Chapter 10:

A girl really shouldn't go out of her way to make misunderstandings!

It's My First Day at My New School and I'm Already in a Yuri Harem!?

The door to Daisy's bedroom opened as she and her new best friend entered the room. After school, the two met up and decided to go over to her place.

"Well, this is my room," Daisy said as she held the door open for Bailey. This was her first time having someone that she invited over at her place. She was excited for the chance to show the girl her really lame marble collection.

"Was it just me or did it seem like your little sister didn't like me much…?" Bailey asked. When they both arrived Lily gave her big sister a welcome hug, while she was in Daisy's arms she glared at Bailey the whole time. Lily didn't like that Daisy didn't bring over one of her cool 'wives'.

"She's just being shy! Don't worry about her." Daisy brushed it off. She could only see her sister as pure and innocent, she was too much like herself after all - except less stupid.

She was glaring at me the whole time though… Bailey thought. If it was Eve she might have made a mess on the floor from lust but anyone else besides those three made her uncomfortable.

Bailey walked into Daisy's room and looked around. It was pretty average for a high school except for the cabinet that was used to display the girls' annoying obsession with small round objects and the walls were severely out of place.

"Um, what's with the cracked walls?"

"It's because of those three…They made me hit my head really hard…" Daisy blamed the damage she caused completely on her girlfriends.

Bailey's heart started pumping faster as she looked at Daisy's head and back to the walls.

They slammed your head against the wall!? God, I wish that was me…

"That sounds wonderful." Bailey's face turned into a perverted shade of red as she imagined the migraines she would have the day after having her head shoved repeatedly into the wall by those three hot girls.

"Wonderful?" Daisy cocked her head.

"Er, I mean wonderfully awful." Bailey awkwardly laughed.

"Oh, um yeah. D-do you want to play something or sit and talk?" Daisy asked.

"I would like to get to know more about you." Bailey gave her a sweet smile. She put all her effort into looking like she really gave a shit.

Let's see what's so fucking special about you.

"Ok, I'd like to get to know more about you too!"

The two girls sat down on the large fluffy bed and chatted for around an hour.

"So you had to move here because of your dad's job? That must have been hard on you." Bailey responded after Daisy told her about what brought her here.

"Yeah, I'm sad I had to leave all my friends. But you know, we move a lot so I'm used to having to say goodbye." Daisy said with a carefree smile. Even though this was as normal as breathing for her, her eyes had a dab of sadness painted in them.

Bailey noticed this and even felt a bit sad for her. "Sucks that you have to go to a crazy ass school like ours."

"It's definitely…unique. But I got to meet you so that's a positive!"

Oh shove it up your ass…you don't even know me.

"I'm sorry…I feel like I've been talking a lot about myself."

"You just moved here, that's natural."

"Well what about you, what are your hobbies Bailey?" Daisy changed the topic away from herself.

This is really fucking boring… Bailey thought. To be honest, she absolutely hated small talk.

"I guess shopping and stuff-" She gave her generic answer.

There was an awkward silence before they both heard the front door slam open downstairs.

"I wonder who's here?" Asked Daisy. Bailey gave her a shrug.

Daisy's mom's voice came from downstairs while she thought about who it could be. "Daisy, your wives are here!"

"W-wives?" Bailey stuttered. How could a high school girl be married? She thought.

"Crap! It's those three. I think they don't want me hanging around you. H-hide!" Daisy pointed to the closet. She began to try to think of a way to get them to leave long enough for her friend to escape.

Hide in the closet? No, no, Daisy I don't think so. Thought Bailey.

She started to unbutton her shirt. When she undid the last one she tossed it to the side, revealing her purple bra.

"Bailey?" Daisy didn't understand this advanced hide and seek strategy.

The girl with no shame then dropped her skirt to the floor, her panties matched her bra. She had a nice slender figure and soft skin.

"I said hide, not strip!" Daisy tried to clear the misunderstanding.

"We are coming up baby!" They heard Molly yell as she and the other two walked up the stairs.

Bailey pushed Daisy down on the bed and straddled on top of her. She began to grind her hips onto her.

"Ahhh~ Daisy you are so good…p-please touch me more~" Bailey moaned as loud as she could and made the shocked girl grab her breast.

What are you doing!? Why is every girl in this town gay for me!? Daisy thought. She had never once been confessed to at any of the other previous schools but now all of a sudden she was the hottest bitch around.

Despite being hot and steamy in the bed a chilly air could be felt filling the room. Along with it a familiar dark aura crept underneath the bedroom door as loud stomping approached.

Good thing I locked your door Daisy, this gives me enough time to make this look as bad as possible. Thought Bailey.

"Baile-" She was about to tell the hoe to get off her when Bailey kissed her on the lips, full-on make-out mode. Her slutty tongue forced its way down the wholesome Daisy's throat.

A large bang came from the door before it slowly fell off the hinges. When the door fell it revealed the three very pissed-off girlfriends. Their bodies were completely covered in shadow, only their eyes that glowed red with rage peered through the darkness.

"It's not what it looks like!" Daisy's yell slipped past Bailey's lips.

"My, my, please tell me what it is then, cause it looks like you are doing things that you should only be doing with your girlfriends." Said Alice.

"D-did this morning means nothing to you baby!?" Daisy could tell that Molly was crying.

