Chapter 8:

Shouldn't friends have each others back!?

It's My First Day at My New School and I'm Already in a Yuri Harem!?

"Did you hear that there is a new girl at school?" Said a girl in one of the school's hallways.

"Yeah, I think I heard something about that. Apparently, Eve and her girlfriends have taken a liking to her." Replied the other girl she was talking with.

"No way! Poor girl…"

Bailey was at her locker as her friends gossiped about recent things happening at school. This was just another normal conversation for her.

"I'm surprised you didn't know already. The whole school's been talking about it." Bailey said.

"I was sick yesterday! Give me a break."

"Oh, did you also hear that Clover got detention for groping other girls in the locker room?" The other girl chuckled.


"That girl never changes, does she? " Bailey laughed along with them.

As the three continued talking about the perverted school prodigy, someone caught Bailey's eyes. Daisy was peeking her head around the corner and when she saw that she was spotted she blushed and ducked her head back. Bailey sighed before smiling.

When Daisy poked her head out again Bailey motioned her to come on over. Daisy being as shy as ever, slowly walked over to her. The brown-haired girl's head was held down and she awkwardly glanced up at her every once in a while.

I'm surprised she decided to come back to school after yesterday. Bailey thought to herself. Most people would never take another step in this school after being humiliated in front of their peers like she was.

Bailey's friends noticed the awkward girl now next to them. The one whispered to the other. "That's the new girl."

"Oh…um Bailey shouldn't we be heading to class?" Her friend tried to get them away from Daisy as fast as possible.

Daisy's expression sank. Even though it didn't surprise her, it still hurt.

"Nah you go on ahead, I'll catch up." Bailey waved them off.

"Y-you sure…?"

"If you say so…"

The two girls walked off to their next class, taking looks back at Daisy the whole way. After they left her vision, Bailey turned her attention back to the shy girl that was next to her locker.

"Didn't expect to see you here. What's up?"

"I'M SORRY!" Daisy yelled as she bowed repeatedly. She yelled so loud it made everyone in the hallway jump five feet.

"W-what for!?" Bailey was caught completely off guard by the girl's frantic apology.

"I stood you up…T-things happened yesterday…and I should have texted you but I didn't have your number…" Daisy played with her fingers as she talked. This was a nervous tic of hers.

I didn't expect her to be worrying about something like that. It's not her fault, I know it was probably those three that kept her.

"Hey no sweat, it was your first day at school. I'm not mad or anything, we can just hang out after school today."

"What?" Daisy looked confused by this.

"Um…unless you are busy after school that is."

"N-no! I would love to. I just expected you to be screaming at me!" Daisy started getting excited.

"Hey who do you think I am!? I wouldn't do that to a friend."

Daisy's eyes started to water. "Thank you, thank you, thank you!!" She hugged her new best friend.

Daisy was relieved to know that she didn't offend her. Now she had someone else besides the other three and her crazy ass family.

"How about you give me your number just in case something happens." Bailey took her phone out and got ready to enter Daisy's number.

"Good idea. The number is-" Daisy stopped when she saw something roll past her feet.

A marble from out of nowhere rolled under her legs and down the hall. She watched the tiny sphere roll to and down the stairs, bouncing the whole way down.

"What was it?" Bailey asked for Daisy's number, she didn't even notice the marble.

"One minute, I'll be right back!" Daisy yelled before chasing after the marble. She tripped and fell flat on her face. She picked herself back up and went down the stairs.

"Uh…ok?" Bailey scratched her head.

That was really weird…

Bailey's locker was slammed close, almost catching her fingers. Standing right next to her was the Crazy Bitch Trio and they all looked seriously pissed.

"My, my, I think this little skank has some explaining to do," Alice said with the deceptive smile she always wore. Bailey could see light glint off the tip of the knife Alice was hiding behind her back.

"Can I kill her!?" Molly lunged at her, ready to sink her nails into her but Eve grabbed her by her collar and held her back. Molly bared her fangs at the girl and hissed like a cat.

"No, not yet at least dear," Eve said sternly.

Bailey started backing up. She was sweating profusely.

"I would stay where you are." Eve gave an order of what would be the smartest thing for her to do. She glared at her with hate-filled eyes.

"Y-yes ma'am," Bailey said before standing straight. Her entire body trembled with anxiety.

"What do you think you were doing right now with Daisy? My Daisy!" Alice's face grew more twisted and evil.

