Chapter 5:


My Devil Is A Beautiful Female

Roy says with a smirk, "Two more days till 'Paradise of Madagascar'."Bookmark here

Takagi turns back and gives an evil smile at Roy.Bookmark here

"Paradise of Madagascar! The place where it will all begin. The start of our journey!" Takagi says with a confident smile.Bookmark here

Roy walks and sits beside Takagi and says, "What Do you think Takagi? Are we strong enough to start our journey?"Bookmark here

Takagi stands up, puts his hand on his pocket, and says "I Don't know about you, but I am definitely strong enough to start the journey." while going back inside the house.Bookmark here

_Bookmark here

_Bookmark here

Takagi and Roy are sitting on chairs. Atsushi enters the room and sits in front of them.Bookmark here

"So, why did you call us here?" Takagi asks politelyBookmark here

Roy also nods with Takagi's question.Bookmark here

"Hmmm...Tomorrow morning is the day. Let me tell you guys one more time, I am Atsushi Sho, I served the world government as a dog for almost 50 years of my life and retired with the rank of General and a respectful title 'Monster of the Mist'."Bookmark here

"Why are saying this again?" Roy asks with a boring lookBookmark here

"To remind you that hard work always pays off." Atsushi says.Bookmark here

Atsushi looks at Roy and says, "Your grandfather, Soichiro Yagami was also a great man, he was respected as someone great. So, you guys have to work hard and make us proud. And also make your name known as the strongest! One more thing, you guys will be 'Rookies' if you guys pass the test."Bookmark here

"Rookies?" Both Takagi and Roy say.Bookmark here

"If anyone joins the 'Knights', they start off as Rookies" Atsushi explains to both of them.Bookmark here

"What's after Rookie?" Roy asks.Bookmark here

"After Rookie is Veteran, then Sargent, Specialist, Chief Sargent, General, Divine Commander, and finally 'The Supreme King'!" Atsushi replies.Bookmark here

"The Supreme King!" Takagi says.Bookmark here

"Supposedly, The strongest person alive! The one who rules the 'world'!" Roy says.Bookmark here

-Bookmark here

-Bookmark here

At night,Bookmark here

Roy is in his room, laying on the bed.Bookmark here

'Tomorrow, the beginning of my journey. I have to say goodbye to gramps and Saika.' Roy thinks inwardly with a sad expression while looking at the ceiling. 'I should sleep now, I have to wake up early in the morning.' Roy thinks while closing his eyes.Bookmark here

After a few minutes, he falls asleep. But for some unknown reason, he wakes up in his training space.Bookmark here

'Where am I? How did I get here?' Roy is floating in the air inside his subconscious training space. Roy comes down and lands on the ground that is covered with black water. 'Why do I keep coming here?' Roy questions himself.Bookmark here

"It's that thing again." Roy thinks out loud. Roy starts walking towards that 'thing'.Bookmark here

When he gets close, he sees a girl laying on the ground. Around her is a magic circle, which seems like a confining magic circle.Bookmark here

Roy is standing there with his eyes wide open.Bookmark here

The girl that was in front of Roy laying on the ground is beautiful! She looks like an angel. Roy is just staring at that girl.Bookmark here

He tries to get even closer to that girl but when he tries to get closer something electrocutes his whole body.Bookmark here

"Ouchh! What was that?" Roy exclaims.Bookmark here

Suddenly the girl opens her eyes. Roy's head starts to hurt again.Bookmark here

"Ughh. This again?!" Roy screams out in pain.Bookmark here

[Atsushi POV]Bookmark here

'Hmm? What is this wicked aura?!' Atsushi says in a strident voice.Bookmark here

He senses some kind of evil aura coming from the direction of Roy's room. So, he goes to Roy's room to check what is emitting this aura.Bookmark here

*Knock* *Knock*Bookmark here

"Roy, I am coming in."Bookmark here

*Creak*Bookmark here

Atsushi opens the door and sees Roy sitting on his bed.Bookmark here

"Wh-what's wrong gramps?" Roy says in a wobbly voice. Roy's whole body was covered in sweat and he was shaking uncontrollably.Bookmark here

"Nothing." Atsushi says and thinks to himself, 'Did I just imagine it?'Bookmark here

Atsushi turns around and says before leaving, "Sleep, it's already late. You have to wake up early tomorrow."Bookmark here

"Okay." Roy says.Bookmark here

The next morning,Bookmark here

"Gramps, take care of yourself." Takagi says.Bookmark here

"You don't have to tell me that. Just go now." Atushi says and continues while looking at Roy, "Brat, you are not gonna say anything?"Bookmark here

"Hmm? Why?" Roy says.Bookmark here

"BRAT!" Atsushi yells.Bookmark here

"Grandpa, leave him be. I am sure he is sad about leaving." Saika says with a brittle voice.Bookmark here

"No, I am not." Roy says.Bookmark here

She hugs him tightly and says, "You're not sad about leaving me behind?"Bookmark here

"Kinda, I will miss your cooking tho." Roy says. Roy blushes a little when he feels Saika's F-cup boobs touching his chest.Bookmark here

Saika tightens her hug and says, "I am gonna miss you."Bookmark here

'Whoa! There are touching me!' Roy thinks inwardly.Bookmark here

"Yeah, I am gonna miss you too." Roys says.Bookmark here

Saika's eyes widen in shock. She releases the hug and stares at Roy's face.Bookmark here

"We are off th-" Roy is going to say something but he gets interrupted when something unexpected happens.Bookmark here

Saika kisses Roy and says, "Please be safe." with a fruity voice.Bookmark here

Roy's cheek redden. He nods and turns around.Bookmark here

"W-we are going then." Roy says in a flushed state.Bookmark here

Roy then starts walking as fast as he can as if he wants to escape reality.Bookmark here

Takagi and Atsushi just watch the whole scene with their mouths wide open.Bookmark here

"Wh-w-what...just happened...?" Atsushi says in a wheezy voice.Bookmark here

"I-I don't kn-know..." Takagi says.Bookmark here

-Bookmark here

-Bookmark here

Roy and Takagi are walking.Bookmark here

Because of what happened earlier both of them are quiet.Bookmark here

'This is so awkward!' Roy thinks inwardly. 'Sa-Saika kissed me.' Roy blushes after remembering the scene in his head.Bookmark here

Roy tries to break the awkwardness between them. "S-so, do you think you are gonna pass the exam?"Bookmark here

Takagi looks at Roy with emotionless eyes as if he wants to kill Roy. But he controls himself and says, "Of course. You better hope that you don't face me in a match in the exam. Because if you do I 'will' kill you!"Bookmark here

*Gulp*Bookmark here

"W-why?" Roy gulps.Bookmark here


"But, I d-didn't kiss her." Roy says in a low tone.Bookmark here

Takagi just glares at Roy.Bookmark here

After that Roy and Takagi just keep on walking without saying a word to each other.Bookmark here

Suddenly they hear a voice from behind.Bookmark here

"Hey, wait for me Takagi"Bookmark here

"Oh hey, Kento!" Takagi saysBookmark here

A boy runs up to them. He has blue eyes like the ocean. His hair is also blue, he is wearing a teal-colored shirt, black pants, and his hands are wrapped in white bandages.Bookmark here

Takagi and Kento start talking to each other.Bookmark here

They just ignore Roy as if he isn't even there.Bookmark here

After walking for a few minutes they arrive in front of a carriage. The carriage is medium-sized. But big enough to fit four people. The carriage is run by two horses.Bookmark here

"Let's get in!" Kento saysBookmark here

...To Be ContinuedBookmark here

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