Chapter 6:

Paradise of Madagascar

My Devil Is A Beautiful Female

After walking for a few minutes they arrive in front of a carriage. The carriage is medium-sized; But big enough to fit four people. The carriage is run by two horses.Bookmark here

"Let's get in!" Kento says with an excited voice.Bookmark here

They reach the 'Paradise of Madagascar' after two hours of traveling by carriage.Bookmark here

Paradise of Madagascar is a place situated inside of Aiokibara. This place is famous around the world for having one of the biggest 'Coliseum' in the world. People know it as 'Gizza'.Bookmark here

As they come closer to Gizza a giant building came into their view. It looks like a colosole compared to humans. The arena looks like a Greekish coliseum arena with this world mixture. Beast and human statues guard the entrance in each respective direction. As they follow the entrance they can see a large ground flatten to make a suitable ground for fighting. The fighting ground is around forty meters per radius. Outside the entrance, there are some counters. People can register to fight in the entrance examination.Bookmark here

"Woah, There are more people than I expected!" Takagi says.Bookmark here

"Yeah, there are a lot of people here!" Kento says with an amazed expressionBookmark here

"Where do we register for the exam?" Roy says while looking around.Bookmark here

"Let's look around and explore this place." Kento suggests.Bookmark here

"Yeah!" Takagi agrees with Kento.Bookmark here

They start walking around the Coliseum.Bookmark here

As they are walking, they come across different food stalls.Bookmark here

"Let's ask one of the stall owners" Kento suggests.Bookmark here

Takagi and Kento start to walk in the direction of the stalls but Roy follows them from behind with silence. For some reason, he is feeling a bit uneasy. From time to time he feels his chest getting stabbed by a sharp object; although no visible wound is seen.Bookmark here

They go near the closest food stall.Bookmark here

"How may I help, sir? Do you need food, sir?"Bookmark here

Kento says while shaking his head, "No, we don't need food. Can you please tell us where the registration office is?"Bookmark here

That food stall owner points his finger to their right and says, "The registration area is that way."Bookmark here

"Thank you." Kento says with a smile.Bookmark here

"Is this your first visit here?" The food stall owner asks.Bookmark here

"Yes. But do people come here often." Kento repliesBookmark here

"Yes, a lot of people do. Because they want to try their luck again the second time when they fail their first attempt at becoming a Knight."Bookmark here

"Oh." Kento exclaims with a surprised lookBookmark here

"You can take the Knight Entrance Exam twice?" Takagi says from behind.Bookmark here

"You can take it as many times as you want." The food stall owner explains.Bookmark here

"Well anyway, thank you for your help." Kento says to the food stall owner.Bookmark here

"You are most welcome." The food stall owner says with a smile.Bookmark here

Roy, Takagi, and Kento walk towards the registration office.Bookmark here

"Hmm? Is this the line for registering?" Takagi asks.Bookmark here

"Yeah, seems like it." Kento replies.Bookmark here

Roy, Takagi, and Kento stand in the line. The line is pretty big. At least fifty people are standing in the line.Bookmark here

After half an hour of waiting in line, their turn finally comes. Roy is the last to register among Takagi and Kento.Bookmark here

"Please fill out this form." The Registration Attendant gives Roy a Piece of paper. In the piece of paper:Bookmark here

[Registration Form for Rookies]Bookmark here

Full Name:Bookmark here

Birth Date:Bookmark here

Special Trait (Your Magic/Ability/Skills):Bookmark here

Country:Bookmark here

Gender:Bookmark here

Age:Bookmark here

"Here." Roy says politely while giving the form back to the registration attendance.Bookmark here

"Your S.No is 269. Oh, you are the last one to register."Bookmark here

"Thanks" Roy says and leaves.Bookmark here

After a few minutes, all of their registration is complete.Bookmark here

"Hey Kento, what's your number?" Takagi asks with a curious look.Bookmark here

Kento replies, "267"Bookmark here

Kento then asks Takagi, "Yours?"Bookmark here

"It's 268" Takagi repliesBookmark here

Kento looks at Roy and asks the same question.Bookmark here

"Mine is 269" Roy replies to KentoBookmark here

-Bookmark here

-Bookmark here

**Announcement**Bookmark here

"Everyone, please come inside of the coliseum. I repeat, please come inside of the coliseum"Bookmark here

Every participant starts to gather inside the coliseum.Bookmark here

Nine people can be seen sitting on 'grand chairs' in a stage-like platform on the second layer of the coliseum.Bookmark here

In the opposite direction of these people, a 'VIP' room is seen. Inside this VIP room, several people are sitting on sofas.Bookmark here

Every participant starts chattering with one another.Bookmark here

All of a sudden a General stands up and comes close to the edge of the stage-like platform. He is gazing down at the participants.Bookmark here

His eyes reflect a crescent moon pattern. He is wearing a yukata along with light armor. He looks omnipotent by the aura he gives off.Bookmark here

Everyone's attention diverts toward him.Bookmark here

*Cough* *Cough*Bookmark here

"I am a General Knight. If you are scared or not prepared then get out."Bookmark here

Everyone starts looking around to see if anyone would get out but no one is leaving.Bookmark here

"Well then. Let's start the test" Immediately after he said that the air starts to change. The atmosphere starts to get heavy!Bookmark here

"What is this pressure?!" Roy says with a surprised lookBookmark here

"What's happening?!" Takagi saysBookmark here

A guy standing next to Roy suddenly falls to the groundBookmark here

"My body feels so heavy!" Roy saysBookmark here

"Yeah, and the pressure is increasing too!" Kento says while looking at the groundBookmark here

"I can't even look up." Takagi saysBookmark here

Ten minutes have passed; the pressure stops.Bookmark here

"Excellent. Congratulations to those who are still standing. You guys pass test one." The General says.Bookmark here

*huff* *huff*Bookmark here

Everyone starts breathing heavily while looking towards the stage.Bookmark here

"And those who have fallen failed!"Bookmark here

Everyone becomes speechless.Bookmark here

"This is not fair." A guy shoutsBookmark here

The General looks at him with killing intent. The guy freeze's in place.Bookmark here

"I make the rules here." The General says with a toneless voiceBookmark here

"Now get out." The General says.Bookmark here

Roughly ten minutes have passed. Everyone who failed left the place.Bookmark here

"Before moving on to the second test, Let me introduce myself. I am a General rank knight, the name is Egao Kira." Kira says with a smileBookmark here

To Be Continued...Bookmark here

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Name: Egao Kira || Magic: UnknownBookmark here

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