Chapter 7:


My Devil Is A Beautiful Female

"Before moving on to the second test, Let me introduce myself. I am a General rank knight, the name is Egao Kira." Kira says with a smileBookmark here

"Now, let's start."Bookmark here

Immediately after that, the ground begins shaking. Everyone starts panicking.Bookmark here

Suddenly an Array appears below them. Everyone loses their consciousness for a brief moment and they find themselves in a different environment.Bookmark here

[Roy POV]Bookmark here

'Where am I…A desert?' Roy thinks inwardly with a startled look.Bookmark here

Roy begins to look around if there are any people around but all he sees is an endless Desert. He then senses two mana sources.Bookmark here

"Two people…huh?" Roy thinks out loud.Bookmark here

He then starts walking towards one of the people that he sensed. He is about five miles away from him. Slowly increasing his pace to get there faster, about a minute or two later he begins running. Because of all the sand, he is not able to run as quickly as he could run in a normal field.Bookmark here

-Bookmark here

-Bookmark here

As he comes close to one of the people he sees, a boy standing cluelessly while looking around.Bookmark here

"HEY!" Roy screams from afarBookmark here

"Hmm?" The boy turns his head around and sees Roy walking towards him.Bookmark here

'Another person?' The boy thinks inwardlyBookmark here

The boy is wearing some light armor, underneath the armor the boy is wearing a black shirt, matching his black shirt with silver pants. The boy's eyes are hazel, hair slightly yellow.Bookmark here

Roy gets close to the boy and asks, "Where…are we?" While panting heavily.Bookmark here

"I don't exactly know myself." The boy replies. Then he continues while moving his forward for a handshake, "I am Renjii Kazuyuki. You can call me just Renjii. Glad to meet you."Bookmark here

"I am Roy Yagami." Roy says while handshaking.Bookmark here

"Are we the only ones here?" Renjii asks.Bookmark here

"No, I am pretty sure there is a girl in that direction." Roy says while pointing his finger to their right.Bookmark here

"A girl…? How do you know there is someone else here?" Renjii asks Roy with a puzzled expression.Bookmark here

"I sensed two mana sources. I came towards and found you." Roy says.Bookmark here

"Oh, I see. Let's go towards that girl." Renjii suggests.Bookmark here

Roy then nods his head in agreement.Bookmark here

-Bookmark here

-Bookmark here

After walking for a mile they see a girl heading towards them. When the girl notices them she waves her hands in excitement.Bookmark here

[Takagi's POV]Bookmark here

'What the- where am I?' Takagi talks himselfBookmark here

Takagi gets himself together and starts walking.Bookmark here

The Forest is full of greenery. Branches creaking, feet shuffling through detritus, squirrels chattering, leaves rustling, wind whistling around trunks/disturbing the leaves, birds singing, insects humming, etc.Bookmark here

After walking for a few minutes, he hears people talking. So, he rushes to where the sound is coming from. And he sees two more people.Bookmark here

One of them is a young man, who looks older than Takagi. He is wearing casual clothing. His eyes are brown, hair color black.Bookmark here

And the other one is a girl. She has a beautiful figure, blue eyes, beautiful green hair.Bookmark here

They look at each other.Bookmark here

"Ohh, There was also someone else here." A girl says while looking at TakagiBookmark here

"Where are we?" Takagi asks.Bookmark here

"We are in an illusion array."Bookmark here

"Illusion array? How do you know that?"Bookmark here

"It's my second time trying to become a Knight."Bookmark here

"Oh. Was the previous exam similar to this?" Takagi asks.Bookmark here

"Yeah, it was kinda similar. In the previous exam, we had to escape the illusion array. I don't know what we hav-"Bookmark here

Suddenly they hear a shrill voice saying,Bookmark here

*I hope by now you guys have met your teammates. The second test will begin now! Your goal is to survive until the end. Good Luck*Bookmark here

"Hmm…we have to survive…"Takagi thinks out loud.Bookmark here

"By the way, I am Takagi Sho. Nice to meet you" Takagi introduces himself with a smileBookmark here

"I am Takahiro Hanazaw. Nice to meet you too"Bookmark here

"I am Nanao Arai. Nice to meet with you too"Bookmark here

"So, now that we have introduces ourselves, we should start moving." Takahiro suggests.Bookmark here

They start walking in a random direction.Bookmark here

The Forest is truly beautiful. Giant trees that pierce through the sky. Birds humming, animals running around, beautiful flowers blooming, colorful fruits, mushrooms, etc.Bookmark here

"What a 'Beautiful' place." Nanao says in an astounding voice.Bookmark here

Takagi and Takahiro says, "Yeah!"Bookmark here

[Roy POV]Bookmark here

"Survive…until the end?" Renjii says with a confused look.Bookmark here

The girl comes close to them and begins to introduce herself, "I am Mio Izumi, Nice to meet you."Bookmark here

Mio looks like an elegant lady. She has purple eyes, with the same hair color.Bookmark here

"Nice to meet you too, I am Renjii Kazuyuki and He is Roy Yagami."Bookmark here

Roy nods his head in a greeting gesture.Bookmark here

"So, we are the only ones here, huh?" Mio says.Bookmark here

"Looks like it." Renjii repliesBookmark here

'Hmm…The announcer didn't say a specific amount of ti-.' Roy thinks inwardly but suddenly he feels a very sharp pain in his chest.Bookmark here

As if someone ripped out his heart. But he didn't show any sign of pain on his face.Bookmark here

'The pain is getting worse! I have to get out of here quickly.' Roy thinks to himself with a normal expression on his face.Bookmark here

