Chapter 5:

Yanderes shouldn't have their own school club!

It's My First Day at My New School and I'm Already in a Yuri Harem!?

Daisy was in a cheerful mood after clearing up the misunderstanding and was going to head home to tell her family about her first day. When she got to her locker she found that her day was getting even better. There were so many marbles on the floor, she didn’t even stop to think about why they were lined up in a trail.

Who on earth would be so careless enough to lose their marbles? Don’t worry little guys I’ll take you home where you will have lots of friends. She thought as she picked one up after the other, putting them into her pocket as she crawled along.

Once she picked up the last one a net shot up from underneath her, causing her to drop the one she just picked up. Instantly being put into fight or flight mode, Daisy flailed around and screamed until she saw the three girls from earlier looking up at her. One had the face of someone who achieved something amazing while the other two had one of someone who saw something impossible.

After they let her down she was just about to start thanking them when Molly got behind her and started restraining her. Then Eve put something around her face causing the world to go black. All the while Alice whispered in Daisy’s ear and told her to keep calm.

For a while, the world was shrouded in darkness for the poor stupid girl. Daisy felt as if she was in a void where her fate was uncertain. Then she felt herself being tied up to a chair in what must have been rope. This caused the girl to think of the worst.

What’s going to happen to me…? Is this another prank? This school really loves to mess with the new kid huh? Wait…what if it isn't a prank this time…are they going to steal my kidneys!? Or worse, they might want to steal my marbles!

“F-fine you can have it…” Daisy spoke up which caught the girls off guard. She had strangely been quiet up till now.

“Have what?” Asked Eve who had just finished tying up Daisy. She wanted to make sure that the timid girl wouldn’t try running off before they could speak to her.

“Your virginity!?” Alice shouted in horny surprise. Daisy didn’t pay this any mind and continued.

“You can have my kidney, I only need one to live anyways!”

“Huuuuh!?” The three looked at her with confusion.

"Where did that come from!?" Molly tilted her head.

“We don't want your kidneys…” Eve sighed.

Oh no, they do want my marbles! And from the tone of their voice, it seems they aren't going to let me go till I hand them over…

“Um fine, if you let me go I promise I’ll share one marble with each of you…I didn’t mean to hog them all for myself…” Daisy knew she was being selfish by only letting them have one but this was as far as she was willing to go.

“What the hell is she saying…” Eve turned and asked Alice.

“She thinks we want her marbles, that’s hilarious.” Molly fell to the ground and rolled around while laughing her ass.

“My my, it seems like we have two dimwits now instead of one. That is just fine though, stupid girls are easier to control.” Alice got an evil grin.

“Y-you mean this isn't about the marbles?”

“No dear, they are all for you,” Eve reassured as she rubbed the brown-haired girl's head.

“Oh thank god!” Daisy took a big sigh of relief.

That’s all you are concerned about? We are after your fine ass, why the hell would we want marbles? Thought Eve.

“B-but why am I tied up then? Some kind of prank?”

“No darling, we just really needed some time alone with our little bunny.”

“The marble trap was my idea!” Molly said as she puffed out her small chest. “Don’t hesitate to praise me!”

I already told them earlier that I’m busy today!

“But I have plans with Bailey today!”

One of Alice's eyes twitched. “This is about us right now, don’t mention that festering cameltoe of a girl again…”

I think I just heard something really gross…

“Relax Alice.” Eve held onto her angry girlfriend's hand. She fully understood what she was feeling. “Now Daisy I’m going to only say this once, we won’t put up with you cheating on us.”

“Cheating!?” Daisy thought she was done with this type of conversation already.

“That means no making out, holding hands or sharing toothbrushes with other girls besides us.” Molly started giving the girl a lesson.

“You said that was a prank!”

“Well we wanted to take things slow for you darling and we have been very patient with you but this has gone on for long enough.” Said the very impatient Alice.

I just met you today!

“Don’t worry baby we will take good care of you. You have three girlfriends to take care of you and make sure you never ever get lonely. How lucky are you!?” Said Molly.

