Chapter 1:

A happy family

Lost faith

A kid walks in into a room, holding a bunch of paper in his hand. Sits on a chair and starts writing on the piece of paper he brought. A suddenly a doctor enters the room, looks at the kid then takes her seat on the table. The doctor tries to start the conversation, "did you came by yourself? where are your parents?".... "parents you ask?" looks in the eye of doctor "they are no more.. their trust caused their death" The sight that the doctor saw shocked her, to its core, she tries to drink water but her hands start shaking... at that time a nurse knock on her door and comes in, "Dr. Khan, here are you today's schedule. first one is a 12 year old kid, so,have a good day .. " as she was going to leave the room she saw the kid, "ohh my, you are an early guy. would you like anything to drink? like milk or juice", kid smiles and replies "orange juice, if possible" .... "sure how can i say no to your kind smile", .. nurse leaves the room.

Dr.Khan asks, "Where is Rajat Verma? he should be here with you right?" .. "I came early to talk with you something in private and you ask about, some random guy assigned by the court for my protection" ... *she thinks, court? really*  "ok then lets at-least start with introductions, I am Dr. Razia Khan and I am a psychiatrist and you young man" .... "i am Ishan Kumar, i am in pai... a 12 year old". "You know, right? I will have to wait for Mr Rajat before i could start counseling ..." ... "the counseling starts at 10 am there are still 15 minutes left before that, that moron will go to my home first and then he will come here, so there is a good chance he will come late and atleast not reach here before 10, ... so consider we never talk and talk now about someth... wait"
Door gets knock again, "here I come, the best orange juice in the world for the kid in blue ... ta daa " it was the nurse, Dr asks her to leave as soon as she hand overs the glass to the kid, "you are no fun ..." says the nurse as she leave. "OK Ishan, tell me whats wrong?"... "you are direct? why you think something is wrong? " ... "your eyes kid, your eyes. when talked with me out of the blue they were as empty as black hole, yet filled with blood. I appreciate your acting but tell me " ... "I want you to take my custody for which i will pay you 5% of my inheritance?" .... doctor is shocked and tries to lighten the mood by saying, "what you Ambani or something?.... " ."...not Ambani but that 5% currently worth around 10 crores (100 million rupees) its your choice to accept or reject.."
... "and what if i try to go to the court and tell you are bribing a govt doctor then ..." "... why adults lack common sense? you had no right to talk to me without the presence of Rajat and there is no evidence of such talk, if nurse is your evidence then fine she gave me juice and watch me scribbling on a paper... you in??" doctor was very impressed by the kid, "what do you want me to do now?" ... "make sure when we talk there is no one around not even Rajat" ... "that will be easy, but just promise me that you will tell me everything honestly .. " ..." you are willing to put trust in my words?.." ..." not in every men but i know for certain that you won't break it." " hmmmm... ok.. fine"

"I am all ears, let me the story..." .. Ishan laughs at her and says " turn off your phone and removing Rajat from the picture comes first....", she grins and says "alright alright ..." after a couple of minutes  a guy rushes into the doctors cabin, *breaths heavily* " so.. sooo , who drop.. dropped... yo.. you... here " Dr. Khan interrupts in rage " WHO ARE YOUU? blasting into my office. talking to my patient without any consent of mine or his.... SECURITY..." ... The person gets scared and nervous "III.. am Rajat i aammm his.. " Dr. interrupts again, "so you are rajat? hunn who in the right mind lets a child to travel alone to the hospital while you doesn't even care to come on time.." Rajat *breaths heavily* but before he could speaks, "... don't worry i won't complaint to the court.... but on one condition I don't want you near my office when i am talking to Ishan... so please get the fuck out of office, and since you are going out tell the nurse to come in ... now.."

Ishan couldn't believe what just happened, he just sat in shock till the nurse came in. After which nurse left the cabin, being informed to keep an eye on Rajat and he shouldn't be near her cabin eavesdropping. "hey kid!! you here? I just did what you just said?...." says the doctor. "oh hun ahh ahh, ya ya i am here." .. ."Now just tell me this one questions? which is stuck in my mind? why me? why are you trusting me ?? a freaking nobody?" .... "ahh , right can you read out my mother's name? does that ring any bell?" ... "ahh i don't remember anyone with this name ... Aayushi kha... kah how do you say this last name?" ... "oh, ya ignore that last part, her surname before marriage was Sharma, she was with at your school until 9th grade.. if her diary was to be consider true..."
... Dr. Khan tries to remember, "Aayushi... Aayushi... ohhh right!! she left the school because her father's work .. what she upto these days... ??" .... *gets annoyed by her negligence * ...." REALLY? WHAT do you THINK why i am HERE? why i am stuck with that PAIN Rajat?? Huhn? she died!! OK! she died, even burnt to ashes and ashes thrown into the river which looks like gutter" ..... .... ..

Dr. Khan tries to hold her tears in her eyes, takes a deep breath, drinks water and asks," what happened?.. i don't even want to read these documents. Start with the beginning"
Kid takes a sip of his juice and says, "Everything looked normal to my eyes. Nothing looked out of the ordinary that day. We were not here, i mean not in the city. We all went to my mother's village, i was having fun with my grand parents. Everyone was happy, if you capture that mo.. moment it would be called as A Happy Family." Ishan swallows his dry saliva and continues,

After a day, Uncle and Aunt came to my grand parents home. I thought they must have been informed by someone that we came here so, lets have a complete family gathering or something. At the night, my father asked me a question, "who do you think will win the fight between a lion and an elephant? and as for hint always think before you answer." Ishan jumps to conclusion that "of course its lion, king of the jungle .." as his father was about to say something "no.. no.. wait... wait... can i ask a question ?" .. "life is not that fair sunshine.. " ... "stop . ok the one who wants to fight, no.. either the one who wants to protect something or the one who's got nothing to loose.... and that's my answer.. "......

dad smiles.. "what if both are true, let say lion is hungry enough that he will die if he doesn't kill and eat the elephant and for elephant who tries to protect its child? then what??... " .. doctor interrupts " hey heyy ... does that really happened? WHO IS your FATHER, to ask such kind of a question" say this in a weird frustrated tone.. "ya, its really normal. Its his way of teaching me life lessons, if i say something which will be wrong, then he creates similar situation no wait he always creates the situation to test me in real life" saying this the young boy realizes this... "does this mean... he knew... *breaks down and starts crying * ...he knew that he will be dywa.. ing that " the dr. rushes to him sits near him, tries to clam him down but the boy is stuck at "he knew... he knew....."
She tries to explain him "it might just be a coincidence... *nothing was working, she tried making him drink some juice..* lets talk about something else.. ah ..aahhh *what should I say... what should I say..* OKAY!! lets go outside and lighten up our mood.. atleast that what your mom used to do when we were together...." ... "really??" ..."yes, *sighs, even during the lectures... too * let me wipe up your face *wipes his face by her hands* and comeon give me a big smile !!!" .... "No," ....*what is this kid!! he just rejected me with a straight face,.... well he is the son of his mother* ."ahhh huhh ahuh, atleast fake it so, Rajat doesn't gets suspicious of you.... " ... "ok fine!" They both leaves the room..

Lost faith