Chapter 1:

An Accidental Encounter

Thorned Rose

Main characters: Iris Solace, Benjamin Amon
Nicknames: Lace (Iris Solace)

Side Characters: Mother, Gian Yap

"IRIS! wake up you're gonna be late!"

Late in the morning, I was woken up by my mother I woke up I saw the blazing how sun then I realized its already past 9:30. The darn clock must be broken. I storm past my bedroom and got changed quickly and hurried to class as I was rushing I heard my mother say

"IRIS! you forgot your lunch!" but I paid it no mind and rushed to class.

I rushed to get to class, but as I came around the corner, I bumped into a person.

"Sorry about that. Just trying to get to class!" As I helped him stand up. From up close, he resembled someone familiar, but I had no time to ask his name. I was already late enough.

When I arrived in class I was late by one hour and I was called by the teacher after class "you can sit in my office madam Solace"

I was quite unfortunate at the start of the class. after I just had arrived at the teacher's office I found somebody sitting beside me I asked him a question

"So.. why are you at the teacher's office?"

"I was caught fighting somebody"

I was in shock to hear there was already a fight on the first day of school I asked,

"Why were you caught fighting somebody?"

He did not answer my question so I was pretty afraid of him at first. After I talked with the teacher I went back to my class. I was happy to see my best friend Gian had saved a spot for me.

After class, I forgot my lunch at home because I missed it when I was rushing to school and I forgot my lunch money I was pretty embarrassed to ask anybody for help at that time and my best friend did not bring any money with her

so to take my mind off it I drew on my notebook while I was drawing on it somebody praised my art I was happy to hear that because only I've heard two people say that to me. Then my stomach grumbled as I haven't eaten lunch yet

"Ah sorry about that I haven't eaten lunch yet"

He took me to the canteen and asked me what I want I was pretty embarrassed so I told him

"It's alright I'm not hungry"

then my stomach grumbled again. I saw him chuckle and he said

"I'm pretty sure your stomach wants to eat"

I was pretty embarrassed to hear that but he bought me free lunch so I was fine with it he asked me

"What's your name?"


"Well then hello iris nice to meet you I'm Benjamin"

As I saw his face properly he looks like the guy I bumped into and met in the teacher's office I was pretty surprised because I could not recognize him when he wore his glasses

"I'm gonna payback for my lunch so please don't fight or cause trouble for me"

But to my surprise, he said

"It's alright you don't have to pay for anything. I just got into a fight with somebody because they were hurting a stray cat"

I was pretty happy to hear that because he was a pretty nice person. So I said my goodbyes and went back to class.

When I went back to class, my friend Gian wondered what I was doing and where I was I said

"I'm alright I just ate in the canteen. There was a pretty nice person who offered me free lunch there"

Then after I said that somebody behind me touched my back I wondered who it was then I saw it was Benjamin he said,

"Oh, so your in this class as well Iris?"

I was pretty shocked and happy at the same time.

Thorned Roses

Thorned Rose