“I would say very lucky.” Eve chuckled to herself.

“W-why am I blindfolded…?” Daisy didn’t think to ask this till now.

The girls had been waiting eagerly for their hostage to ask this question. They all started laughing like complete psychos. The students that heard them nearby took off running.

“That’s cause we have a super big surprise for you!” Molly was about ready to start bouncing of the walls.

Today has been enough of a surprise…

“It’s your first day in our club so we went all out just for you,” Alice said as she patted Daisy's head.

“Can we show her already!?”

“Yes, since she is all tied up. I’ll take it off.” Eve said as she got behind the chair Daisy was sitting in.

Why do I feel like what I’m about to see is going to require me to go to therapy?

The darkness went away and light filled her vision when Eve took the blindfold off.

“Huuuuuuh!?” Daisy’s mouth hung open.

All over the walls of the classroom were pictures and balloons. The pictures were of herself. It looked like there was a photo taken of her every minute of the school day. And to top it all off the paintings they made were hung up in full display in expensive golden frames.

“Welcome to the Daisy Appreciation Club!” Molly, Eve and Alice threw their arms up in celebration. Confetti from out of nowhere sprayed all over the classroom.

“W-w-w-w-w-w-w-” Daisy kept stuttering. She couldn’t even think.

“It took us a lot of work but I managed to get the club all set up and approved in under three hours.” Alice boasted proudly. In reality, all she did was pay some students three hundred dollars each to set up the classroom.

“Welcome Welcome!” Molly said gleefully as she grabbed some muffins she made and shoved one into Daisy's mouth.

“Mmmf!” The rude Daisy tried to talk with her mouth full.

“Aw how sweet, you two are already so close that you are feeding each other.” Eve felt extremely proud of Daisy’s progress in the relationship and couldn’t stop smiling.

This isn’t sweet at all, this is insane!

The muffin shot out of Daisy’s mouth and hit Molly in the head.

“What is all this!?... And how do you have so many pictures of me! That one there is my 4th-grade class photo, how did you even get that!?"

“Anything for our sweet little bunny.” Alice took the question as praise.

That doesn’t answer my question!

“Aren't we the bestest girlfriends ever!?” Molly started eating Daisy’s muffin.

“Certainly better than that waste of space Bailey,” said Eve.

At least she isn't weird!

“Why take it this far…?” Daisy asked. She had crushes before but she had never felt the need to do anything like this.

The three girls jumped onto her and hugged her tight. “Because we love you!” They all said together.

“I don’t love you! Untie me!” Daisy tried to shove them off. Even if the girl wasn’t tied up she still wouldn’t be able to so much as budge them.

They all looked like they had just been shot by a sniper who took a shot through the school window.

“You will love us soon enough dear...” Said Eve, who rubbed away a tear from her eye.

“No! I’ll never love you!”

“My, my, what a temper…you really shouldn’t say things like that to your girlfriends.”

“WAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!” Molly threw down her muffin and went back onto the floor, crying like an idiot.

“Now look what you did, you made your baby cry.” Eve shook her head. “Tsk…tsk.”

I should be the one crying!

“Now, now Molly don’t cry, she didn’t mean it.”

“*Sniff* S-she didn’t?”

“Not at all, she loves you so much that she can’t wait to sleep with you.”

“Really!” Molly hopped back to her feet and had stars in her eyes.

“SOMEBODY HELP ME!!” Daisy screamed, hoping that someone would hear her and come charging in.

Alice pulled out a black waded fabric and shoved it right into Daisy’s mouth.

“No screaming cutie.” Said Eve.

“Not like anyone would help anyways,” Molly said this in a cheerful way which made it more disturbing.

“You just sit there and enjoy the taste of your darlings panties while you settle down,” Alice said as saliva dripped from her lips.

Ew! She put her underwear in my mouth!? Daisy thought.

