Chapter 36:

A4P10: Inside inner walls

From Assassin to Demon lord

Galulu was going with her two friends and rest of her near guard through the palace, which was in state of confusion.

That was partialy her fault. Ten of twelve prisons with ogres was opened and ogres were runing amok.

„Father, this… just what is happening?“

„You don’t need to know. Go play tea party like you usualy do.“

„I heard we are under attack and that outer wall was breached.“

„Some rebelous ogres just got lucky, no need to worry I will personaly kill source of this rebelion.“

He’s dead… sorry father, but you will need to die. You never looked at me, so I have no hard feelings. This is good bye.

With those thoughts, Galulu left the throne room and went to the gate of the inner walls.


Zaru and his team was going through the city in chaos. Orks were running for their lives and ogres were chasing them. Blood and dead bodies were everywhere, yet the inner wall was still standing and behind it was army of at least six thousand.

Zaguma was silently following them, trying to be as invisible as she possibly could.

Their group meanwhile arrived at gate to the inner walls. Group of orks was trying to get inside. Their screams were heart tearing.


With those words from me orks started panicing. Gate wasn’t opening and behind them was demon lord.

At that very moment gate started opening and voice came through the gate.

„Make way for the first princess! Who will not move will be cut down!“

Young male ork was standing before petite elf-looking girl with diadem on her head.

Jut to be sure I used Identify

Name: Galulu Gerba Ogur
Race: Orkling
Class: Shadow leader
Level: 30

HP: 1000
MP: 900

Strenght: 150
Deffence: 200
Dexterity: 150
Magic: 500
Luck: 10,000

Skill: <Born leader>, Shadow movement, Politics, Sweet talk, Gray eminence

What the hell is ‚Orkling‘ anyway?

Orks don’t have variants like other species… well, maybe it’s becouse her family was cross-breeding for longer time then any other?

And one more thing, <Born leader> hm? That's one of the heroic skills if I’m correct…

„Mighty Demon lord Zaru, I beg of you please spare my people! I, the first princess of ork kingdom, Galulu Gerba Ogur, will give you anything you wish for! Name your price and I will give it to you! Just please spare my people!“

With head practicly buried in ground the princess beg me. The knight acompanying her bowed their heads as well. Clearly trying to bury their heads even more then the princess in the process.

„Hmph, very well I shall respond to your plea.“

I opened door to the dungeon and connected the entry to the third floor, where I took the rest of the ork army from while back.

„In that case I shall take everything you have. Those of you who do not wish to fight can go through this dungeon door. BUT! When you do, you will become MY subjects, keep that in your mind.“

Orks bowed as one and left for the dungeon. Only ones left was my group and princesses guardsmen.

„You can go too, guards of the princess, the people will need someone who will lead them. Princess, pick three people who will go with us.“

„Then I pick captain Haguron and his sister Zaguma. If it’s okay with you, could we be acompanied by my two friends, Gurara and Gezuzu? They are waiting for my return behind the wall… but the barrier…“

„Ah, it’s fine. I will allow them to acompany us. And don’t worry about the barrier. Lizzie, could you?“

„Sure thing! ‚Reverse barrier lock‘  next is ‚Reversal: upside down‘ and to top it of ‚Barrier lock‘

That was some nasty magic, first unlocking barrier with reversal to get rights to manipulate it and then changing the nature of the barrier… If it had properties to boost power orks and weaken non-ork life forms… Lastly locking the barrier so no one can overwrite it… as nasty as it gets.

„The path is open Darling.“

„Great work Lizzie, let’s take over this punny city. You coming?“

„Of course lord Zaru.“

When we walked inside the town half of the soldiers were stunned by seeing princess with us and the other half attacked us. No need to say that the latter half was sent flying by gnolls.

„Walk in the park hm?“

„You seem to not be suprised lady, can I ask for your name?“

„Ah, I forgot to mention it right? I’m Yuki, Zaru’s second wife… heheheee“

„Ah, I see, so lord Zaru have two wives? Or is the rest of your group in simmilar relationship?“

„Well… Haba will probably try to join no matter what, even as mistress, Hikari is… well, Hikari. She only thinks about fighting… I guess that’s Berserk for you, gnolls are mostly men, so no luck for them and as for the rest… Admiration is better word I would say? Except that pervert… Jeez I can’t stand that one…“

You nicely summarised our subordinates Yuki…

The palace before us was still standing, yet battle between elite casle guards and Ogre army was getting to it’s end.

„I guess they came from other gate? We came from south…“

„It seems that way Lizzie, The ogre king probably lead his soldiers here from north… I guess that he wants to get better reputation in this war… Yet he’s loosing his men in great numbers. From what I can see, all elite guards are at least level 85, ogre army is mix of different people with different levels, and they are mostly at level 50. That’s too low for war with orks…“

„By the way, do you know the level cap for orks and ogres?“

„Ogres are 190 and orks are 140. But if you ask me how high level cap is for Orklings, then I have bad news for you miss Galulu. This is my first time seeing ork variants.“

„Orklings? Ork variants? What is that?“

„You didn’t know? I thought that you at least once let yourself be examinated with identify? It goes for you two as well red-head and Green-head.“

„You mean we are not Orks?“

„Ork variants. Orklings, I didn’t know that orks had variants, but hey, you learn something new every day,“ i said jokingly.

