Chapter 9:

A girl should be given more of a notice, shouldn't she!?

It's My First Day at My New School and I'm Already in a Yuri Harem!?

After Eve and Alice tortured Molly's ass the three of them went to their first-period class. Molly could hardly sit down from how sore her butt was and slumped over her desk.

"You couldn't have waited till after school…why did you bring a paddle with you anyways." She complained with tears in her eyes.

Eve looked at her pathetic-looking girlfriend. She was still salty about not getting to have Daisy for the first night and didn't feel any sympathy for her. The joke Molly made about getting intimate with their new girlfriend only made her feel more aggressive.

I have never lost in rock-paper-scissors before. Figures the first time I lost would be over something as important as that.

"Honestly I think I went too easy on you. Don't you Alice?" Eve turned her attention to her lolita fashioned girlfriend.

"Far too easy darling. I told you that you should have let me do the spanking." Alice was still pissed about Molly's joke and she wanted to take it out on her ass.

"My butt would be bleeding right now if you did it…" Molly puffed her cheeks out.

Don't worry dear, just wait till after school. Eve thought. She planned to tie the girl up in her basement that night.

"Um… I'm sorry about this Russel…"

Next to the pink-haired girl was Daisy. She was apologizing to the boy from who she had taken the seat. Russell was sitting on the floor next to her desk.

Even though Russell was annoyed at her, he still decided to be a gentleman about it. Just be cool Russell, she's not the one to be mad at.

"It's cool…I prefer to sit on the floor anyway." He said as he glared at Molly who was sitting awkwardly in her seat.

"Oh…well I'm happy for you then." Daisy felt relieved that she wasn't inconveniencing him and smiled. Daisy rested her head on her arms as she started thinking about what she was going to do with Bailey after school that day.

"Alright, you fuck ups time for class." Mr.Dinklefeck said as he walked in and sat down at his desk. The class had already started twenty minutes ago but it took him that long to get into a teaching mood.

"Today we are going to start sharing the book reports you were supposed to do. The first one is Daisy. Come up and tell us about whatever gay shit you read." The teacher looked disinterested.

"Huh!?" Daisy pointed to herself.

"I said get up here and do your damn book report!"

"But sir, I just started coming to this school yesterday!"

"You going to live your whole life making excuses!? Just get up here and talk about the last thing you read or I swear to god…"

"Y-yes, sir…" Daisy stood up out of her seat and walked up to the front.

Eve felt bad for her precious girlfriend and wanted to carry her off to her room to make out. I'll make sure you regret this teacher… she thought.

Meanwhile, Alice checked out Daisy's ass as she walked. The way she walked was hypnotizing to her. Molly was busy rubbing her ass to notice.

What was the last thing I even read? Daisy thought. She was never a big fan of reading, in fact, she hated it.

" the last thing I read…w-was a comic book." She looked away from her laughing classmates.

"Pathetic." The teacher said bluntly.

"Huh!?" Daisy had never been insulted in her whole life as much as she has been in the last twenty-four hours.

The only thing Eve wanted to do right now was help her girlfriend out. She rubbed her head as she thought of ways she could help.

Hmmm, I think I know something that will help.

Eve put her hand to her lips and blew her a kiss. Surely a wholesome kiss from her wholesome girlfriend would relieve all her stress.

Daisy moved her head when she noticed this, she would dodge any kisses that came her way.

Why did she move out of the way? Is she still shy around me? Maybe she wouldn't be satisfied with just a kiss and needs something more exciting. Eve thought.

The blue-haired girl lifted her skirt up to reveal her blue and white striped panties.

Daisy saw her girlfriend lift reveal herself and saw the knife strapped to her thigh. She started getting nervous and stumbled over her words as she spoke to the class.

Aw, she's getting so excited. I think it's working. You're such a dirty little girl, but that's what I like about you. Maybe I should give you a bit of a show. She thought as she started moving her hand towards her special area.

Daisy saw the girl reaching for the knife and the intense look in her eyes screamed to her You will regret not accepting my love.

Thinking on her feet she put a hand to her lips and blew Eve a kiss, which made the blue-haired girl blush.

Alice got distressed as she saw Eve receive the kiss from their little bunny and got deeply jealous. When she stared angrily at Eve she looked down and noticed that her class president girlfriend was doing something completely inappropriate in the classroom. My, my, so you want to play like that, do you?

In a flash, Alice stood straight up. Determined to not be outdone by the other two she unbuttoned the top of her fancy dress and flashed her black lacy bra that held her massive chest to Daisy. Look all you want darling~ The fact she was doing this publicly excited her even more.

Not just the boys but the whole class couldn't keep their eyes off Alice. The size of her breasts was out of this world

"Alice!?" Eve shouted.

"Baby put those away!" Molly tried to cover her girlfriend's breasts.

"Huh…?" Daisy's eyes twitched.

"Tits!" Clover took out her phone and snapped a picture.

"Stop flirting in class!" The teacher yelled at Alice and grabbed an eraser and chucked it. The eraser hit Molly straight in the face and knocked her onto the floor.

"The hell was that for!?"

"Felt like it."

"I'm getting tired of that!" Molly grabbed the eraser and chucked back at the teacher. Even though she was a pro pitcher at baseball the eraser slammed into the back of Russell's head.

At least I don't have to keep doing the book report… Daisy thought positively.