Chapter 4:

Shouldn't lunch be the best part of the school day!?

It's My First Day at My New School and I'm Already in a Yuri Harem!?

It was time for lunch and Daisy’s eyes were still a little red from all the crying she did earlier. She figured that today might be a hard day since she was the new kid but she never imagined it could have gone as bad as it did.

After she got her food -the cafeteria was serving pasta today- she looked around for a place to sit. There was a table with a group of girls, after taking a deep breath she decided she would be brave and go introduce herself. When she approached a table with a group of girls they all glared at her with red eyes that screamed Fuck off bitch, don’t even try it.

I-I guess they don’t want me to sit with them… Daisy nervously gave them a smile and walked away.

“Hey, you can sit over here.” A voice came from behind her.

There was a table full of rowdy boys, one of them waved her over and pointed to an empty seat next to him. Her eyes practically glittered. Salvation! The boy was like an angel to her.

“You moron!” A boy with glasses smacked him across the head.

“Eh?” Said Daisy.

“Don’t invite her over here! Didn’t you hear that she’s been branded!?” The boy was trying to whisper it but Daisy heard every word.

“What!? No way!” The boy yelled. “U…Um sorry but….could you ignore what I just said?” He tried to avoid looking into her eyes.

“Yes…” Daisy sulked her head and continued past them.

She knew it was pointless to keep trying with other tables and gave up. She chose a seat in an empty corner of the cafeteria and ate her lunch by herself.

While she was eating she thought about that embarrassing scene that happened in art class.

I guess it only makes sense that nobody would want me to sit with them…

Daisy shook her head and pinched herself on the arm, this was something she always did to tell herself to snap out of it.

Look on the bright side, Bailey still wants to be my friend.

After she ran out of art class Bailey went out of her way to find the girl who was at her locker crying. Even though she knew she was putting herself in danger she offered Daisy to go hang out with her at her place after school.

Daisy got a huge dumb smile on her face when she thought about all the fun she was going to have with her. I wonder what kind of things she likes to do. Oh, I wonder what her favorite movie is! Or her favorite color!

Meanwhile, the Crazy Bitch Trio had just gotten their food and was searching for Daisy like a police dog sniffing for crack.

Eve approached the table that the boys earlier were sitting. “Pardon me for interrupting your lunch but you wouldn’t have happened to have seen Daisy.” She said with a polite tone.

“Who the heck is that?” The boy who had tried to invite Daisy over asked.

The boy with glasses slapped him again. “You idiot that was the girl earlier!” He tried to whisper but Eve clearly heard him.

“So it seems that you have, would you care to tell us where she might be?” She squinted her eyes, which almost made him shit himself.

The boy pointed at the girl in the back corner, which Daisy noticed.

W-why am I being pointed at?

After she saw the boy pointing at her she then noticed the three girls looking at her with excitement.

Crap! What do I do!? Why won’t they leave me alone! Daisy wished that she could just disappear.

Molly started to get into her sprinting stance when Alice and Eve both grabbed her shoulders and pulled her back.

“Remember dear, we need to take things slow for our little bunny.” Alice reminded her stupid pink-haired girlfriend.

“Oh yeah…I almost forgot!” She rubbed the back of her head as she gave an embarrassed laugh.

"I know you are excited but don't get carried away cutie." Eve chuckled.

Alice started walking ahead of the two. "Just to be safe I think I'll take the seat right next to her. I can take really good care of the dear." Her large chest felt tight as she was breathing heavily, her face was red with perversion.

"You'll just try to grab her breasts the whole time. I'll take the seat next to her." Eve now pulled Alice back this time.

"Hmph. Fine" Alice crossed her arms.

"No fair…" Molly pouted.

Close to the table that Daisy was sitting at, the boy who felt sorry for her in art class, Russell spotted the sad and lonely-looking girl.

I feel really bad for her…screw it, who cares if the Crazy Bitch Trio dangles me off the school roof again! That girl needs me!

As Russel took a step towards the table with full intent on being her Prince Charming, Molly rushed past and shoved him to the side, sending him and his food flying into the trash can.

"Heyo Daisy!" Molly took a large leap and landed perfectly on the seat right across from Daisy.

"Hello, little one." Alice sat in the seat next to Molly as she sneakily took a glance at her chest.

"I hope you don't mind us sitting here," Eve said as she took the seat right next to Daisy, which made the girl flinch.

Well, I do!

"W-what is it…" Daisy questioned the three psychos.

"Whatever do you mean?" Alice asked obliviously.

"What do you want with me…"

"To love you!-" Molly started to yell before Alice grabs her by her face, forcing her to shut up.

"What my…stupid little girlfriend was trying to say is, we want to properly apologize for our actions today. We wanted to welcome you to our school and came on a little too strong."

Too strong!? You kissed me!

"The paintings earlier were just a prank," Alice said as she let go of Molly.

"Y-yeah! Though I guess you didn't find it very funny." Molly stuttered.

This was something nobody with half a brain would ever believe.

Just a prank? Well…I have heard of schools pulling wild pranks on the new kid before. Wow, I really overreacted.

Alas, Daisy was as gullible as she was cute.

All the tension Daisy had felt blew away and she started laughing. "W-wow you girls really got me earlier! I need to learn how to take a joke huh?"

The three girls were caught off guard by Daisy's laughter at the situation.

"So you're not mad at us!?" Molly stood out of her seat and grabbed Daisy's hands.

"Nope, it was just a harmless joke after all."

The three girls gave each other looks. It worked! Now we can start planning the wedding! They all thought.

