Chapter 12:

Powers shouldn't just be handed out, right!?

It's My First Day at My New School and I'm Already in a Yuri Harem!?

"What happened to your nose!?" One of Jason's boys yelled in surprise when he saw his boss hold a bloody cloth to his nose.

"You've never gotten your ass handed to ya before. I told you that you shouldn't have messed with her." Said the student that tried to warn Jason.

"I didn't get anything handed to me! She just got a lucky shot…" He still couldn't think of an explanation on how she managed to do what she did. Was she just that fast?

"Huh? Which one got a lucky shot?"

"Daisy, who else!?"

"She did that!?" The guy thought it was one of the yanderes that kicked his ass for messing with their girlfriend.

"Bro, why are you acting so surprised? You're the one that warned him about her." The other student said.

Jason grabbed the guy and picked him up off the ground. "You're trying to piss me off! I get it, you want there to be someone stronger than me. Well tough shit cause like I told her, I'm going to crush her after school."

"Why did you challenge her!?"

"Why do you think!? To teach her to learn her place." Jason threw the student to the ground. He slumped down against the wall and lit a smoke. He didn't have time for this shit and needed to figure out his best attack plan for kicking Daisy's ass.

The guy laying on the ground groaned as he picked himself up. "I wasn't warning you about her. I was warning you about her girlfriends! Jackass!"

"Who cares if she's gay."

"No, you don't understand! She's been branded!"

Jason looked at the guy with a blank expression. His jaw slowly opened and his cigarette fell out of his map.


Is that why she acted so fearless? She knew no one would be stupid enough to attack her…except for me…

Why the hell didn't you say something earlier dumbass!?"

"I fucking tried dude!"

"That's not good enough, what am I going to do now!?"

"How am I supposed to know!? I kept trying to warn you but you wouldn’t listen. I did my part."

"Those three will kill me!"

I have to figure out some way to get out of this…maybe I should flee the country… Jason thought.

"You could try apologizing to her or say it was a joke..." One of the students said.

"Hey what's that smell?" Said the other.

"Hmm? Jason smelled something as well and his pants started feeling warmer. He looked down and saw that his pants were set ablaze by his cigarette. "What the fuck!"

"How did that even happen!? That's almost impossible!" One of the students yelled.

One time Jason kicked a black cat and ever since then bad things always seemed to happen to him, no matter how unlikely. Some called it karma, others divine intervention.

"Who cares, just help me!"

"We got it!" One of the guys took his coat off and started beating the guy's pants with it.

"That's not going to work, we have to stomp it out!" The other said.

"Just pull them off!" Jason yelled as he frantically jumped around.

The two guys shoved him down to the ground and stomped on him till the fire got put out.

Jason groaned as they repeatedly stomped on his crotch.


In the girl's bathroom, Daisy stood in front of the bathroom sink and stared at her reflection with a dead-serious expression.

I always knew that there was something off with me, something that made me different from others. People always said that I was strange and I never knew why, until now.

She dramatically closed her eyes. Daisy thought she now understood how the world worked and had unlocked all the universe's mysteries.

Lily said I'm just slow but that's wrong, I'm not slow or an airhead, I'm an esper! Sis is going to think that I'm so cool when I show her what I can do and is so gonna go brag to her friends and tell them that she has a super awesome sister!

Daisy placed a finger on her chin as she thought about how she used her mind to knock down that bully.

That was really awesome. I need to practice my abilities before our fight after school. It's too soon to get cocky. She had a big dumb cocky smile on her face as she thought this.

"The problem is…I have no idea how I did it. I just waved my hands and whoosh, down he went." She waved her arms as she talked to herself. "Well, I'm never going to learn anything if I don't try it out." Daisy clenched her fists with determination.

She turned away from the mirror and took a deep breath. She then suddenly extended her right arm out in front of her and tried to do something amazing, she didn't care what. "Waaah!" She cried out, thinking that being extra would amplify her power.

From above a drop of water dripped out of the leaky roof and fell to the floor, right in front of the girl. Daisy looked down at the water on the floor. This made the girl take a step back and cover her mouth.

"Whooooaaaa!!…I created water!" She exclaimed as she jumped for joy. After doing something impossible, the only thing that she could think about was the idea of never having to purchase another bottle of water in her life.

Not only can I move things with my mind, I can also control the elements! I have to try out more! Hmm, maybe I can make a bonfire.

Daisy turns towards the school window and again extends her arm. With all her mental energy -which wasn't very much- shouted, "Fire!!!!"

She fully expected the room to get toasty but all that came was silence. Daisy stood there awkwardly as a whole lot of nothing happened.

I-it didn't work. But…I wanted fire…

"Awwww…" Her head drooped down as she puffed her cheeks out.

Daisy was just starting to think of other things to try when she heard a high pitch scream come from outside.


She poked her head outside the bathroom window. Down below there were a group of kids screaming and possibly dancing. One of the kids' pants was on fire.

"Oh my god!" She almost fell out of the window from how excited she was.

No way, it actually worked! W-with these abilities I'm unstoppable. Eve, Alice, and Molly won't be able to pick on me anymore! And not just that. I can help everyone that gets bullied, I'll be like a superhero! And why stop there? I can also…

A growl came from her stomach.

"I wonder what's for lunch?" She said to herself as she walked out of the bathroom.