„So… we aren’t even orks… but variants… kukukuuu… I didn’t thought that all three of us are that special… kukukuuu.“

Princess started laughing so hard that she had to hold her stomach.

Crazy girl…

„Huuu, so that’s it… now I don’t feel bad at all, I’m not ork so I have nothing to do in this kingdom. After all this country have Ork supremacy law.“


„Late king, my grandfather made law that only orks can become citizens of this kingdom, without exception, that's Ork supremacy law.“

„Was he an idiot?“

„Probably, lord Zaru… no, my king, my Demon king Zaru,“ Galulu bowed again.

„? Anyway, let’s continue. Gnolls clean the way before us!“

„Yes boss!“

Gnolls and Hikari attacked the front and we easily get to the palace, here the guards were all at level 120, the true elite of ork army, on other hand, elite of ogre army with king in their head were mostly 100 at best, with king being highest at level 110.

All gnolls were after all battles in this war 160. True, when named, they would became level 1 again, but that was something with a lot of worth. After all, their stats would be the same as they are now.

Sadly Hikari hit the level cap of bloody cats, level 90, which is still higher then any other beastmen, whose level caps varies between 60 and 85.

Before we know it we were inside the palace. And the king with second prince were standing before us with their escorts.

„King of orks my name is Zaru, I am a Demon lord from Snowy mountains. Ogres requested my aid in their reclaim of old ogre empire. I will give you one chance to save yourself by joining me.“

„Some weakling human calling himself demon lord will not adress my father so disrepectfu…“

Before the prince could say something more his head was burned by [Crimson sphere] spell from Lizzie.

„No one will speak so disrespectfully to my husband,“ Lizzie said in voice colder then snow at peaks of snowy mountains.

„Lizzie, we are to negotiate here… but thanks.“

„You lowly elf, die!“

The king swung his sword at Lizzie. His speed was exceptional, but I was faster.

I caught the blade with my hand.

„You will not point your blade at my wife, weakling!“

With that the sword broke into enormous number of pieces.

„Wha-what is this? No human can be this strong who are you?“

I also had to help with fighting on our way here so I got to level 197 making me 7 levels above minimal range where level caped ork warrior was no threat for me.

„Demon lord Zaru. I told you to surrender, but you attacked. And window for your salvation closed. Seems like you forgot the basic rule of this world, you need to be in range of fifty levels to even matter in battle with strong oponent, but you are too weak. Now die.“

„P-please! Lord Zaru! Please, spare this foolish men!“

„Too late to beg for forgiveness, you tried to attack my wife and those who do that deserve long and painful death.“

„Lo- what are you doing there Galulu?“ the king said with suprise.

„Oh, you actually noticed me? That is probably first time in years! Sadly this is a good bye father. I never loved you so it doesn’t even pains me. Bye.“

I cut of the kings hand. Then the other one. Next came legs in order: ankles, knees then hips. In the end only torso with head was remaining.

I used fire magic to close the wounds and give him one final look.

„This is end for your reign of terror. I wish you will do better in your next life.“

With that I give the king permition to die.

Nobles all around were kneeling now, not a single one dared to took a sword against me.

I went to the throne and sit on it. Galulu came from back room where she run of to when I killed her father. I though that she didn’t want to see that, but it turned out that she went for spare crown. Giving  the corpses of her father and brother one long look before handling me the crown with a smile.

„My lord, my King! I present you the crown of Ork kingdom which is now under your command. We give you our loyalty and only thing we want in return is to prosper.“

„Those who are loyal will ONLY prosper, that I can promise to you miss Galulu.“

Galulu put the crown on my head and returned to her position before throne with Gurara, Gezuzu, Haguron and Zaguma.

„From this day onward you four will be responsible for all orks under my rule and I shall bestow names in acording order, Galulu shall be known as Tomiel, Gezuzu will be Eklu, Gurara will be Rose, Haguron will be Gavin and his sister Zaguma will be Alia.“

„We understand Your Highness!“

Golden light surounded them all and they evolved into Supreme Orklings and High Orks.

„Now, my first decree, all slaves will be transported to my dungeon, food structure will be remade, like in my previously conquered teritories. Undead monsters under my command will be rentable for small fee for hard labor, but only temporarely. You will be expected to work on your fields in your remade domains. And lastly, decree of ork superemacy is hereby revoken, under my rule are everyone equal. If you don’t want to follow my rules, then you are allowed to leave now. All teritories to north from Gaber river is my domain, south will be soon under influence of ogres. Your choice.“

This was mean from me. I told them practicaly this: Work for me or go die under ogre army that will soon go south.

„We heard your decree and we will loyaly serve you, our Demon King Zaru!“

So I’m a demon king now? Great…

After that I used camera to stop fighting inside of the capital and for next few days I helped the ogres to prepare for their own attack on southern part of the kingdom. The second duke, give his position to Gavin (originally Haguron, his son from concubine) and asked for some position under the young generation. By his words: „I’m too old for this so you can take over. I will at last have more time on your mother.“

And with that, we took over northen ork kingdom. Ogres were on move to south, but that was outside my care now. The three dukes who decided to serve me stayed in their kingdom to prepare for our take over.

Tony Raven