Chapter 98:

Aqueenian Legends – Jolon Whitlock the Great 2

The Nonpareil of Resh (Act 1)

The Great and His New Friend

It was on the eve of the great's 14th birthday, the day he would become an adult, that he would set out on a journey. He left the wicked’s domain and marched clear across the continent. His destination would be the one and only Hobusian capital, in which they had only just made peace.

The Hobusians were shocked as the great simply marched into their home. He had no care for their dagger stares or their wrathful sneers. The great marched past all the anger straight to the castle and demanded an audience with the king.

Now, at this time, the Hobusians had begun their cycle of election. An event that happens once every 30 years. The great was unaware of this sort of event; the wicked would not let his people learn of the other cultures.

Still, the Hobusians would not back down from a challenge. They squabbled over who to send out to greet the great, and Reinier, son of the Fio family, was the one sent out.

Their talk quickly escalated into shouting and then into a full-out brawl. But the great would not falter. Their duel lasted for four days and five nights. In the end, both fighters laid on their backs and laughed.

This was the beginning of the bond between the Whitlock and Fio families that lasts until this day.

A Plan to Defeat the Wicked

Reinier of the Fio family was soon elected to be the new king over the Hobusians. That was when the great reached out to his friend. He had devised a plan to defeat the wicked and take rule over the Aqueenian nation.

The plan was carefully sketched out, and support was gathered in both nations. Soon, the wicked’s own children would conspire against their father.

It was on the night of The Feast of First Harvest. The wicked had become drunk and gone to lie down in his chambers with three of his maids by his side. He fell asleep, and the three maids quickly opened the door to allow the great to enter.

With his trusty sword by his side, the great severed the wicked’s reign over the Aqueenian people. He drove the blade through the wicked’s heart. Cementing a fate that he and every king after would also experience.

The feast erupted into celebration as the wicked would no more be able to harm their people.