Everyone was still sleeping. It has been a while since I had to leave by myself and Anna did not come to pick me up. So it felt a bit like something was missing when I left the apartment. I had to be at the North station at 7:30 so I had to hurry.Bookmark here

Even though I was five minutes early, all the other girls were already there. My disguise seemed to be effective because nobody had recognized me yet. I decided to play a little prank on Anna and went to ask her the way to the platform of the train we were taking in French.Bookmark here

I was a bit baffled that Anna was just showing me the way like I was a complete stranger. At first, I thought she was pulling my leg, but it seemed she really wasn't recognizing me because I noticed her looking over my head to check if she could not spot me. While she was doing that, I removed my sunglasses and my cap for a second and kissed her. Anna was clearly shocked, but then she recognized me, and relaxed and kissed me back. “So you don't recognize your girlfriend when she is wearing clothes,” I said to tease her, and Anna started blushing, but I notices everyone looked up at what I just said and was looking at us with smug eyes. Oh no, that came out wrong, didn't it? My face turned red and I hid in Anna's embrace while the other girls were teasing us.Bookmark here

So you girls already got to the no clothes part?” Tina asked, to poke a little in my mistake.Bookmark here

I could not help remembering yesterday and all that had happened, I even still felt a little sore in some spots. I looked into Anna's eyes and I realized she was thinking the same thing. Realizing this from each other, the both of us started blushing even harder.Bookmark here

They really did, didn't they!” Gazette then said.Bookmark here

Be sure to tell us all about that later,” Fien said a little too interested, earning the ire of Elodie. “You know you are too young to hear about that stuff, Fien!”Bookmark here

What an embarrassment overload, and it was only the start of the day. My prank sure backfired on me. I hid even deeper in Anna's embrace because I could not take it anymore. Everyone started commenting on how cute I was being. This wasn't helping!Bookmark here

After a short while, the subject luckily changed to more practical stuff on how to get to the amusement park, so I could finally make my rounds to give everyone their greeting kiss.Bookmark here

Eve and Therese gave us our tickets. They were special train tickets that immediately would also give us entry to the amusement park, they were being really generous to pay for all of us, but I guess they were just reaping what they sowed. They were clearly going all out to please Tina and Elsa.Bookmark here

We got to the platform, and I noticed Fien and Maura were hanging around Valerie and Mia. It seemed like they planned on staying in a group of four all day. Gazette and Elodie were busy filming and giving comments. Apparently, they were going to make a documentary about our trip. Tina and Elsa were walking arm in arm. Elsa was pressing her head and chest into Tina's arm, making her blush a little. Tina still looked a bit tired, but I could see she was really happy to be out of the hospital.Bookmark here

When we arrived at the amusement park after our train ride, I noticed everyone made their way to the sub-tropic swimming pool.Bookmark here

Girls I did not bring a swimsuit. I did not realize there was a pool here too. You just said amusement park.” Although it was an honest oversight on my part, I hoped it would allow me to skip the swimming. I really didn't like swimming. I hated the smell of chlorine that came with it.Bookmark here

Who doesn't hear playing at the pool when you say Waribi park?” Eve asked perplexed. By the look on their faces, the other girls seemed to share her thoughts.Bookmark here

I had never been here. Is it that weird not to know about amusement parks?Bookmark here

Well, it doesn't matter, this might even be better,” Anna said.Bookmark here

Anna came to my rescue. She was going to keep me out of the swimming pool, wasn't she? Of course, that hope was crushed by her next sentence.Bookmark here

Because now we can shop for swimming suits together! Look they have a store over there!”Bookmark here

Anna pulled me into the store while the other girls went on ahead “We will see you girls in the pool!”Bookmark here

It was a small store that only sold swimming suits, and inflatable toys to play with inside the pool. I noticed everything was rather expensive here. I guess this store was mostly here to rip off people like me who forgot their swimsuits. I went to look at the one-piece swimsuits, like those that I always wore when we had swimming classes in school, but Anna would not have it. She pushed me into a fitting room and passed me a bikini.Bookmark here

It was a stylish purple bikini, I would try it on, but at first glance, I could see this was way too mature for me. I think this would be a better fit for Anna.Bookmark here

I showed Anna the result and said “This does not feel right to me.” This bikini was also made to showcase larger breasts than mine, so it looked a bit ridiculous.Bookmark here

