Chapter 7:

A girl should sleep in her own bed, shouldn't she!?

It's My First Day at My New School and I'm Already in a Yuri Harem!?

As Daisy tried to sleep she could still hear her family and her girlfriends loudly celebrating downstairs. The stress kept her wide awake and she didn’t like that she could hear every word being said.

“Wow this painting is fantastic, we would be honored to have such a fancy picture of our daughter on the wall.” Her mother said.

“Please the honor is all mine, the idea of having a painting like mine hanging up in Your house. This is truly one of the best days of my life.” Her green-haired girlfriend, Alice, said in an uncharacteristically humble tone.

You really brought that painting with you? I thought you wanted it for the club… Daisy thought.

“You are the class president And you’re dating three girls at the same time? Is there anything you can’t do!?” Her dad said to Eve.

“Please sir, you’re embarrassing me. I’m hardly as talented as your daughter.” The blue-haired girl said.

Oh shut it…if you had said that before I knew how much of a freak you are then I might have taken that as a compliment.

“Big sis is it true that you took on a whole gang armed with guns all by yourself and won!?” Lily said. There was a large ruckus when she said this.

“You betcha! It was going to take more than twenty guys with puny weapons to stop me!” Molly boasted. She and Lily had been wrestling on the floor with each other the whole time. “You know, you are pretty strong yourself.

Like that’s even possible and you aren’t her big sister, I am!

The girls periodically knocked on her door to see if she was ok but Daisy just ignored them. Luckily her door had a lock. She put the pillow over her head to drown the noise out until she eventually drifted off to sleep.


When Daisy opened her eyes she didn't see the cracked dark blue room but a bright pink one with plushies of all shapes and sizes decorating the room. Daisy was still groggy and didn't know if she was dreaming.

Where am I…

Daisy tried to move her arm but found that she couldn't. She looked and saw that her hand was handcuffed to the bed frame. After yesterday she wasn't even too surprised.


When she looked to her other side she saw a girl sleeping right next to her. The girl was none other than Molly, she was dressed in a green dinosaur onesie. If all dinosaurs looked this cute then it was a shame they went extinct.

She kidnapped me…how did I not wake up?

She tried to move her body and wiggle her hand out of the cuff without waking her girlfriend. The frame of the bed rattled as she moved.

"Mmmm~" Molly said as she tighten her grip around her new cuddle toy. Daisy's shirt was wet with the girl's drool.

I gotta escape!...wait…what's the point of that? My whole family approves of them, heck not only approves but they love them just as much as me. I can't escape this…

"Um…Molly?" She whispered, trying to wake the girl up gently.

Molly's eyes shot wide open and she pulled out a pistol from underneath the pillow. "Where's the intruder!" Molly jumped out of bed and spun around the room, trying to find the target.

I was sleeping on a gun the entire time!? Also, what an overreaction!

Daisy never expected that she would ever be dating a pink-haired, pistol-wielding girl in a dino onesie.

"Calm down! It was me." Daisy raised her voice.

"Oh phew~" Molly laughed and pointed the gun -which was probably loaded- right at her. "You got me good! Love ya, babe."

"I wasn't pulling a prank and put the gun away! You shouldn't point dangerous things at the girl you like!" Daisy almost peed herself from having a gun angled at her.

"Oops sorry." She tossed the gun to the side which set it off. A little plush bunny's head exploded as the bullet hit it, fluff flew up into the air. Daisy thought the fact that the plush was a little bunny was ironic.

Maybe I was originally right to try to escape…

"Wow, that was super loud! Good thing my sister isn't home, she would wring my neck out." She kept on laughing.

Oh great, she has a sister…

"Why am I here?" Daisy asked the question she wanted to know the answer to the most.

"Lovers sleep together, duuuuuh! And me and the girls played rock paper scissors to see who gets you for the first night."

Of course, I wasn't told or had any say in this…

"Guess what, I totally won!" Molly puffed her chest out.

Well obviously.

"Is the handcuff really necessary…" Daisy put on her innocent eyes, hoping that her girlfriend would show her mercy.

"Yep, I can't trust you enough to not try to pull any moves on me while I'm fast asleep, can I?"

"Only you would do that…"

"I would never ever! I'm such a pure innocent cutie." She was now putting on her innocent eyes.

Daisy couldn't really deny what she said because of the way she was dressed.

Molly looked over at the clock. "Oh, crap muffins we are running late." Molly threw off her dino outfit. She had nothing under it and was butt naked.

Daisy got a good glimpse of her ass before turning her head away. Her face was flushed, she took too long to look away and the image of her soft bum was now carved into her brain. This was something that didn't bother her, though she would only admit it if she was under a truth spell.

"M-molly…" Daisy had also noticed that her chest was really small. She didn't know why she was happy with the fact that she wasn't the flattest one in the group.

"Now you too!" Molly jumped on her.

"W-what are you doing Molly!?"

"Stripping you so you can change," Molly said as she pulled Daisy’s pajama bottoms off. Revealing her strawberry pattern panties.

"Don't look!" She covered her crotch with her one free hand. The "innocent' girl wanted to make sure you didn't have a wet spot forming down there.

"S-so cute…" The sound of a train engine went off as Molly's face got beat red, steam came out of her nose.

"I can change myself!" Daisy tried to shake her off.

"Don't be shy!" Molly said as she pulled the girl's underwear halfway down her legs. Daisy threw her weight into the horny girl and knocked the girl back.

Molly rubbed her face. This was the first time Daisy ever saw the girl give her an annoyed expression.

"Hmph! Fine." Molly walked over and grabbed her handcuff. A panicking girlfriend was a total turn-off for her. Sure she liked to get rough but only when girls wanted it. She was very much unlike her other girlfriends in this way.

"T-thank yo-"

Instead of using a key to open the cuff she just casually broke it with her bare hands and threw the pieces to the side. "You're no fun." Molly puffed her cheeks out.

Daisy rubbed her wrists. What crazy strength…Maybe she did take on a gang all by herself…I think she could be a supervillain if she wanted.

"Here's your clothes." Molly tossed them onto her lap. There was a little sticky note attached to them. "Papa left you a note, he wanted me to make sure you read it." Molly had her arms crossed, still naked.

So he knew that you took me to your place!?

Daisy picked up the note, there was something rubbery attached to the back of it.

When she flipped it over to see what she was feeling she found a condom.

"What is this!?"

"Just read the note silly." Molly still carried an annoyed expression.

Daisy glanced up at the girl and back down at the note, the note was indeed in her father's handwriting.

"Dear Daisy,

I know you are busy with your girlfriend right now but I just wanted to tell you how unbelievably proud I am of you. You were always more feminine than the other boys but you have proved yourself as a man by getting yourself three wives. Enjoy your youth but please be responsible. Make sure you use the condom, I don't want grandchildren yet."

How the hell am I supposed to use it!? I'm a girl! Have you always thought of me as a boy and I just never noticed!?

"Well, Daisy? We have daddy's permission, after all, ~" Molly gave Daisy a cheeky grin, she was now in the mood again. "Should I help you put it on? I can use my mouth if you want-" She was interrupted by a slapping sound when Daisy threw the rubber right at her face.

"Let's just get to school…"

“I was joking, jeez…” Molly threw the condom into the trash.