Chapter 4:

His Roommate


A young college student had just been given several overtime shifts at a branch of his facility far from his apartment. 

Frustrated but in need of money, he decided it was best to work the hours so that he could get himself better groceries.

Eventually, the day to work the shift came. Thus, the college student turned to face his introverted roommate. As usual, the roommate's face was often covered by a book.

"Hey," he said in a posthaste, "just letting ya know I will be back in a few weeks. The company's paying for my hotel, so I'll have to remain in Bakersfield."


"Do you need anything?"


"A souvenir?"


Whatever, the young college student grabbed the door handle, I really need to start minding my own business. 

So the man went to work, and the weeks went by with a blink.

The next thing he knew, he was in his car driving four hours back home. 

Finally, I can get some rest, he thought.

He parked his car and headed upstairs. He was about to grab his key when he noticed the front door was unlocked.

That's strange.

The man slowly pushed the door and peered inside. It was awfully cold, and he stared into the darkness. 

But worst of all, it reeked. 

What the hell, he pinched his nose.

"Hey! What did you do man, it really fucking stinks here!"

A grunt was all he got.

That stupid idiot, he thought to himself.

The man stumbled his way across the kitchen, turning on the lights before peering quickly into his roommate's bedroom. Empty bags of chips, cookie crumbles, and mysterious liquids soiled the carpet. His roommate was asleep, with a blanket covering most of his body, including his head.

Another grunt.

The college student planned to wake his roommate up but decided that he was too tired to start an argument. With a groan, he stomped into his room and sprayed deodorant in the air.

That night, sleeping was an absolute nightmare. The unpleasant smell never left, and even after every hour of spraying deodorant, it only kept the poor man awake.

After three hours past midnight, he had enough.

That's it, he raged out of his room.

He slammed his roommate's door open, surprisingly not waking the man up.

Careful not to step on the dried spots of the carpet with his shoes, the man walked over to the light switches and turned them on. 

Still, his roommate did not respond.

"This isn't funny!" He reached over and pulled the blanket away.

And screamed.

For there, lying on the bed with dried bloodstains all over, was the deceased body of his roommate.

The corpse grunted.