"So, what do we do no-"Bookmark here

Suddenly a Big Rattle Snake breaks throw the ground and appear behind Mio.Bookmark here

The snake is a big white-colored Rattlesnake. It has black stripes and spots on its body. It is also wearing a crown that seems like it is made from gold and silver.Bookmark here

Mio takes a long step to get away from the snake. She flies backward and lends on her left foot and makes a good distance between her and the snake.Bookmark here

She punches upward in the air and a big fist made out of sand comes out from the ground and hits the snake in the face.Bookmark here

All of a sudden a sword comes flying and slits the snake's throat and immediately the snake dies.Bookmark here

"Huh? Where did my sword go" Roy asked with a baffled look.Bookmark here

Renjii looks at Roy and says "Oh, I am extremely sorry I use my 'Telekinesis' to fly your sword to finish off the snake."Bookmark here

'He uses Telekinesis?' Roy thinks to himself and says "Oh, it's okay. No problem."Bookmark here

"Wow, you have such a strong magic" Mio says with an amazed expression.Bookmark here

"Thank you, you also have such amazing magic." Renjii says with a smile.Bookmark here

Mio looks at Roy and asks him with sparkling eyes, "What is your power?"Bookmark here

Roy who is standing while his hands are in his pocket looks towards Mio and says, "You will find out yourself."Bookmark here

Mio gives a boo expression and says "So ruuuude"Bookmark here

Roy just looks at her with a neutral face.Bookmark here

[Takagi POV]Bookmark here

They walk for about an hour. But the atmosphere suddenly goes quiet.Bookmark here

"Be careful guys, I am feeling something bad" Nanao sayBookmark here

All of a sudden a big toad comes flying from the sky and lands in front of them.Bookmark here

It is a 'Giant' toad that is at least four meters tall. It is Green and Orange colored with black spots.Bookmark here

"What the heck?!" Takahiro saysBookmark here

"Is that a giant toad?" Nanao asksBookmark here

The Toad opens its mouth and spits out a purple liquid toward Takagi. Takagi sees the purple liquid coming towards him, so, he leaps back and takes out his spear.Bookmark here

*EEEK*Bookmark here

"What is that?" Nanao asks with a disgusted face.Bookmark here

The trees surrounding them vaporize because of the purple liquid.Bookmark here

"It's poison!" Takagi shoutsBookmark here

"You guys stay back, I will handle it by myself" Takahiro saysBookmark here

Takahiro runs towards the toadBookmark here

"Hardening Magic: Metal Arm!"Bookmark here

He jumps and gives a hard punch on the toad's head and the toad goes flying back, hitting a tree.Bookmark here

"That was easy." Takahiro says while standing on the toads headBookmark here

"Great job!" Nanao praises TakahiroBookmark here

"Yeah, you're really strong!" Takagi saysBookmark here

"Thanks." Takahiro says while blushing slightlyBookmark here

[Roy POV]Bookmark here

"Why are we walking this way?" Mio asks with a cheerful tone.Bookmark here

"Roy said he sensed a weird presence coming from this direction." Renjii replies.Bookmark here

"Hmm? But I don't sense anything tho…" Mio saysBookmark here

Roy is ahead of them; he looks back at Mio and says, "If you don't wanna come along then just go on your own."Bookmark here

"Hmph!" Mio pouts.Bookmark here

Suddenly a Giant Centipede rises from the sand.Bookmark here

"Whoa! It's massive." Renjii exclaims.Bookmark here

"What the fuck is that?!" Mio shoutsBookmark here

Another Giant Centipede arises from the sand.Bookmark here

"Okaaaayyy. Let's go!" Mio says.Bookmark here

"Yeah, I am ready!" Renjii says in a fired-up voice. Renjii seems excited.Bookmark here

Then Mio starts running in the opposite direction. Renjii who went forward looks back and just stands there in disappointment.Bookmark here

Renjii then uses his telekinesis to bring Mio closer to them.Bookmark here

"H-Hey! What are you doing? Let me down." Mio says while she is floating in the air.Bookmark here

"Why are you running away?" Roy says with a teasing look.Bookmark here

"I-I-I" Mio stutters.Bookmark here

"Renjii, behind you." Roy saysBookmark here

"Hmm..?" Renjii looks back and sees one of the centipedes coming towards him.Bookmark here

Renjii leaps back; he also uses his own telekinesis on himself to fly further back. He then lands on a big rock.Bookmark here

Roy uses his fire magic on his sword to deal more damage to the centipede. Roy jumps in the air, gets his sword ready then in one clean slash, decapitates the centipede.Bookmark here

"That was surprisingly easy." Roy says. After saying that he looks to his left and sees Renjii running around in a circle while the other centipede is following him.Bookmark here

"ROYYY! HELP!" Renjii shouts while running.Bookmark here

*Sigh*Bookmark here

Roy sighs and leaps forward to Renjii.Bookmark here

Roy lifts his hands up and says, "Burn!"Bookmark here

The centipede's whole body lights on fire and the centipede screams out in pain until it completely turned to ashes.Bookmark here

"WOW!" Renjii says with an astonished look.Bookmark here

"You are really strong!" Mio says.Bookmark here

Roy smirks.Bookmark here

To Be Continued…Bookmark here

⁅ ZonePedia ⁆Bookmark here

Name: Mio Izumi || Magic: Sand MagicBookmark here

Name: Renjii Kazuyuki || Magic: TelekinesisBookmark here

Name: Takahiro Hanazaw || Magic: HardeningBookmark here

Name: Nanao Arai || Magic: Crystal MagicBookmark here

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