"Dear, I never expected you to be one of those sick freaks that enjoy NTR…And you slut, I'm starting to regret my decision about not slicing your throat earlier…"

Yes, finally the moment I have been waiting for! Let out that anger that burns inside you! I'll take it all! Bailey screamed in her head as she got off the girl with a grin.

"You honestly thought you three were the only ones that desired this little cutie here? She's too adorable and perfect to belong to only you three and mmmm she tastes so good too~" Bailey licked her lips, trying to stir the hornet's nest even more.

The three dart out of the shadows and grab onto the girl. Eve and Alice's knives are at the girl's throat as Molly reads her fangs which are about to sink into the girl's flesh.

Bailey could feel the warmth down at her crotch growing, her eyes filled with pure lust. This was in fact the best moment of her life. P-please God don't make this quick for me!

"Stop it!!!" Daisy screamed. This made the three haul their attack and look at her. If she had hesitated for even a second longer the girl would surely have been dead.

"P-please don't hurt her…she's my friend…" Tears ran down her face and fell to the bedsheets. She couldn't handle the idea of being the cause of the girl's death.

"Friends don't do stuff like that together dear. I knew we couldn't trust you around this girl." Eve pressed the knife into the girl's skin enough to draw blood.

"We are very disappointed in you darling," Alice said, her knife was in perfect sync with her lover.

"I get to kill this bitch first, right!?" Molly growled as she lowered her fangs onto the girl's thigh.

"No! Stop it, she was just messing around!" Daisy pleaded.

Shut the fuck up bitch! Quit trying to save me, can't you see I'm about to reach max pleasure here!? Bailey glared at her.

"Daisy what the hell is going on here!?" A man said with a raised voice.

From the doorway, her dad, mom, and Lily were watching with shocked expressions.

"Mom, Dad! Do something!" She pointed at her girlfriends who were about to kill the half-naked Bailey.

The three immediately ran over to help. "Oh, we will do something alright…" Her dad said as they pushed the three girls off Bailey.

Way to go guys, you rock! Daisy cheered.

"We are going to stop you from making a horrible mistake!" Her dad declared.

"You should never cheat on your wife's little missy!" Her mother scolded.

"You suck big sis!" Her little sister insulted her.


Her dad grabbed Bailey and held her from her arms, her mom held the girl's legs, while Lily held her up from underneath.

Wait what now? Bailey thought.

"We will talk about this later. You are in big trouble." Her dad shook his head, he was deeply ashamed of the kid he raised.

"Just when you got engaged…" Her mom was holding back her tears. How was she going to break this to the family?

"H-hey let me go dammit!" Bailey squealed.

"You shall not tempt my son, hussy!" The three of them carried Bailey out of the room and down the stairs.

"Where are you taking me!?" Bailey yelled on the way down.

"To hell!" Lily said with passion, like she had always wanted to say that.

They threw her out of the house. Bailey landed on her butt on the front step. She got back up and tried to get back into the house before running into the door when it slammed in her face.

"No, let me back in! Please, I beg of you! I DIDN'T EVEN GET OFF!!!"

Back upstairs the three girls looked at each other with stupified expressions.

"That was…impressive." Said Eve.

"Very much so…" Said Alice.

"Too bad we didn't get to kill her though." Molly pouted.

What the hell was all that…? She started thinking when the three turned their heads towards Daisy. Great, now they are going to kill Me!

Daisy jumped off the bed and made a break for the window. She would rather jump out and possibly get hurt that way than being stuck in this room with those three.

"Don't let her get away!" Alice pointed at her.

"You don't have to tell me that dear!" Eve leaped and grabbed the girl by her waist and pulled her down, pulling her skirt down as well. Molly walked over and sat on her back.

"My, my did you really think that was going to work darling?" Alice chuckled.

"I swear I didn't do anything!"

"That's not what those moans from earlier sounded like," Eve said as she picked herself back up.

"She did that!"

"You expect us to believe that she just decided to randomly moan in your room for no reason?" Molly thought that was the stupidest thing she had ever heard.

"Um…yes." Daisy realized how unrealistic it sounded, but this whole town was unrealistic.

"That would certainly be convenient for you, wouldn't it." Alice patted the girl's butt. Even though she was boiling mad she could still appreciate her darling's ass.

"Do you think we are idiots, dear?" Eve went over and lifted Daisy's head up by her chin.

"N-no! But I'm telling you the truth…"

"Prove it." Molly said.


"Prove it by telling us that you love us and only us."

I've never told anyone that before.

" you." She said under her breath.

"Is that the best she can do?" Alice scoffed.

"She couldn't even try to sound convincing…" Eve tightened her grip on the girl's face.

Just do it… Daisy convinced herself to give it her all.

"Alice! Eve! Molly! I love you three so much. No one else compares to you!" She yelled, thinking that this was the most romantic way of saying it.

This worked on Alice as she blushed hard while Molly laughed at it.

"A bit forced…but that will do." Eve sighed.

"S-so you will let me go!?"

Their expressions got dead serious. "Where on earth did you get that idea?" Alice said.

"You thought it would be that easy!?" Molly laughed even more.

W-what!? But I did what they told me to!

"Sorry dear, but your punishment hasn't even started yet." Eve had a mischievously twisted and perverted look on her face as she pulled out a paddle.