Chapter 34:

Epilogue: What Happens Next part 2

Naruto: The Tale of Yuki Uchiha Volume 1 and 2


Days passed since then, and we still hadn’t agreed on a team attack name, but Sui was working hard on one. Though she gave it a rest for tonight as it was Friday, and Tayuya wasn’t going to leave the house if Sui kept asking us for names. I suggested Tasuki as it was all of our names put together, but that also meant our attack was a kimono sash. Not even Sui liked that idea.

“So Yuki, how does it feel to have two beauties on each arm?”

“Honestly, not how I imagined it.” I ignored the looks people gave us as Tayuya’s feet dragged through the ground while we walked to Yakiniku Q. I was effectively pulling her like a child who didn’t want to go to school. “Tayuya… I thought you said you wanted to come?”

“I-I do.”

I waited for a but that never came as she continued to hold onto my arm, weighing me down as much as the scroll on my back. Which for some reason, I had to carry even when I was going out?

“Tayuya, could you at least hold onto Sui?”

“Hell no. If I’m going to drag someone down, it’s going to be you.”

I didn’t know what to say to that, but thankfully Sui chimed in. “Is Tayuya-neesan embarrassed to be meeting our friends?”

“Like I give a shit who you talk to.” Tayuya spat on the ground. “It’s just my legs won’t work.”

“Nervous?” I suggested.

“I already told you—”

“More like she’s afraid.” A white-haired teenage boy with two red dots on his forehead walked up to us dressed in a traditional light lavender kimono giving him a civilian look.

“That’s a weird way to introduce yourself? Mr…”

“Kimimaro.” The teen responded calmly.

“No last name?” Sui asked.

“Just Kimimaro.” His green eyes glazed over us as he looked towards Tayuya. “I’m an orphan, so I don’t have a family name.”

“Wait. Are you friends with Tayuya!” Sui’s eyes sparkled as she barraged the poor guy with questions. “Did you two grow up together by chance? Is she like a little sister to you, or were you two lovers—”

“Okay.” I said, having to put a stop to that. “Sui, you just made this more awkward than I thought you could have.”

“Sorry, I was just curious.”

“It’s fine; if anything, I should apologize for the trouble Tayuya may have caused you.” Kimimaro glanced at Tayuya, who still hadn’t said a word. “She always had a trouble listening back home.”

“So you two do know each other.” Sui said, finally letting go of my hand.

“Yes. We do. Which is actually why I’m here.”

Kimimaro took a step forward, and in an instant, Sui stood face to face with him, blocking his path to Tayuya. I know I didn’t have my Sharingan on, but what the fuck!

They both kicked up their own breeze from moving a couple of steps.

“Are you going to stand in my way?” Kimimaro’s voice didn’t change, nor did I feel his killing intent, but from how Tayuya’s fingers trembled against my arm, it told me he wasn’t the nicest of guys.

The world started to slow down as my hand shifted towards my pockets, but before I could choose which set, Kimimaro spoke.

“You know where to find me Tayuya, and I expect to see you before the night is over.” With that, he disappeared.

“He’s definitely not a civilian.” I muttered, seeing as not a trace of him was left.

“Tayuya are you ok?” Sui asked.

Tayuya’s grip tightened on my arm as her curse mark pulsed. “I-I’m fine.”

“We should just cancel tonight.” Sui said, also not believing Tayuya’s bullshit.

“Or we can tell the Third Hokage since I’m sure someone connected to Orochimaru shouldn’t be here?”

“How—screw you.” Tayuya glared at my red eyes that saw through it all.

“I mean, it was obvious you’re working with the missing-nin. Like, you mentioned his name nonstop in your sleep.” I said, laughing.

“Yuki, I wouldn’t talk so casually about that.” Sui’s eyes filled with concern glanced at Tayuya. “If an ANBU or anyone else who knows about why Orochimaru is listed as a missing-nin, you could get Tayuya in trouble.”

“What he did was that bad?”

