Chapter 2:

Such a Huge Deal

Unconsciously Interested


The steady stream of students making their way into our school’s ceremonial hall for the opening ceremony offers a sight that never loses its charm to thrill most of us with each start of a new school year.

In the midst of the countless whispering voices spread throughout the hall, Minori and I paired with the rest of the student council members who had started preparing for the event. Our school’s student council facilitates the preparations for the opening ceremony.

And while we’re a bit busy here, Kyashii’s settled in the area assigned for our class, along with her close friend, Nazumi-san.


Guuhh! My desire to sleep lingers.


As I stood among the other members greeting each student entering the hall, my sight pulled unwittingly to the area earmarked for first-years.

It struck me all at once that we now have our underclassmen.

“. . . . ”


Ooh... That makes me a senpai anew, huh?


I wonder what it’s like to be a proper senpai for once. I didn’t think much about being a real senpai during middle school. Looking back on it, I wonder if I can change how I regard it.

“Yuyo, why don’t we check with the other class representatives and see whether they’ve arrived yet?” Minori snapped me away from my thoughts.

“It might be a good idea to check our class first. There’s no sign of our representative at the designated area, is there?”

When I threw Minori a puckish grin, she returned it with a menacing one. “Ara~! Ara~! Are you looking to pick a fight, Yuyo?”

“Oh no, class representative.” My cheeks perked up.

“Hmph! Very well then... Let’s get started. I’ll go through years three and two while you go over year one.”

“Got it.” I nodded and moved toward the first-year area.

Each year level here at Gakoumori High has four sections; however, unlike other schools, there is no change in classes every year.


It pains me to say this, but I’ll carry on with my high school life in class B with Minori and Kyashii. Pfft!

Hmm... Alright!...

I confirmed with freshmen in classes 1-A and B their class representatives are in the area.

Now, then...

Let’s check class C. “Uhmm... I apologize for interrupting, but I was hoping you could tell me whether your representative has arrived yet?” I asked one of the female students seated in the front row.

Her reply came out in such a faint, hesitant tone that I had trouble making out what she had just said.

Uhh... My brows then reflexively jerked as I stared at her.

Can’t she speak a little louder? She could just have nodded if she was nervous or what.

I was about to ask her to repeat herself when another girl in the same row abruptly burst into laughter while looking at us.

“. . . . ”

I momentarily forgot what I was doing and found myself looking at her with rumpled brows. Within seconds, I witnessed her face grow bright crimson as she quickly covered her mouth with both hands and instantly averted her eyes when she noticed I was laying my visions on her.

Heh… Now that’s a great way to start your first year of high school, isn’t it?

I switched my attention back to the student in front to reaffirm their representative’s presence. The girl was about to say something but quietly responded by nodding eventually instead.

Alright, now, on to class D.

Just as I was about to step away from class C, I caught sight of the laughing freshman staring at me with sternness in her eyes. But when she ultimately realized we were looking squarely into each other’s eyes, she instantly withdrew her gaze.


I’m not sure what that’s for.

Oh well…

It’s not like it matters anyway. Let’s ignore that and get the task done.


“It doesn’t seem like you are planning on paying attention, does it?” Sitting next to me, Minori made a comment when she took note of me grabbing my phone to read one of my non-fiction e-books as the event unfolded.

“Naah... It won’t differ much from last year’s ceremony, so I better brush up on my e-books.” I carelessly tossed my head onto her shoulder with a shrug.


“Plus, I’m more interested in my books than this activity. Minori, I’m sure you know what I’m saying.” I could hear Minori partly muffle a laugh but didn’t say anything more.

Hmm... While I’m not particularly interested in such events, a number of responsibilities still require my presence as a student and a council member. But... This activity is one of the things I would skip if I could.


Oh well, in any case, I don’t see any reason to worry about missing anything important while trying to read my e-books during the opening ceremony. Besides, this is my way to while away the hours throughout brief moments of idleness like this.

A short time after the event ended, some of us from the student council stayed behind to ensure everything was in order before heading back to our respective classrooms.

As our check-over wrapped up, my eyes inadvertently flicked to the three freshmen striding toward me.


With my eyesight, I had to squint to make out any details since it was their first day of school, which could mean I may have never clapped eyes on them yet.



I recognize one of them — it’s Laughing-san.

Okay, well... I have no idea what her real name is. My brain just instinctively called her Laughing-san after what happened. Also, I am of the opinion that this epithet fits her well. Pfft!


It makes me wonder what they might need from me, though.

I simply watch them as they move closer to me. Surprisingly, right as they draw closer, these three underclassmen seem to freeze at their feet and appear immobilized with panic while looking at me.


Why are they looking at me with faces like that? Am I looking horrifying to them??

It takes a few seconds for Laughing-san to come sauntering over to me, a nervous smile painted on her face. The gaze of my puzzled eyes then riveted entirely on her as she made eye contact with me.


