Chapter 7:

Tale Three: Painless Porcupine (2)


I pointed the medical staff to where Oliver was, still very much unconscious. Bookmark here

They quickly picked him up and got him into the vehicle - while also telling me to go with them, for some reason.Bookmark here

I had more pressing issues to occupy my mind with though, so I decided to simply assume it had been because they hoped I could be of help identifying the young man. And they wouldn't be wrong.Bookmark here

...Bookmark here

Still, my mind was racing. It didn't stop.Bookmark here

Such a weird and worrisome incident, happening in front of my very eyes.Bookmark here

This time, I hadn't agreed to help, not even been tricked into it - it had quite literally jumped right at me, completely preventing me from ignoring it or running away.Bookmark here

That was a dirty one, sheesh...Bookmark here

And worst of all-Bookmark here

Worse than everything else surrounding these already awful events -Bookmark here

Was the fact that I didn't have any course of action easily available to me.Bookmark here

I was asked to help; I had agreed to help but... Without any clues to go from... It amounted to nothing.Bookmark here

I was in nobody's home, so I couldn't go breaking people's right to privacy.Bookmark here

The afflicted from this case also happened to be out cold for the immediate future, so no questioning him to make him slip up and revealed some info.Bookmark here

And it was already past 7:30 PM. I couldn't afford to postpone my investigation until Oliver woke up...Bookmark here

After a few minutes, we arrived at the hospital.Bookmark here

I was told to stay in a waiting room until the patient could receive visits.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

I couldn’t stay still for a second. My nervousness took the better of me, and I started anxiously walking around in circles inside that tiny room, which was completely empty except for me.Bookmark here

I was completely lost in thought, trying to figure out a way – any way – in which I could solve this issue quickly and get rid of all the trouble.Bookmark here

What could even work in a situation like this?Bookmark here

Maybe something like what I did last time…Bookmark here

No, actually! Better yet, I’ll-Bookmark here

“Heyyy, if it isn’t my best friend of friends here!”Bookmark here

“AAAHH!”Bookmark here

“Sheesh, no need to be so shocked man, you almost make it seem like you’re gonna have a heart attack! Also, aren’t we supposed to be in a hospital?”Bookmark here

“Any of these days I might get a heart attack, Ellie! I really might! Especially if you keep appearing out of nowhere like that!!!”Bookmark here

Wait. Actually.Bookmark here

What the hell was she doing here?Bookmark here

… Though I guess appearing at the most suspicious of places in the most suspicious of moments seemed to be her whole thing.Bookmark here

“Ehehe, nothing special. Felt kind of a headache so I came here to get myself checked. Apparently it was just lack of sleep, though.”Bookmark here

What kind of idiot considered herself so important to go to a hospital’s emergency treatment section for a simple headache?!Bookmark here

“Don’t insult me so much, meanie boy. You have no right to say anything after all. You came to a hospital’s emergency treatment section without even being injured at all.”Bookmark here

“That’s because I am accompanying a patient, you asshole!”Bookmark here

“Hahahaha! I see! So that’s it, isn’t it?”Bookmark here

“… Do you have a problem, Ellie? Do you need anything, or are you just here to bother me and keep you away from my investigations?”Bookmark here

“… I see. So that’s what you think of me, I see. You egotistical self-centered piece of shit who cannot even be honest to himself about himself, who keeps using lies as a way of life no matter how much time passes, who deserves to pay for his sins ten times over but still refuses to even acknowledge them-“Bookmark here

What the…Bookmark here

“I have no clue what you’re talking about, Ellie. Please go the fuck away and leave me alone. I’m not in my best mood today, see. Definitely not one good enough as to ignore your bullshit.”Bookmark here

“Fair enough, fair enough! Haahahahah! You get annoyed so quickly, messing with you is way too fun! Anyway, I’ve taken an interest in this case of yours, so I’ve already done some investigating. And I can proudly say – that I now have the solution to all of it! Not a single piece missing, all fragments perfectly fitting as they should! How’s that, best friend of friends?”Bookmark here

“How in hell… You really are a genius, Ellie. A crazy, mad, bipolar and annoying genius. Don’t think you can tell me a bit of that info you got?”Bookmark here