“Yes, Tayuya’s curse mark is just one of the many human experiments he conducted on children.” The veins around Sui’s eye pulsed as her Byakugan activated, which I assumed was unintentional since she immediately relaxed her eye. “He’s a disgusting snake worst than Danzō.”

“Shut the fuck up. At least he gave me a choice; Danzo would never do that shit.”

“He gave you the illusion of choice, and now you’re bound to him. Chained up like a dog. That’s why it hurts right? He’s calling for you. I know all about it from Anko’s file. You crave him—”

“I said shut up!” Tayuya lunged at Sui only to be stopped by the wires wrapped around her.

“Guys, we’re not doing this in public.” I said, holding the other end of the wires tightly.

We started to get more and more looks along with whispers as their talk escalated. I expected Tayuya to overreact, but Sui egging her on and talking with such malice surprised even me.

Sui exhaled and smacked her cheeks a couple of times before smiling. “I’m sorry about that Tayuya. I’m sure you’re right. I just don’t like human experiments ok. Now, how about we go and enjoy the rest of our night. We’re late as it is.”

“Do you really think we should—”

“Fine.” Tayuya said as she also seemed to calm down. “I could use something to eat.”

“Uh but—” I felt the wires around my fingers loosen as Sui cut Tayuya free with her chakra-coated hand.

“Thanks Sis.”

“Any thing for my Tayuya-neesan.” Sui latched onto Tayuya ignoring her protests as she rubbed her face against Tayuya’s cheek. I didn’t know what to say, nor did I question how they were able to bounce back from that so quickly; instead, I just decided to enjoy our night.


“Yuki! You’re late. Again.”

I scratched my cheek, trying to avoid Ino’s glare. Even though her eyes were blue, they lit up like fire, making me burn up more than the meat inside of Yakiniku Q.

I looked for help from my teammates, but they had already sat down at the table of… I counted the people sitting at our table, and apparently, leaving the academy messed up my math skills because there should’ve been four at the table with us two standing up. So why did I count nine?

“Ino… Care to explain why there are nine people sitting at the table?”

“Well…” Ino scratched her cheek as she tried to avoid the fire in my eyes. “How about I don’t ask why you’re late, and you don’t ask why our entire class is here.” She then added with slight tears in her eyes. “Minus Sasuke, of course.”

I sighed as we shook hands. “Deal.” Man, I’m going to be broke again!

We took our seats with our teams which just so happened to be next to each other since letting Tayuya sit next to anyone that wasn’t Sui or me would’ve been a disaster.

Though Sui did occasionally give me the stink eye since she had to sit next to Naruto, who—for lack of a better word—was a fuckup. He complained about the place not having ramen, didn’t understand that tables like these were closer, so he’d elbow Sui constantly. I felt terribly sorry for her.

“Naruto! If you keep this up, I’m leaving.” Sakura crossed her arms and muttered. “I don’t even know why I agreed on coming without Sasuke…”

“You agreed on coming because it’s been two weeks since we officially became Genin!” Ino said, taking over the flow of the conversation, which caused Kiba and Naruto to cheer while Hinata looked like she said something as she mimicked Naruto’s fist pump, but I didn’t hear a word.

“Last time we talked about our dreams and—”

“Wait–last time? There was a last time? Why wasn’t I invited!” Naruto slammed his hands on the table, rocking our food.

“Cuz you’re a loser.” Kiba said along with a bark of agreement from Akamaru. “Now if you startle Hinata again. I’ll bite ya.”

“Wait… I scared Hinata.” Naruto looked past Sakura, and she was indeed shaking. “S-sorry Hinata.”

“Um-no-its…” Hinata looked down, her face all red, which made me realize something. Did Hinata have a crush on Naruto? How? He’s like—you know what not my problem.

“It’s alright Hinata.” Sakura said, trying to console her. “Naruto has no clue what he’s doing even after becoming a Genin.”

“Hey!” Naruto slammed on the table again. “I know what I’m doing—” Naruto fell face-first into his plate of food, luckily the plate was empty except for barbeque sauce, so he was fine.