"I'll gladly be your friend." Daisy smiled at Molly.

Blood gushed from Molly's mouth as her body started shaking uncontrollably. The shock of suddenly being friend zoned almost killed her.

"What's going on!? We need to help her!" Daisy shouted, holding her hands over her mouth.

"My…my…it seems that our Molly has some serious indigestion." Alice laughed and waved it off. Alice was actually about to be sick as well.

Indigestion!? There's blood all over the table!

"Pay no mind, this happens all the time. But back to the main topic, yes…we would love to be friends as well." Eve gritted her teeth and forced herself to smile.

"A-are you sure?"

Molly gave Daisy a thumbs up. "D-don't worry, I feel fine."

"Anyways, I'm sorry if I'm being too forward Daisy, but do you like girls?" Alice asked as she rubbed Molly's back.

"I like to be friends with everyone!" Daisy said proudly.

"Do you like to fuck them." Alice said bluntly.

F-fuck them!?

"Uh…what?" She wasn't sure if she heard her right.

Alice started drooling. "I was just wondering if you have ever had a girl's head between your legs before. I think it's something every girl should try and I wouldn't mind showing-"

Eve got up and slugged her across the head.

"Sorry about that…Alice is just trying to be funny." Eve tried her best to make it sound as convincing as possible.

I really don't understand their humor… Daisy thought.

By now Molly finally had stopped puking blood.

"B-but she didn't answer the question. Have you?" Molly said, holding onto the table with blood dripping from her lips.

"N-no, I have experience with that kind of stuff. This is really embarrassing…" Daisy hid her face.

All three of them got the same feeling as one would get if they won the lottery. She's a virgin! Jackpot!

"Say Daisy. We need a new member for our after school club. Would you be interested in coming over after your last class? It's in Mr. Dinglefecks room." Eve offered.

"Oh…I'm sorry, I have plans then." Daisy felt sorry to reject them.

"Are you already in a club!?" Molly shouted.

"No, it's just that Bailey invited me over to her house. I already told her I would."

Alice starts stabbing her pasta violently. Splattering red sauce around the table. It was impossible to tell what was pasta sauce and what was blood.

"My…my…my…my, she has invited you to her house already. How slutty…" Alice's face got stupidly scary.

"It's not like that!"

"Daisy…you hardly even know her and she's inviting you over…with just the two of you. That isn't very appropriate, don't you think?" Eve said, trying to act as an authority figure.

"We are just friends!"

"I think I'm going to need to ask daddy if he can buy me a bazooka." Alice pulled out her phone.

"Do you like Bailey…" Asked Molly.

She's my friend, of course I do!

"Yes, I like her."

The three girls start sweating and their evil dark aura spilled out onto the floor, which Daisy didn't notice.

The bell rang.

"Well, I have to get to my next class. I'm glad that we cleared that little misunderstanding." Daisy giggled and left. The three girls said nothing as they watched her prance off.

The three sat there in silence for a few minutes before Molly started bawling.

Eve grabbed onto Alice. "I thought you said taking things slow would work!" It seemed that she snapped out of her stoic nature.

"I just said it was worth trying.". Alice corrected.

"What do we do now!?"

"Eve, are you panicking?" Alice started to get nervous.

"Er…um sorry. I'm ok now. But we need to do something before Bailey gets her."

"No worries dear, I can handle this." Alice went and pulled a large kitchen knife out of her purse. She always had one, just in case some slut tried to steal her girls.

"Without killing. That has to be our absolute last option. We are already on thin ice with the police." Eve pushed the knife back down into the purse. "Though, it is hot seeing you use it."

Molly suddenly stopped crying and stood up, she had a serious expression on her face and was deep in thought. Alice and Eve both looked at her.

"I just came up with a great idea." Out of all the people who could have said this, it was surprising Molly.

"My my, you Molly? This is something new."

"Well, this should be good," Eve said sarcastically.


“Well, aren't you going to tell us your fantastic plan dear?” Alice asked sarcastically. She fully expected it to be something childish.

It was the end of the school day and the final bell had just rung. Students were heading to their lockers and heading home.

“This better be good Molly, our little Daisy is about to meet up with that whore in the headband.” Eve tapped her foot impatiently.

“Relax, this is sure to work. Here, check it out!” Molly held her arms out as she revealed a large net sprawled out on the floor.

“My my, I don’t seem to understand.” Alice started getting her mightiest pinch ready.

“This is your great idea, do you honestly expect her to willingly step on a net trap?” Eve sighed.

“Nooooo, this is the main part!” Molly waved her finger. She then went and laid out a trail of marbles leading from Daisy's locker all the way to the net.

“Molly…” Eve furrowed her brows.

“Molly darling.” Alice slowly raised her hand.

“See, aren't I amaz-”

Alice pinched Molly's cheek so hard she could have ripped it off if she wanted to..

“Owowowowow!!!” Molly screamed.

“This is no time for jokes,” Alice said, there was a large visible vein on her forehead.

“Molly, this is really insulting. You might be dumb enough to fall for something like this if we lay out a trail of baked goods, but our Daisy is too smart for that." Eve said with confidence.

“Ahhhhh!!!!” A girl screamed with the sound of the net trap going off.

“It worked!” Molly jumped with joy, Alice still holding onto her cheek with a dumbfounded expression.

“You’ve got to be kidding me…” Eve’s jaw dropped.

Daisy was dangling in the air. She was flailing around in it and looked like a trapped animal.

“Um…excuse me. Could I get some help…?” Daisy asked when she noticed her three new friends.