Chapter 8:

The Lion

My Devil Is A Beautiful Female

[Takagi POV]Bookmark here

They start walking after defeating the Toad.Bookmark here

They sit under a tree to get some rest.Bookmark here

"So, where are guys from?" Nanao asks.Bookmark here

"I am from-" Before Takagi finishes what he is saying all of a sudden 'three snakes' surround them from three sides.Bookmark here

The snakes are massive. Almost bigger than the toad that they fought earlier.Bookmark here

"Well, we have more things to welcome now." Takagi saysBookmark here

"In this case, I am going to the left one." Nanao says with a smileBookmark here

"I am going for the right one." Takagi says and starts runningBookmark here

"Sigh. I guess I have to take care of this one." Takahiro saysBookmark here

Nanao runs toward the Snake. White smoke starts coming out of her hand; leaving a white trail behind her while running.Bookmark here

When she comes close to the Snake, she jumps and touches the Snake.Bookmark here

"Crystal Magic: Clear Prison!" Bookmark here

Immediately the snake's body gets covered in a clear crystal! The crystal is diamond-shaped and it is fully see-through.Bookmark here

"Crystal Magic: Crystal Arm"Bookmark here

She covers her right fist with crystal then she punches the diamond-shaped crystal that trapped the snake inside.Bookmark here

*CRACK* *Shatter*Bookmark here

The crystal breaks into hundreds of pieces like glass.Bookmark here

"Hardening Magic: Iron Arm!"Bookmark here

Takahiro's arms become Iron fists. He then jumps and punches the snake in its eye. Blood splatters everyone.Bookmark here

*KIEEK*Bookmark here

The snake screams in pain while moving its head left to right.Bookmark here

Takahiro jumps again and hits the snake in the jaw. The snake then falls to the ground and becomes unconscious.Bookmark here

"Wind Magic: Wind Bow!"Bookmark here

Takagi makes a bow out of the wind and shoots an arrow towards the last snake. The arrow pierces the snake's head and the snake falls to the ground.Bookmark here

"Are you guys done as well?" Takagi asksBookmark here

"Yeah." Both Takahiro and Nanao saysBookmark here

"Great Work!" Takagi says.Bookmark here

[Roy POV]Bookmark here

They start walking again; Roy is walking in front of them while Renjii and Mio are following him from behind.Bookmark here

They come to a rocky area and sit near those rocks to get some rest.Bookmark here

For some reason, Roy is feeling uneasy but he doesn't think much of it.Bookmark here

-Bookmark here

-Bookmark here

At night, the atmosphere is very chilly and quiet.Bookmark here

A Lion all of a sudden appears. It has blue eyes that give out an intimidating look. Any beast will shake in fear in front of him. The Lion's body is white and has black stripes.Bookmark here

The Lion's presence is so great that no one can ignore its presence!Bookmark here

Roy instantly wakes up from his sleep when The Lion approaches them.Bookmark here

Roy takes his sword out and takes a defensive position. Then he quietly wakes Mio and Renjii up from their sleep.Bookmark here

After waking up they both get shocked when they sense danger.Bookmark here

"What is that?" Mio says quietly and Renjii is just frozen in place.Bookmark here

"What should we do, Roy?" Mio asks.Bookmark here

"I don't know. Just stay quiet and get ready to escape. At the count of three, run separate ways." Roy says with a quiet voice.Bookmark here

"One…Two..Three! RUN!" Roy screams.Bookmark here

Mio and Roy run in a different direction as The Lion approaches them. But When Roy looks back, he sees Renjii frozen in the same place and The Lion jumps in front of him.Bookmark here

Roy then thinks to himself, 'What is he doing! Why isn't he running?!'Bookmark here

Roy then runs back toward Renjii. The Lion uses its claws to attack Renjii and at that moment Roy appears between Renjii and The Lion. He blocks The Lion's attack with his sword that is covered in flames.Bookmark here

Roy is struggling to block the attack, so, he tries to push Renjii away and in the process, Roy gets hurt by The Lion's claw. But the wound is not deep.Bookmark here

"Ughh! Damn that hurt." Roy says in pain.Bookmark here

After all this, Renjii gets himself together. Then The Lion gets closer to Roy, at that moment Renjii uses his magic to pick up a medium-sized rock and tries to get The Lion's attention by throwing it.Bookmark here

The Lion then focuses his gaze on Renjii. Taking advantage of this, Roy gets up from the ground and gets away from The Lion.Bookmark here

*ROAR*Bookmark here

One of The Lion's abilities is the 'Beast Roar'.Bookmark here

Both of their bodies get frozen in place because of the roar.Bookmark here

'Why isn't my body moving?' Renjii thinks to himselfBookmark here

'Move damn it, move!' Roy says to himself but he is unable to move his bodyBookmark here

The Lion jumps towards Roy but Roy can't do anything to defend himself from The Lion.Bookmark here

'NO!' Renjii screams inwardly.Bookmark here

'So, this is how it ends, huh.' Roy thinks to himselfBookmark here

To Be Continued…Bookmark here

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