Tayuya removed the flute from her lips, muttering. “Fucking loud mouth piece of trash messing up my meal—”

Tayuya’s insults were interrupted by claps from everyone at the table except for Hinata, who was the only one who asked if Naruto was ok. Sui reassured her he was just put to sleep. I thought Tayuya could only trap people in a terrifying Genjutsu, not put them to sleep, but I wasn’t going to question it.

“Nice going new girl.” Ino said as a lightbulb seemed to pop above her head. “So Tayuya since you’re new here, how about you introduce yourself?”

Sui and I both looked at Ino as if she was crazy, I mean she saw how Tayuya could get—

“Fine.” Tayuya stood up and spoke. “My name is Tayuya Uzumaki. I’m a member of Team 9. Don’t get on my bad side.” She was completely monotone the entire time, but it was better than when we first met her as I didn’t see any blood.

“And that right there is our hero.” Ino said, clapping.

“Great, another dark and brooding. What’s that make, three now?” Kiba said as he slumped on his hand.

“I hope you’re not including me with that.” Shino said as I was sure that swarm of black specks were fleas gathering around him.

“What—No… You’re a bright ray of sunshine Mr. Team Leader. Right Akamaru?” Akamaru hopped out of Kiba’s jacket onto Hinata’s lap, getting further away from Shino. That looks like a fun team.

“Don’t lump me together with you trash.” Tayuya shot back. “We’re worlds apart.”

“Oh, I see why you’re teammates with Yuki.”

“Kiba I already apologized for that!” I wasn’t going to be in dog debt forever.

“Yeah, yeah my sister told me… Wait a second, you’re that girl!”

“Yes Kiba she’s a girl.” Ino sighed. “Now can we please get the conversation back on topic—”

“No I mean she’s the girl that sent two ANBU to the hospital, my sister talked about it, and I saw how hurt Kabura was.” A growl emitted from Kiba. “You got some nerve pretending to be our friend when you pull shit like that.”

“Are you sure you want to bare your fangs at me mutt?”

Tayuya’s killing intent was loud and clear as it even caused Shikamaru to open his eyes from his slumber. He gave me a look that said ‘reign her in,’ or it could’ve been the ‘I hate you’ look that had become a staple in our relationship.

Akamaru let out a whimper as he tried to hole himself deeper into Hinata’s clothing. Even Shino’s insects seemed to recede back into his clothing. Anyone with common sense knew that the difference between Tayuya and them were incomparable, like an ant compared to a man, so when Kiba settled back down Tayuya scoffed.

“That’s what I thought.” Tayuya got out of her seat, heading for the exit as she muttered. “I knew coming here was a mistake.” Leaving the restaurant just like before.

I got up from my own seat, apologizing and ready to give the money to Shikamaru, but I was stopped by Sui, who held onto my arm.

“Let her go, remember last time? Like Sasuke, maybe Tayuya isn’t cut out for this. It’s my fault for convincing her to come.”

“But this is different. Tayuya tried, and it was Kiba’s fault.”

“C’mon, don’t blame me; we all felt it. The blood in the air she’s a killer.”

“We’re all killers Kiba.” I stared at him along with the rest of my “friends” with red eyes. “And if you’re not, then you should quit your dream of becoming a Hokage because even they have to get their hands bloody.” I turned to Sui as she let out a sigh.

“Fine. She’s our teammate, and we should be there for her. Though I’m still mad at her.” Sui said, letting me go.

I threw my wallet filled with Ryo to Shikamaru, who caught it. “Yuki… This better be enough this time.”

“I promise you it is because it’s my, Sui’s, and Tayuya’s earnings from this week.” I watched as Shikamaru counted it while Kiba’s eyes popped out of his head.

“They made that much in a week!”

“I did hear that someone found the diamond ring.” Shino said.

“What! Even we couldn’t find it with all those rats in the way!”

“Yeah, you can also thank Tayuya for that one too, as me and Sui couldn’t have done it alone.”