“Nope. Not a chance. Hehehe.”Bookmark here

“Really? Not even a tiny bit? Look, I’ll let you bully and insult and harass me all you want but please, please, pleaseeeeee-“Bookmark here

“Hahahahaha! Sorry man, but you’re too much of a sore loser! If you wanna figure it out, do it yourself, idiot! When did you think I would have any wish to help you of all people, huh? Waaaahahahahaha!”Bookmark here

“… Why did I even bother asking you, you of all people…”Bookmark here

“Because you’re useless, that’s why. Anyway, I think I’ve stayed for long enough. We’ve been shouting for a good few minutes now and we’re still in a hospital. So I think I’ll just leave you alone for a while. Wouldn’t that be the best, best friend of friends?”Bookmark here

“Shut it. Go the fuck away.”Bookmark here

“Okie dokie. You’ll see me again soon though.”Bookmark here

“…”Bookmark here

And so she went.Bookmark here

She disappeared from my sight, from my world.Bookmark here

She would no longer disturb me.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Still, I was left all the more confused.Bookmark here

If she had managed to deduce everything, that would inevitably mean… that all the clues have already been presented.Bookmark here

Though, of course, being this early in the story, that would be impossible. As the detective, I deny that all the clues for getting to the truth have been presented and detailed.Bookmark here

But even if we assumed she made some pretty massive leaps in logic, which would be no surprise coming from her – still, I couldn’t imagine how…Bookmark here

How I could conclude this tale from the point I was at.Bookmark here

***Bookmark here

I feel a quick recap is necessary, if just for my own sake rather than the reader’s.Bookmark here

Right now, the mystery stands as it follows.Bookmark here

A boy from my school, Oliver, was found committing self-harm in a dark alley as I went back home from a group assignment.Bookmark here

After I stopped him when he was about to stab himself again with a knife, he told me he was unable to feel pain, touch, or any other sensation on his skin – also including heat.Bookmark here

He had fainted right after I agreed to help him with the supposed supernatural being that cursed him and caused him the aforementioned afflictions, and I had begun my investigations with no delay.Bookmark here

All I had managed to find, though – were some belongings the man was carrying in his backpack. Nothing that would immediately tell me anything of note.Bookmark here

I really had nothing to go off of for now…Bookmark here

And now Ellie of all people, had appeared out of nowhere just to interfere, saying she had already solved everything but refusing to give me any information.Bookmark here

… She was probably lying.Bookmark here

Yes, that must have been it.Bookmark here

Even though she never lies.Bookmark here

It must have been a deception, a dishonestly, a falsehood. Fiction. Yes, it must have been fiction.Bookmark here

If so, I could discard everything she had said, since none of it was relevant.Bookmark here

Yes. Yes, indeed, that’s what I shall do.Bookmark here

Someone like her, with no reason nor purpose to her existence in this tale, has no place altering its progress. Therefore, she shall be ignored, as if she was never there. Of course, that would be for the best.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

Okay. Recap time over.Bookmark here

Going back to where we were.Bookmark here

As I walked aimlessly in circles around the waiting room.Bookmark here

***Bookmark here

Better yet, I’ll – yes, I’ll do exactly that!Bookmark here

I still have one way out! Bookmark here

How had I not thought of this before?!Bookmark here

Supernatural beings did not exist.Bookmark here

They certainly, definitely, couldn’t exist.Bookmark here

All mysteries must be solved through rational means of deduction.Bookmark here

But what if a mystery which cannot be solved were to present itself?Bookmark here

What if there was no possible way for me to solve this through logic?Bookmark here

Bookmark here

What if – by pure coincidence – this mystery turned into fantasy?Bookmark here

Then, all rules would vanish, and that card became available.Bookmark here

And as long as I could explain it later-Bookmark here

As long as there was some way for a rational truth to exist, a way that didn’t contradict any of the established facts-Bookmark here

I could use supernatural beings to my advantage.Bookmark here

I could temporarily claim the existence of those beings, and use them to discover the truth that lay at the end of this abyss.Bookmark here

As long as I had faith in my beliefs-Bookmark here

That no supernatural entity could ever exist, and that they all shall be disproven in due time-Bookmark here

I shall violate that very premise, in search for the truth that will solidify it.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

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