Chapter 4:

Encounter with a 'Devil'?

My Devil Is A Beautiful Female

Roy starts to feel very tired. He feels his energy slowly being sucked out of him.Bookmark here

*Thud*Bookmark here

Roy falls to the ground on his back, 'What...What's happening to me...' Roy becomes unconscious.Bookmark here

[Atsushi and Takagi POV]Bookmark here

"Where did he go?" Takagi says with a worried lookBookmark here

"That Idiot, how did he get lost?" Atsushi says.Bookmark here

"Should we go back to look for him?" Takagi asks.Bookmark here

Atsushi starts walking back without answering Takagi. Atsushi seems very worried.Bookmark here

Takagi starts following Atsushi.Bookmark here

[Roy POV]Bookmark here

After losing his consciousness Roy wakes up in his subconscious. Roy usually comes here while meditating. It's a technique that helps a person to get stronger. People also call it the 'Subconscious Training Space'.Bookmark here

After waking up it takes him some time to get himself together. Then he remembers that he lost consciousness after trying to pull out that sword. When he tries to get out of the training space something unnatural happens. For some reason, he can't get out of there, and then all of a sudden a crack appears in his training space. His training space fills up with black smoke, the ground is covered with black liquid. It is as if he entered a new dimension!Bookmark here

After a few seconds, the smoke starts to get clear up. When he looks directly in front of him, he sees something, It is pitch black, hardly anything can be seen.Bookmark here

"Wh-what is that?!" Roy says to himself while looking at that 'thing' with sharp eyes. He starts walking toward the 'thing' but out of nowhere, he feels a shock in his mind. He grabs his head with both of his hands, "What's happing now? Ughh..." He starts to scream.Bookmark here

A few minutes later,Bookmark here

"What just happened? I think I managed to get out from the 'Subconscious Training Space' but why can't I move my body? Also, why can't I open my eyes?!"Bookmark here

[Atsushi and Takagi POV]Bookmark here

"Gramps, look here. There is another way!" Takagi says while pointing his finger at something.Bookmark here

Atsushi stands in front of the path that they came out of and says, "Takagi come here, it's an illusion." Atsushi points his finger to the ground, "Can you see the carved line? If you stand on this side, you can see this path and if you stand on that side, you can see that path. It is called the 'Transparent Illusion'."Bookmark here

Takagi puts his hand on his jaw and says, "Now I understand, he went on that side so he lost us."Bookmark here

"Now, let's go. We shouldn't waste our time here." Atsushi says.Bookmark here

They start going on the other path. After walking for a few minutes they come across a big door.Bookmark here

"FUCK! This is the boss room!" Atsushi with a warry faceBookmark here

"For real? Did he go in?!" Takagi saysBookmark here

Atsushi walks closer to the door, he pushes it and opens the door effortlessly. Atsushi sees something that scares him.Bookmark here

"ROY!" Atsushi sees Roy is laying on the ground as if he is dead.Bookmark here

Takagi and Atsushi run toward RoyBookmark here

"Roy...Roy...Roy, Wake up, Roy!" Both are trying to wake him up but Roy is not replying.Bookmark here

[Roys POV]Bookmark here

"Wait, the ground is shaking! Is someone opening the door?" Roy thinks inwardly.Bookmark here

"Yes!, this is the voice of gramps and Takagi but I can't move. Ughhhhh, move body just a little" Roy is trying to move his body.Bookmark here

"DAMN IT! This isn't working. But at least I am breathing" Roy thinks to himself.Bookmark here

[Atsushi and Takagi POV]Bookmark here

Takagi holds Roy's hand and checks his pulse.Bookmark here

"Gramps, he is alive!" Takagi says with a relieved look.Bookmark here

"Takagi pick him up." Atsushi says.Bookmark here

"Wait what, why me?" Takagi says with an annoyed face.Bookmark here

"I told you, that's why." Atsushi starts walking toward the door.Bookmark here

Takagi moves his hand to pick Roy up. While trying to pick him up he sees two swords.Bookmark here

'Huh? Two swords? When did he start using two swords?' Takagi thinks while picking up both of his swords. Then he picks up Roy.Bookmark here