“Yeah this should cover it, and do I have to start a Yuki wallet collection?” Shikamaru said with a slight twinkle in his lazy brown eyes.

I laughed as I walked away, giving them a slight wave goodbye. Ino and Sakura didn’t follow me that time, and Chōji, the one who orchestrated the whole thing, only had one thing to say.

“I thought food was supposed to bring us together.”


Outside there weren’t many people walking around the village as shops closed up except for the main social spots.

The moon shined bright, followed by a cool breeze that made me think. Maybe we could have another moonlit kiss and stroll once we checked up on Tayuya. I smiled at Sui, whose cheeks were all rosy as I was sure she thought the same thing.

“So we find Tayuya. See that she’s fine. Then go on a date. Just the two of us.” Sui said, swaying backing and forth with a cute smile.

“I’m 100% fine with that.” Being outside away from everyone with just Sui by my side relaxed me more than I thought it would. Well today was supposed to be our date night.

I chuckled as Sui activated her Byakugan and a visible shiver ran through her body. Our fantasy shattered as she said the words. “She’s with Kimimaro.”

“Tch.” No words could describe how I felt at that moment; I just said what was on my mind. “Do we tell the Third Hokage about Tayuya?”

Sui didn’t respond, a shadow cast on her face.

“If what you said is true, then having people who work for Orochimaru infiltrate the village is akin to being invaded by an enemy nation.”

“It’s not that simple.”

“I know that. I mean Tayuya’s our friend—”

Sui laughed. “No Tayuya being here is fine. It’s more about the fact that there shouldn’t be anyone else from Orochimaru’s camp within the village.”

“Wait, how is Tayuya being here fine? Didn’t you say Orochimaru is some kind of child predator?”

“Oh he most certainly is, but Tayuya is here on Danzō’s approval.”

I stared at her, feeling some distance come between us as I stepped back. “Just because Danzō approves something doesn’t mean it’s fine.”

“Yuki…” She let out a sigh. “I wish I could tell you but knowing you. You’ll try to change it, and you can’t.”

Her words distanced us even further, and the voice in the back of my mind screamed at me to hate her for trusting Danzō. Yet saying I can’t do something was the very reason why we’re even together.

I lunged forward, holding her stiff body against my own, choosing to listen to my heart instead of my head. “Sui, do you remember what I said?”

“That you’ll make my wildest dreams come true.” Her voice, a whisper masked by her face buried in my shirt.

“I may have been a kid, hell according to Tenzō I’m still a kid, but I meant it then, and I mean it now.”

Sui gazed into my red eyes that no longer chilled me to the core as I held onto her cheeks, finally proud to look at my reflection in her eye. Our chakras merged as we kissed, blossoming into a light, almost white color.

“Blue and purple makes periwinkle,” I said, laughing. “It’s been a while.”

“Like a twinkling star.” Sui giggled, and I was happy to see that precious smile return to her face.

“Now tell me where Tayuya is so we can have a chat.”

“You know you can’t change her mind right?”

“But I can try.” I said with a wide smile as I pulled away from her longing arms. “And as a plan B, you tell Hiruzen-sensei about Orochimaru infiltrating the village.”

“You know I can’t do that.” Sui said, looking away from me.

“If you want your dreams to come true. You can’t just wish for them.”

“Fine.” Sui sighed as she told me where Tayuya was. “I’ll see what I can do about talking to Hiruzen-sensei.”

“Now that’s the Sui I know and love.”


I scratched my cheek as my face turned into a tomato. “Th-that’s a figure of speech. A joke.”

“Jokes to us, truths to you.” Sui said as a cloak of lightning surged around her body. “Now don’t die before I bring back help ok. That Kimimaro guy he might—no, he’s definitely stronger than Tayuya, and he won’t like you getting in the way of their talks.”

“Don’t worry.” Wind blew around me, kicking up my clothes and hair, the scroll on my back still heavy, but now it was manageable. “I already planned on paying him back for making Tayuya tremble.” That’s right, he was probably the cause of her curse mark acting up and the fear she had.