Ah, I can see what happened.” Gazette interrupted. Elodie had a camera on me. “Where did you guys suddenly come from.” I felt super self-conscious standing there in a poorly fitting bikini.Bookmark here

Oh, we just thought this would be more interesting for our report.” Elodie answered us with a slight tease in her voice.”Bookmark here

Anna seemed to just accept their presence and asked “What do you mean Eline? I thought that was a gorgeous bikini?”Bookmark here

Well it would be gorgeous on you, but you should pick something that would look good on Claire.”Bookmark here

It seemed Anna got what she meant, and she picked out something completely different and brought it over to me. It was one of those cute frilly bikinis with a flashy motive that hid my smaller chest size. Wasn't this too childish? Well, whatever, it looked cute and it was Anna who picked it out for me, so I gave it a go.Bookmark here

When I was changed, Eline, Gazette, and Anna were staring at me. I could see their eyes turn into hearts.Bookmark here

Don't just stare. Say something!” I said a bit embarrassed from the six eyes on me. Wearing a bikini does not make a person as self-conscious as being the only one wearing one in the room.Bookmark here

So cute!” the three of them shouted together.Bookmark here

The storekeeper had come over to see what the commotion was about, and then she suddenly said “Wait, aren't you the yuri Jeanne D'arc that was recently in Ronna's talkshow? You were such an inspiration! Thanks to you, I finally confessed to the love of my life and have a girlfriend now!”Bookmark here

It felt a bit weird to be told that by a woman in her thirties in stylish business attire, while I was standing here in a bikini. She proceeded to introduce her as Galva Nometer, but we could call her Galva.Bookmark here

Could I take some pictures of you in that bikini for promotional use? In exchange you can have that one for free!” she proceeded to ask.Bookmark here

Why not, Claire? It's just a picture. What's the harm?” Elodie said. Gazette nodded enthusiastically.Bookmark here

I wanted to say okay, it seemed like a bargain to get that pricey bikini for free, but Anna interfered.Bookmark here

She went into another room for a moment with Galva to negotiate, and when they came back, the four of us ended up getting a free swimsuit. Anna drove a hard bargain I thought. Personally, I thought she overdid it a bit. All she wanted was to take a picture, but Eline and Elodie seemed really happy that they could pick out a bikini too.Bookmark here

The other girls are going to be so jealous they didn't come with us!” Elodie said. "Thank you, Anna!" Gazette said, and gave Anna a thank you kiss on her cheek.Bookmark here

Elodie chose a cute red bikini with white dots for Gazette. It was a mix of playful and cute which fitted Gazette really well. Gazette had picked out a pink bikini for Elodie with a puppy motif. Somehow that really fitted Elodie's puppy-like image that I had of her.Bookmark here

When Anna left the fitting room, I think I could literally feel my jaw drop. She was rocking the bikini I was wearing earlier, but came out of her fitting room rather shy, which made her all the cuter in my opinion, and asked me “Well, what do you think?” That was such a gap moe to see the otherwise so self-confident Anna act so shy! She clearly had the assets to wear that top. In my eyes, she could easily pass as a model.Bookmark here

You look amazing!” I said. I am sure at this moment my pupils were heart shapes and shooting stars. I guess I got the bug too.Bookmark here

When Galva returned, she said “Ok, pose together with the four of you. That was our deal after all!” Elodie and Gazette looked at Anna, who just shrugged and said “It is just a picture. What's the harm?” Of course, she did something outrageous again. Elodie and Gazette could not say no, after all, that was the exact sentence Elodie used when they asked me the question. I hope they wouldn't be angry. I soon realized I was worried over nothing. Coming to think of it, it was a rather silly worry, wasn't it? Of course, they were really pleased to be used as models.Bookmark here

We took some different poses in front of a large beach poster which would create the impression that we were at the beach. Galva kept on shooting pictures continuously. After a short while, we finished up with some solo shots of everyone.Bookmark here

When Galva was pleased, we got dressed but left the swimsuits on under our clothes. We were going swimming in a few minutes, after all, no need to go through all that fuss again.Bookmark here

When we were at the door Galva said “Thank you, and as promised I will send those pictures to your e-mail!” Anna turned red and said to us “I thought it would be a nice memory.”Bookmark here

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