"We…w-were just exchanging phone numbers." Bailey closed her eyes and stuttered.

"Yeah right! I bet she was showing her nudes." Molly scoffed.

"How slutty…" Alice looked at her with disgust.

"I wasn't!" Bailey shouted.

Eve lifted up her skirt and took out her knife and held it right up to Bailey's throat. The girl's eyes widened as she saw her life flash before her eyes.

"Don't raise your voice at my girls. Do you understand this?"

Bailey nodded.

"Good. Now I want to make something clear. You are not to get anywhere close to our Daisy. She is too pure for this world and I can't have bitches like you corrupting her. I don't want to have another body to hide from the cops but I will make an exception for you."

"I think you should give her a little sample of what you can do darling." Alice grinned.


Eve shook her head. "No, I think she gets the message." Eve put her knife away.

"Aw, laaaaaame!" Molly pouted.

"We aren't going to have any more issues now, right?" Eve put a hand on the girl's shoulder.

"N-Nope, none at all!"

"Alright girls, let's get to class," Eve said to the others. They started walking down the hallway.

"I wonder if the little bunny got her hands on that marble." Alice was the one who picked out the marble for her darling.

"I hope she did. Nothing makes the girl happier." Eve smiled.

"That's not true! I made her really happy last night after I was done with her!" Molly giggled.

"We were supposed to have her for the first time together!" Alice yelled as she pinched the stupid pink-haired girl's cheek.

Eve stopped walking and got up in Molly's face. "Do I need to get the paddle out again?"

"Ow, ow I was joking!"

"You better be telling the truth."

"Tsk tsk, I think we should get the paddle out anyway, she's been awfully naughty lately." Alice shocked her head.

"A great idea dear." Eve agreed and they started walking again.

"Aw c'mon…I don't like the paddle." Molly sulked.

"But we do." Alice let go of her cheek.

After the girls left Bailey leaned back against her locker. Her whole body was still shaking like a leaf.

That was…

Bailey's face turned bright red.

So fucking hot!!! The way she held that knife against my throat and almost sliced it open was exhilarating! My panties are totally drenched right now!

Bailey started breathing heavily and rubbed her thighs together.

Ever since Bailey first met these girls she has dreamed of being their next victim. Last night she had a wet dream where the three snuck into her house, kidnapped and tied her to their basement, and tortured her.

It's too bad they didn't actually hurt me, I would gladly take the paddle!… But it's only a matter of time till they do that to me. As long as I keep hanging out with that idiot I'll get what I want…Damn, I'm going to have to take care of this feeling before class starts…

Bailey started to reach down toward her crotch when she remembered Daisy.

"She doesn't realize how good she has it…"

Bailey's face now was red with anger instead of lust. She threw her backpack to the floor and started stomping on it, pretending it was the girl's face.

The kids that were still in the hallway noticed this and started backing away.

"That god damn bitch gets to have three hot-ass girlfriends that will tie you up and do all kinds of painful things to you but all she does is complain about it! I hate people who don't appreciate how lucky they are! Die Die Die Die!!!"

Bailey kept laying the beat down on her backpack until she felt a tap on her back.

"Um, Bailey? Is everything ok?" Daisy was peeking over her shoulder. She looked at the girl's backpack that was now in a pretty sad state.

Bailey froze and slowly turned around, putting on a fake ass smile on her face. She tried to act as natural as possible.

"Oh hiya, sorry about that, I just happened to see a cockroach…" She made the best lie she could come up with.

"Ew I hate bugs!" Daisy squealed and shivered. Whenever she saw a bug she would come running to her parents or sister like a pansy and beg them to kill it.

"S-same but I think I got it." Bailey faked a laugh.

"Phew, well that's good. Oh, you won't believe what just happened to roll by a minute ago!" She held out a shiny purple marble.

"Good for you! Today must be your lucky day!" Bailey patted her 'buddy' on the back.

"Maybe! Anyways I need to get to my class, do you want to walk with me? I think your first class is next to mine, right?" Daisy wanted a chance to get to know more about her friend and give her phone number.

"S-sorry I have to go to the bathroom real quick and take care of something. I'll see you later though! Bye-bye!" She waved and rushed off towards the nearest restroom.

"Oh ok, bye-bye" Daisy waved back and watched Bailey skid down the hall. She didn't think that the girl was acting weird at all and figured she just really had to pee.