Chapter 92:

Interlude: Dessert on the Ferris wheel [R15]

The Y-files [GL]

Tina's POVBookmark here

Even though I came up with it, my parents had been reluctant to let me go on this group outing. Luckily the psychologist at the hospital had said that it would be good for me, and that had gotten them to accept. I was happy to be here. Elsa and I had enjoyed ourselves at the pool, and the playtime with all the other girls had been really fun too, but I craved some real alone time with Elsa. Therese and Eve had been in our neighborhood the whole time. I knew they meant well and were just trying to show they were doing their best, but I wanted some time as a couple.Bookmark here

I knew Elsa had made us lunch, so when we came out of the swimming pool, I said to the group “We are going to have an intimate lunch with just the two of us. Is it good to meet up again in front of the Ferris wheel in an hour?”Bookmark here

The other girls did not seem to mind, so I took Elsa's hand and took her with me. I had seen a poster that you could have a romantic Ferris wheel lunch and we could be just in time to make it.Bookmark here

We ran toward the Ferris wheel. When we got to the line Elsa asked me what this was all about. I pointed toward the big screen next to the Ferris wheel advertising the Ferris wheel lunch where they slowed the ride to give people a chance to eat their lunch at a comfortable pace while enjoying the view.. Apparently, we would go round for an hour. The line flowed rather fluently, and we got lucky because a few people after us, the event was full and nobody else could get on anymore.Bookmark here

We had a cabin for just the two of us, and they had decorated the cabin with fake electric candles and a paper table cloth.Bookmark here

We took a seat, and Elsa opened our lunchboxes. She looked a bit apologetic and said “I hope you like it.” She had outdone herself and made several cold tapas for both of us. I looked her in the eye, I started thanking her, but she said “It's not like I got up super early to make them or anything!” She was blushing and had a hard time looking me in the eye. My girlfriend really was the cutest little thing!Bookmark here

I wanted to take one but she slapped me on the wrist and said “Not with your hands!” I noticed there was no cutlery so I looked at her questioning. Then she took out a fork from her bag and held the piece of cheese that I wanted to take in front of my mouth, and said “Aaaah.” Elsa kept feeding me with a big smirk on her face and from time to time she took a bite too. She wasn't planning on letting me return the favor, was she? I let her game go on for a little while until she lowered her guard, and snatched the fork out of her hand. Now it was time for payback.Bookmark here

Instead of just feeding her, I invited Elsa to come and sit on my lap. Then I picked up a piece of Spanish omelet and brought it to my mouth and then let her have half by having her bite it off the piece hanging from my mouth. We shared a Spanish omelet kiss. Even though we were alone, I felt a little embarrassed by my own antics. This would probably look gross from the outside. It felt like a good idea when I started it, but now I thought I should have done it with a sweeter dish.Bookmark here

I looked Elsa in the eyes and noticed she was laughing. I felt relief come over me. For a second I thought she would think I had made her do something disgusting. I tried to pick another piece of food with the fork, but Elsa pushed my hand down and started to kiss me. It seemed my game had brought a premature end to our lunch. “Sorry I skipped directly to dessert,” Elsa whispered. I looked around and noticed we were already high in the sky. We could see the entire park, but I doubt anyone could see what was going on in our cabin. So I kissed her back. Our kisses became deeper and deeper. Elsa was letting herself go and felt like pudding in my hands. I slipped my hand under her blouse and caressed he skin directly. When I touched her breasts, Elsa's soft moans reminded me of a purring cat. We continued our dessert for a while and when I looked up I noticed the ride was almost over. It was hard to believe we had been kissing that long.Bookmark here

I told Elsa, and she looked up with big eyes. We rushed to put the lunchboxes away, and straighten ourselves out, just in time to leave the Ferris wheel.Bookmark here

When we got outside, I felt like everyone was watching like they knew what we had just done. Suddenly Elodie and Gazette popped up in front of us.Bookmark here

Did our lovebirds have fun?” Gazette asked. I noticed Elodie silently signaling Elsa to look at her blouse. In our rush, she had forgotten to close all the buttons and some were mismatched. I felt myself turn red, and Elsa turned into a dark crimson shade, while she quickly fixed her blouse.Bookmark here

I was glad that Elodie was tactful not to say anything out loud. When Elsa had fixed her blouse they interviewed us with the excuse to gather memories. I noticed Elsa wanted to refuse, and frankly so did I, I just wanted to bask a little more in our alone time, but after Gazette said, that we has to practice giving interviews if we wanted to be idols, Elsa turned to me with puppy eyes.Bookmark here

Who can refuse a cute girlfriend looking at you like that? So we indulged them and answered some basic questions about what we thought about the ride. The most embarrassing part was that I could not really tell them anything we saw from up there. I had only had eyes for Elsa. Bookmark here

To give credit to Gazette and Elodie, the short interview was really short and only lasted a few minutes. After the interview, we walked together toward the middle of the square in front of the Ferris wheel where we had promised to meet up again.Bookmark here

We spotted the girls immediately because they were all sitting on a huge picnic mat. There was a good amiable atmosphere going on. I noticed that Therese and Eve were doing their best to keep the fun going. They were really trying hard, weren't they. I knew what I said, but I just wanted this to be a fun outing for everyone. Today was supposed to be a day to forget about all the bad stuff that had happened and create new bonds.Bookmark here

When we arrived, Therese got up and shyly presented a beautiful homemade cake, plastered with marzipan white orchids. White orchids symbolize an apology after a conflict with heavy aftermath. Not only had they done their homework on the flowers, but that cake must also have been a lot of work.Bookmark here

Okay, this ends now!” I said. Everyone looked a bit shocked at me. Therese and Eve looked a bit down. I felt Elsa grabbing me a bit tighter. She was showing me that she would support me, whatever I said.Bookmark here

I forgive you already, let us enjoy the cake, but this afternoon, the two of you are going to have fun with just the two of you. I would feel guilty if the two of you kept pushing yourselves like that.”Bookmark here

The tension cleared immediately, and Elsa hugged me. Therese and Eve approached us shyly, so I initiated a big group hug with the four of us, to put everything behind us. “From now on, we move forward. I don't want to keep looking back.” I said.Bookmark here

Elodie and Gazette squealed “We got it on film! We recorded the real start of Yuri blooms! This is gonna go viral for sure!”Bookmark here

Everyone laughed at the pair of them. They had all become such good friends over the last few weeks. It seemed like I lost a lot of bonding time during the week that I was out. Especially Claire had changed. She used to be so distant, a little cold even, but if you saw her now, she became so caring and warm. I guess her relationship with Anna really made her blossom. I wondered if it was the same for me and Elsa?Bookmark here

In any case, I looked forward to making up for lost time this afternoon with all the girls!Bookmark here

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