Quite intriguing...

Looking closer at her face, I find this girl to be just as cute as Kyashii. Her soft pink hair balances out her comparatively small face. Her thin lips between her supple cheeks look rosy, too.

Yep... She is undoubtedly cute like Kyashii, but without a doubt, Kyashii is much more beautiful in my eyes.

“. . . .”


Let’s hold that thought...

W-Why did I make such an irrelevant comparison between her and Kyashii??

Laughing-san seems to be getting restless with the laser-like stare I’m giving her since she slowly lowers her gaze to the floor and bows her head.


There’s something quite awkward about this.

Has the cat got her tongue? Who’s going to start things off?

“Se-Senpai...” Laughing-san mumbled. Her eyes shifted back to me.

Finally... “Yes? Is anything the matter?”

“Ahh... No... A-about earlier...” Her voice stutteringly drifted off.

“I take it you were talking about when you had your laugh back there, right?”

“Aah!” She exclaims in panic. “Y-Yes, senpai...” Her face flushed with embarrassment.

In a sense, that’s a little amusing.

What seems to be the deal of this freshman? “So, what about it?”

"Li-Listen, senpai... It wasn’t my intention to muck about at that time. I didn’t mean to be r-rude. I apologize for my actions.” She bent her head. “I’m terribly sorry.”


The manner in which she referred to the incident, I ended up feeling like it was a big deal, yet in truth, that didn’t matter to me at all. This junior looks like she hasn’t gotten over it since she approached me just to apologize for it.


I suppose she’s a nice girl at heart, after all. “It’s fine. I’m no longer bothered by it. You don’t have to apologize; things like that happen sometimes.” I replied with a slight smile.

I then see Laughing-san’s face light up while she stares long and hard at me with a beaming smile.

Well, that is one bright smile.

“N-No... I was extremely ultra asleep at the wheel, senpai! Nonetheless, thank you very much!” She replied in an upbeat tone of voice.

...E-Extremely ultra what?

What did she just say??

“. . . .”


Whatever, never mind that. My class begins very soon, so I should be heading back.

With a wan smile, I bowed to Laughing-san. “Then... May I please be ex—”

“Is there something wrong, Yuyo? It’s about time we get back to the classroom.” Minori approached us, fixing her eyes on Laughing-san and the others. It may have concerned her that first-year students were still around the hall.

“Oh! Good morning, Kamiwaki-senpai!” Laughing-san’s enthusiasm suggests how delighted she is to see Minori.

Given how she’s regarded as the top candidate to lead the student council this school year, it’s hardly surprising that the underclassmen already know Minori. Even so, I was taken aback by how at ease Laughing-san appeared to be in Minori’s presence. Do they already know each other?

“Oh~. Good morning to you, Takashi-san.” Minori greeted back with a kind smile. “Is there anything we can help you with?”

Yeah... They seem to know each other.

“Nothing important, senpai. I just wanted to say h-hello to Shibasaki-senpai here.” Laughing-san said without looking at me.

Uhmm... She’s familiar with my name as well, huh?

Well, I don’t find that surprising either. Since I’m also on the student council, quite a few students here, particularly those second-years from other classes and our upperclassmen, already know me by name.

Still, I think it’s somehow unexpected for some first-year to know my name right from the start of the semester.

Ara~. Such a good girl you are, Takashi-san~...” Minori commented.

“Thank you, Kamiwaki-senpai. Then, we will be taking our leave now.” Laughing-san then turned to me. “I’ll see you around, Shibasaki-senpai.” She added with a knowing smile before they exited the hall.


The way she said those words sounded off to me.

“Do you know that kouhai, Yuyo?” Minori wondered as we also started to make our way back to our classroom.

I threw her a puzzled arched brow. “What do you mean I know her? That’s the first time I’ve spoken to her. I assumed that you two knew one another.”

“Eeh? I don’t know anything about her other than her name. I thought you knew her personally.”

“Huh?? No, not at all. And how did you get her name in the first place??”

“Aah. That’s because she’s a first-year class representative. You were so absorbed in your phone the whole time that you obviously didn’t pay attention when they introduced the class representatives.”

“Say what?!”

Ara~... What’s wrong?” Minori stared at me with suspicion; in response, I gestured my hand, hinting my reaction was of no relevance.


I’d been reading the entire time that nothing from the ceremony lodged in my mind; thus, learning Laughing-san is the class C representative really took me by surprise.

Wait... Oh!

So that’s why!

She made such a huge deal out of it because she was ‘that’ representative. She must’ve overheard us and probably thought it funny that I had to ask her classmate about her a second time.

When I think about it, that seems to be the case, isn’t it??

“. . . .”

Yup... That’s pretty much it.


I’m taking back what I said earlier. Laughing-san’s apology is more than welcome. It turned out that was what she owed me, after all. Hmph!

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