Chapter 3:

The Dreams


One night, Amy had a bad dream.

She dreamt of herself running away from two mysterious shadows that chased her down the silent empty streets. 

The shadows had no hands.

They had no arms, or feet, or legs.

So Amy ran.

Then as abruptly as everything started, she jolted and opened her eyes. Her body refused to move, but perhaps it was because of the demonic creature that sat on top of her.

“In three days,” it grinned.

Then it vanished.

The next night, Amy had another bad dream. 

The shadows still chased her, so she ran until she found a house where she noticed the front door was unlocked. 

She peered inside, hoping to find a place to hide.

Her eyes were met with a gory scene of her dead sister.

Screaming in terror, she flinched awake to see that the demonic creature was sitting on her stomach again. 

“In two days,” it giggled.

Then it vanished.

The following night, she struggled to fall asleep. But then the room started to twist and turn, as if it was morphing into something unrecognizable. 

She found herself weeping uncontrollably, floating in endless darkness. It was cold, and the silence only greeted her with loneliness. 

Yet suddenly she opened her eyes and found herself laying on her bed. Once again, the same demonic creature sat on top of her, chuckling.

“In one day,” it smirked.

Then it vanished.

When the moon rose and the sun kissed the sky goodbye, Amy vowed to stay awake. 

Deciding not to lay on her bed, she sat on her chair, waiting for the night to pass.

But after blinking several times, Amy realized she wasn’t imagining things. The demonic creature stood near her door; the darkness engulfing the corner where it leaned blurred its appearance. 

“Anytime now,” it snickered.

Then it vanished.

The morning after, she went to class and had a normal day. 

By the time lunch came around she realized due to a lack of good sleep she struggled to stay awake. Her head ached, and her friends were worried.

With a sigh, she decided to head home early.

Only to find out that the front door of her house was unlocked.

That’s strange, she thought to herself, did my parents come home early? 

She peered in, hoping to see her mother, father, and sister greeting her with a smile.

Her gaze was colored with her sister’s blood. 

Amy swore she didn’t yell, but clearly someone heard it, for they started to descend down the stairs.

To her surprise, Amy saw that it was none other than her mother and father.

A wave of relief swept her body. 

But the feeling left as quickly as it came when Amy glanced at their shadows. 

The shadows had no hands.

They had no arms, or feet, or legs.

So Amy ran.

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