Chapter 93:

Interlude: Yuri on ice cream

The Y-files [GL]

Therese's POVBookmark here

I was walking hand in hand with Eve. She was leading me around the amusement park. I felt so happy that my cake was appreciated so much. I had made part of it yesterday and had gotten up in the middle of the night to finish it. My parents were nice enough to bring it over in their car, by the time we were leaving the swimming pool. That way we could exchange our pool accessories for the ones we needed for the afternoon. My parents were helping us apologize. I knew they felt ashamed of our actions, but I noticed that they were proud that we were working hard to make up for our mistakes. Bookmark here

Tina had forgiven us so generously. During our hospital visits, I had noticed that we weren't the only ones making an effort. It took a lot out of her to interact with us, and it was only after a few days that she started to act relaxed in our company. I am not sure I could have been so generous to forgive us like that if I had been in her place. It really made me feel all the more guilty.Bookmark here

I looked at Eve's beautiful emerald green hair. She was the tougher one of the two of us. I loved how she always took the lead in everything. It made me feel like a pampered princess, so I indulged in it.Bookmark here

I grabbed her by her arm and pressed my chest against her arm, getting really close and cozy. That way I could flirt and admire her better. She was acting cool, but I could notice her starting to blush. She was so cute when she pretended to be tougher than she was!Bookmark here

If not for Claire, I don't think I would have ever gotten together with Eve. I was fine with just watching her from afar, but this is like a dream come through. I would never have thought that Eve would have feelings for me too. Since we got together, I felt more relaxed and at ease. I used to be so nervous all the time, but now I felt protected with Eve by my side. It was like a gap that I did not realize was there had been filled.Bookmark here

Eve led me to the biggest roller coaster in the park. It was one of those where your feet hang loose so you can see the ground all the way down while being swirled, sometimes even upside down, across the trail. Bookmark here

Well, I was fine with it, since I had eve with me. I had done this attraction before, and it is one of those roller coasters where you get to scream your heart out.Bookmark here

The line went really slow. It was probably not the best time of day to do this attraction, but is it ever with the big ones? We talked a bit about the whole situation with Tina and Elsa. Even though it had been a terrible situation, on the other hand, I felt like I would do it again, if that was needed for me and Eve to get together. I felt a bit bad for thinking that way, but Eve seemed to agree with me. “Even though we did bad things, they ended up changing us for the better. Sometimes bad things can lead to good things.” Eve said, to ease my worries. She was always really attentive to things like that. She never made me feel like I was alone.Bookmark here

Next week we would be starting rehearsals for our idol formation. Eve and I had already been practicing our singing and dancing. This whole idol thing also felt more like a reward than a punishment. But if everybody was happy, who was I to complain about not getting punished harshly enough?Bookmark here

We finally got to the end of the line. Eve sat next to me and held my hand. We took a seat on the ride, and I felt Eve's hand that was still holding mine tense up.Bookmark here

Are you okay?” I asked a bit worried.Bookmark here

With you here, I am sure I will be. I was always afraid of heights, and I decided I wanted to get rid of it.” I looked at Eve full of disbelief. She got us on a ride she feared? I was so used to her being so tough and protective of me, that seeing a weakness of hers felt like learning something new and special about my sweet tomboy. I was staring at her with an endearing smile.Bookmark here

Don't make fun of me. This is serious!” she said.Bookmark here

I gave her a quick peck on her lips and said “You were just so cute. Of course, I will protect you!”Bookmark here

As if that was a special signal, the security system of the ride lowered fixing us in place. I kept holding Eve's hand. The ride started slowly moving upward. I could feel Eve's grip tighten. Right at the top, she said “If I don't make it, know that I really loved yououououououo!”Bookmark here

During that last word, the ride started and we took off at a tremendous speed. Eve was screaming her lungs out. I screamed with her, but mine were more screams of laughter. I loved rides like these. Eve really picked the most hardcore one to face her fears. We could see the ground below our feet the entire time, and at certain points they even made us almost touch the ground, creating the feeling that we might crash. At those points, I looked at Eve, who had closed her eyes waiting for impact, muttering a quick prayer.Bookmark here

Luckily for Eve, these kinds of rides only last a couple of minutes. When we got out, she was walking like the ground was unsteady. I took her hand and lead her out.Bookmark here

Why did you pick the hardest ride to start with? They are made to scare you. That is no way to get rid of your fear of heights you know.” I preached. Eve looked at me a bit defeated and said. “I really thought I would be able to handle it with you next to me.” That was such a sweet answer. I felt myself melt, and fall in love all over again.Bookmark here

To get her strength back, I got us some ice cream. Sweets always make everything better. Strawberry ice for me and chocolate for Eve. We were near a little park, and I took us to go sit on a bench under a large tree, a bit obscured from the general public.Bookmark here

We were both licking our ice cream when Eve asked “Why did you buy cones with 2 scoops of the same taste?” I felt strange jitters coursing through me, each time she licked her ice cream, making my imagination go wild.Bookmark here

I was waiting for that question. I looked around, and there was nobody in the immediate vicinity. “Guess!” I said. I embraced and kissed her. Our, due to the ice cream, cold tongues mixed the two tastes together, with some added Eve. The Eve part is what made it the best ice cream ever.Bookmark here

After that kiss, Eve looked at me all flustered. She clearly hadn't seen it coming. We enjoyed our ice cream some more, with recent intervals of kisses, every time no other people were in sight. We could not be greedy with our own ice cream after all, and this was the way sharing would be the most enjoyable.Bookmark here

After our break, Eve seemed recharged, we enjoyed a few of the smaller rides, while slowly making our way back to the Ferris wheel, where we had agreed to meet up before leaving.Bookmark here

When we arrived, Tina and Elsa ran toward us, as soon as they spotted us and asked about our date in the amusement park. We told them about the attractions we visited, and I told them about how cute Eve was on the roller coaster. Eve gave me a loving smack on the head for spilling the beans on that. I replied by sticking out my tongue.Bookmark here

I am sure that is not all that happened,” Elsa said with a strict tone, but I could tell she was teasing.Bookmark here

Immediately I started thinking about our ice cream kisses and started blushing heavily. I looked at Eve and since she knew what I was thinking about while blushing, made her blush too.Bookmark here

I knew it! Spill the beans!” Elsa said excitedly. “We could always exchange stories,” Tina added, making Elsa turn crimson too. I guess they had a few moments alone too.Bookmark here

Yes, share your stories with us” I flinched. Where did Gazette just come from? Elodie was filming the conversation.Bookmark here

As if we are going to tell these stories on camera!” Elsa shouted.Bookmark here

Dear watchers, it has just been confirmed that something did happen that can't be told in front of the camera! I leave it all to your imaginations!”Bookmark here

Then they put away the camera. The four of us were blushing intensely. Gazette said “If you are going to be idols, we will have to train you in answering questions to the media. Rest assured, this will just be used for a video to share among the FBY girls. As a memory of a fun day. That was a relief. I knew how Gazette's video often goes viral in seconds.Bookmark here

We all got together and started making our way back to the railway station.Bookmark here

It was a fun trip, and by the look in the eyes of the other girls, it seemed to me they had a fun day too.Bookmark here

On our way back we shared a four-seat space with a little table in the middle with Elsa and Tina.Bookmark here

Tina acted a lot more open to us than she had ever done and I noticed that Eve had accepted Tina too in the meantime. She didn't worship Elsa anymore like she used to. I silently hoped that I had taken that spot away from Elsa forever.Bookmark here

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