Unconsciously Interested

Although some things might defy logic, there’s usually a logical explanation for everything. This is how high school student Yuyo Shibasaki sees things. It is Yuyo’s nature to come up with rational explanations for situations that escape her comprehension.

As a teenager, Yuyo’s interests encompass a wide range of things. And while she may be well-versed in a variety of topics, she has no interest in one particular subject— romance. Getting in love is a dull endeavor for her, mainly because she believes rational thinking effectively resolves the conflicts and problems it entails.


What if she ends up entangled in romance with her best friend without even realizing it?

I'm a first-time writer who particularly enjoys the genre of Girls Love aka Yuri. I've been a fan of this genre for some time now, so I decided to try my hand at writing one of my own.
I've never written a novel before, so please bear with me if I muddle something up. Nonetheless, I welcome constructive criticism and will make every effort to improve my work.

To that end, I hope you enjoy this story.

EDIT: July 2022
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Unconsciously [SHORT]

This is the prequel to the main series.
The entire story takes place during their freshman year.

I'm a first-time writer who particularly enjoys the genre of Girls Love aka Yuri. I've been a fan of this genre for some time now, so I decided to try my hand at writing one of my own.
I've never written a novel before, so please bear with me if I muddl...

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Mar 05, 2022icon-views 6.9 Kicon-reaction-186
Chapter 1: Kicking Off A New School Year
Mar 11, 2022icon-views 5 Kicon-reaction-166
Chapter 2: Opening Ceremony Distraction
Mar 17, 2022icon-views 4.9 Kicon-reaction-165
Chapter 3: Cool Oddball, Cheeky Character
Mar 23, 2022icon-views 5.2 Kicon-reaction-161
Chapter 4: Gift From A Kouhai
Mar 30, 2022icon-views 5.4 Kicon-reaction-162
Chapter 5: Fitting Room Hiccup
Apr 06, 2022icon-views 3.7 Kicon-reaction-156
Chapter 6: A Smile Like That (Part 1)
Apr 13, 2022icon-views 3.6 Kicon-reaction-158
Chapter 7: A Smile Like That (Part 2)
Apr 19, 2022icon-views 3.5 Kicon-reaction-150
Chapter 8: Love, Logic & Outburst (Part 1)
Apr 27, 2022icon-views 3.4 Kicon-reaction-152
Chapter 9: Love, Logic & Outburst (Part 2)
May 03, 2022icon-views 3.6 Kicon-reaction-155
Chapter 10: Straight From The Shoulder
May 10, 2022icon-views 3.5 Kicon-reaction-153
Chapter 11: Closer To Uncertainty (Part 1)
May 17, 2022icon-views 3.4 Kicon-reaction-151
Chapter 12: Closer To Uncertainty (Part 2)
May 24, 2022icon-views 3.5 Kicon-reaction-156
Chapter 13: Stubbornly Compliant
May 31, 2022icon-views 3.3 Kicon-reaction-153
Chapter 14: Nursing Back To Health
Jun 08, 2022icon-views 3.1 Kicon-reaction-154
Chapter 15: A Taste Of Sleepover
Jun 14, 2022icon-views 2.9 Kicon-reaction-152
Chapter 16: Quite A Bit Of Popularity
Jun 21, 2022icon-views 2.8 Kicon-reaction-152
Chapter 17: Plethora Of Emotions
Jun 28, 2022icon-views 2.6 Kicon-reaction-151
Chapter 18: Makes The Blood Boil
Jul 05, 2022icon-views 2.8 Kicon-reaction-152
Chapter 19: Hill To Die On
Jul 13, 2022icon-views 2.7 Kicon-reaction-152
Chapter 20: Come To The Realization
Jul 19, 2022icon-views 2.6 Kicon-reaction-154
Chapter 21: Wearing Heart On Sleeve
Jul 27, 2022icon-views 2.5 Kicon-reaction-152
Chapter 22: Put In Awkward Situation
Aug 03, 2022icon-views 2.4 Kicon-reaction-154
Chapter 23: Triple Dose Of Irony
Aug 10, 2022icon-views 2.5 Kicon-reaction-153
Chapter 24: Getting Into The Game
Aug 16, 2022icon-views 2.3 Kicon-reaction-151
Chapter 25: Dare To Do A Dare
Aug 23, 2022icon-views 2.3 Kicon-reaction-150
Chapter 26: There’s No Catch To It
Sep 17, 2022icon-views 2.4 Kicon-reaction-150
Chapter 27: Cost A Few Seconds Of Life
Sep 24, 2022icon-views 2.3 Kicon-reaction-148
Chapter 28: Flying Off The Handle
Oct 01, 2022icon-views 2.3 Kicon-reaction-149
Chapter 29: Set The Record Straight
Oct 08, 2022icon-views 2.2 Kicon-reaction-147
Chapter 30: Taken On An Odd Character
Oct 15, 2022icon-views 2.2 Kicon-reaction-147
Chapter 31: Make Life Complicated
Oct 22, 2022icon-views 2.1 Kicon-reaction-150
Chapter 32: Sense Of Protectiveness
Oct 29, 2022icon-views 2 Kicon-reaction-145
Chapter 33: Snapshot of Embarrassment
Nov 05, 2022icon-views 2 Kicon-reaction-146
Chapter 34: Newfound Trump Card
Nov 12, 2022icon-views 1.9 Kicon-reaction-146
Chapter 35: A Dead Giveaway
Nov 19, 2022icon-views 1.9 Kicon-reaction-145
Chapter 36: That Kind Of Friend
Nov 26, 2022icon-views 2 Kicon-reaction-146
Chapter 37: Untold Secrets Exist
Dec 03, 2022icon-views 1.9 Kicon-reaction-144
Chapter 38: Runs Deep Inside
Dec 10, 2022icon-views 1.8 Kicon-reaction-142
Chapter 39: Everyone Has A Favorite
Dec 17, 2022icon-views 1.8 Kicon-reaction-141
Chapter 40: That Is Pretty Sweet
Jan 07, 2023icon-views 1.7 Kicon-reaction-136
Chapter 41: Put Nose Out Of Joint
Jan 14, 2023icon-views 1.6 Kicon-reaction-134
Chapter 42: Got A Good Deal
Jan 21, 2023icon-views 1.4 Kicon-reaction-130
Chapter 43: Lend Her A Hand
Jan 28, 2023icon-views 1.2 Kicon-reaction-123
Chapter 44: Make A Move
Feb 04, 2023icon-views 522icon-reaction-112
Chapter 45: Sharing One's Actual Self
GenreRomanceSchoolSlice of LifeYuriGirls Love
UpdatedFeb 04, 2023
Writing StatusOngoing
Word Count94,065
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