[Roy POV]Bookmark here

'Wha-is someone giving me a princess carry?' Roy thinksBookmark here

_Bookmark here

_Bookmark here

They reach their house.Bookmark here

"Hey, you guys are ba-" Saika stops talking after seeing Roy.Bookmark here

"What happened to him?" Saika runs toward Takagi who is carrying Roy.Bookmark here

"He is alive, you don't have to cry." Takagi says.Bookmark here

"I-I am not crying." Saika replies.Bookmark here

"Take him to his room and treat him." Atsushi says to Saika.Bookmark here

Saika nods in agreement and goes to his room with Roy.Bookmark here

-Bookmark here

-Bookmark here

After a while, Saika comes back from Roy's room.Bookmark here

"How is he Saika?" Takagi asks.Bookmark here

Takagi is waiting downstairs but Atsushi isn't.Bookmark here

"He is fine." Saika replies.Bookmark here

Roy is laying on the bed.Bookmark here

A guy can be seen sitting on the chair next to his bed. He has short blond hair, black sharp eyes, he is wearing a black t-shirt, gray jeans and also he is wearing a black cloak.Bookmark here

"Is he alright Otsuka?" Atsushi asks.Bookmark here

"Yes Sir, he is alright. For now, he is just unconscious. For some unknown reason, he has a seal on him. The seal was blocking him from regaining his consciousness. So I planted a undo spell to break the seal. For now, pour this Aloe-Vero extract on the magic circle, it will automatically go into his body. The seal will break after a few hours." Otsuka says to Atsushi who is standing next to him.Bookmark here

"Oh, thank you very much." Atsushi says politely.Bookmark here

Otsuka stands up and turns toward Atsushi and bows a little," Sir, please don't say that. It's my honor to help someone like you."Bookmark here

_Bookmark here

_Bookmark here

A few hours later,Bookmark here

*Step* *Step*Bookmark here

A boy comes down from upstairs. He goes to the kitchen and sits on a chair. He is wearing a blue t-shirt, gray shorts that reach his knees. It was Roy.Bookmark here

Right after his seal breaks, he gets very hungry. There is a plate of rice and meat. He starts eating like a beast as if he hasn't had a meal in 3-4 days.Bookmark here

"Hey, you woke up!" Takagi says with a smile but the smile doesn't last long as he sees Roy eating his food.Bookmark here

Roy suddenly feels the killing intent that is being directed at him. He looks at Takagi and sees a creepy smile.Bookmark here

"Why. Are. You. Eating. My. Food?" Takagi says while gazing angrily at RoyBookmark here

*Gulp*Bookmark here

Roy gulps and says, "Sorry?"Bookmark here

Takagi just stares at Roy.Bookmark here

Roy continues to eat and says, "I mm hunnry, so jst lt mw et"Bookmark here

"SHUT UP! I can't understand you." Takagi says with an angry look.Bookmark here

Roy finishes eating.Bookmark here

"Where is Saika? She was in your room, right?" Takagi asksBookmark here

"Yeah, she is in my room. She was sleeping beside me when i woke up, so i just put the blanket on her and came downstairs."Bookmark here

Both of them are quiet.Bookmark here

Takagi breaks the silence,Bookmark here

"I saw another sword beside your sword. When did you start using two swords?" Takagi asks with a curious look.Bookmark here

"Oh, I found it in the dungeon." Roy replies.Bookmark here

"And more importantly, what happened back there?" Takagi asks with a confusing face.Bookmark here

Roy is about to say something when all of a sudden Atsushi enters the kitchen. By the expression on his face, he looked happy and shocked at the same time.Bookmark here

He goes closer to Roy and hugs him.Bookmark here

"Gramps don't worry, I am completely fine"Bookmark here

Atsushi sits next to Tagaki and asks the same question, "How did this happen?"Bookmark here

"I don't know, I was thinking something and when I looked around you guys were not there. Then I started walking on my own and came across a big door. I went inside it but after that...I can't remember what happened." Roy looks down after saying that.Bookmark here

"Well, forget about it. But be careful from now." Atsushi says.Bookmark here

Takagi stands up and goes outside.Bookmark here

Roy also stands up and follows Takagi.Bookmark here

Takagi is sitting on the balcony wall.Bookmark here

Roy pokes him from behind and says with a smirk, "Two more days till 'Paradise of Madagascar'."Bookmark here

Takagi turns back and gives an evil smile at Roy.Bookmark here

...To Be ContinuedBookmark here

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