Eve lifted her skirt up. She wasn’t trying to give Daisy a good show but instead, she grabbed a large knife that was strapped to her thigh. She took it and put it up against Daisy's neck.

“Listen, dear, I know you like to be a brat but we can’t be having you do whatever you want.”

“Careful Eve, don’t cut her cute neck!” Molly gasped.

Eve ignored her and kept talking. “To be frank, you are our property now and no, you don’t have a choice in this.” She slightly pushed it harder against Daisy’s skin.

Daisy was now sweating and breathing hard. She nervously took a big gulp.

“Aw, she’s scared. Isn’t that adorable. I just want to kiss her all over!” Alice nuzzled against Daisy’s chest.

“That’s the initiation part dummy!” Molly reminded her.

Initiation!? Do I have to go through more torment!?

“Can you take your sexy panties out of her mouth for a bit Alice?” Eve asked her politely.

“Certainly,” Alice said as she took them out. “Don’t worry darling, I’ll put them back in your mouth in just a sec.” It seemed that she thought Daisy would be disappointed by this. The girl wouldn’t admit it but she actually enjoyed the taste of them more than the muffin.

“Thank you, dear, now Daisy you have a choice,” Eve said in a stern voice.


“We will untie you and you must give each of us a kiss which will mean you agree to be ours…or” She stopped.


“We will kill your family.”


Time for Daisy stopped. The most danger she had been in was when she was almost hit by that truck those many years ago. Now she found her in a situation much worse, there was no marble to save her and her family was now the ones in danger. Leave them out of this! Her mind screamed.

“Do we have an understanding?” Eve asked as she gently tapped the blade against Daisy’s soft skin.

She thought about how much she loved her family. Mom…Dad…Lily…I won’t let anything bad happen to you. She stopped panicking when she thought of them. If it meant protecting them she would put up with these three yanderes.

“I’ll kiss you…” Daisy gave her answer.

“Yaaaay!” Molly jumped up in the air.

“My, my maybe you aren’t so dumb after all.” Alice gave her a cheeky grin.

“We are very happy to hear this dear.” Eve sighed with relief before she cut the rope, letting Daisy free.

“Now gimmie a big smooch!” Molly got up in her face as she puckered her lips.

Daisy stared at her rosy lips. A kiss…isn’t really that big of a deal. She then put her lips against Molly’s.

“MWAH!” Molly yelled as she kissed back. “You need practice but that was a good start!” Molly winked and stuck her tongue out.

“Now it's my turn-” Alice was interrupted as Eve pushed her to the side.

“Kiss me now dear.” She pointed to her lips.

“My…my…how selfish darling.” Alice crossed her arms.

Just like she did with Molly she kissed the blue-haired girl's lips. The way Eve kissed back was more firm than the way the other girl kissed.

“You taste just like Alice, I wouldn’t mind having another one after you kiss her.” Eve turned her head away to hide her blushing face.

“I can't wait any longer, Kiss me!” Alice grabbed Daisy’s face and started making out with the girl. She had forgotten that it was Daisy that was supposed to start the kiss but the girl had already proved herself by this point.

Daisy then felt a big soft cushion in her hand. Alice had grabbed her hand and forced her to feel her up. “My, my how naughty.” She smirked.

I didn’t do that! You did!

“Ok there! I kissed you!.” Daisy blushed hard.

The three of them started clapping as more confetti exploded into the air out of nowhere.

“Congratulations dear.” Said Eve.

“We are so proud of you!” Alice hugged the girl.

“See that wasn’t so hard! Now the party can begin!” Molly announced.

Daisy looked at all excitement in the girls faces. She then thought about the kissing. She didn’t understand why she liked it. All the pictures of herself still creeped her out.

If it’s for my family, I guess I can go along with this.

“Y-yeah let’s have fun…” Daisy nervously laughed.

“Let’s tie her up again! That was so fun!” Molly grabs onto Daisy as Alice shoves her underwear back into the poor girl's mouth.

Why are you doing this again!? I passed the initiation, didn’t I!?