Sui and I gave each other one last look before heading our separate ways as if it was the last time we were going to see each other.


According to Sui, they were in the outskirts of the village walls within the forest. Her skill with the Byakugan seemed to have improved as I found them shortly after entering the forest. Using the giant trees as cover, I hid, watching them talk from below.

“So you found a suitable vessel should anything happen to me. Lord Orochimaru will be pleased.” Kimimaro said as he stared down at the bowing Tayuya.

“That’s the last of all I have to report.” Tayuya was strangely humble; I couldn’t wait to make fun of her for that. “May I leave now?”

“What’s the rush. Don’t tell me you want to go back to playing pretend.”

“Tch. You know that’s not it Kimimaro.”

“Then what is it, Tayuya?”

An all-white blade sliced past Tayuya’s cheek, giving her a fresh cut. Kimimaro didn’t have a sheath, at least not one that I saw, so I had no clue where the weapon came from. So he has hidden blades underneath his clothing. Noted.

I started to set up my wires; if Tayuya and Sui are both wary of him, I have to hit him with everything. Damn it! How am I going to restock these! Tayuya owes me big time.

I glanced towards my back and wondered if I should take off the scroll, deciding that as much as I wanted to fight without it, I’d rather it get destroyed in the fight than let someone like Orochimaru get it.

That was one of the rules written within the scroll since it apparently contained all the Jutsu that Hiruzen-sensei knew as such destroying it before it fell into the wrong hands was something he trusted me to do. That was also why it could never leave my side.

Once my setup was complete, I watched as Kimimaro gripped onto Tayuya’s hair holding her up.

“Don’t lie to me.” Kimimaro said. “Kabuto came to me and told me of Lord Orochimaru’s complaints about how much trouble your connection with him has been.”

“I. Am. Loyal—”

“Lies!” He pulled his blade back, prepared to mark her face again but stopped once a wired kunai landed at his feet with a trail of fire following it.

“Kimimaro! Move!”

Tayuya’s warning gave him the time to let her go and jump away as the kunai went off, and a cloud of grey smoke covered the area.

“So you two really are comrades.” I said, kneeling down next to Tayuya.

“You threw a fucking smoke bomb.”

“Of course. I’d never kill a comrade. Can you say the same for your friend over there.”

Tayuya swung beside her, punching right through me. I laughed as my hand grazed her butt. She swung once more, sending another punch through my body, and as the smoke cleared, I waved her flute in my hand.

“You should really get a case for this.” I chuckled as she lunged forward, going through another one of my afterimage clones. I couldn’t move fast enough to create more than three, but it was fine since they wouldn’t fool Tayuya anymore without the smoke.

I stood some ways away from Tayuya, stuffing her flute into my pocket. “Just so you know, we’re having a team discussion after I kick your boyfriend's ass.”

“He is not my boyfriend, fucker.”

“Really? I thought you were into abusive pricks like that Orochimaru guy. I mean, that’s why you saved Kimimaro even after he left you that love mark across your pretty face.” I pointed at the line of fresh crimson that still drained down her cheek.

“You better hope that doesn’t leave a scar.”

Tayuya spat at the ground and healed her cheek, removing the cut, then her body froze stiff.

“Did you just refer to Lord Orochimaru as a prick?” Kimimaro unfurled his kimono down to his waist, letting it hang off him like a skirt. He wasn’t particularly ripped, so I had no idea why he’d do that.

“An abusive prick.” I said, correcting him as it seemed that Orochimaru was a touchy subject for him. “And don’t worry, you’re included in that.”

“I see.” Was all he said as he stared at me from afar with the white blade in his hand that resembled something familiar.

“You see?”

“Are you finished?”

“Not the reaction I was hoping for, but yeah, I’m done—”

He appeared before me faster than my Sharingan to keep up with, and if it wasn’t for the wires I had in place, I’d be dead. Ice formed around his legs from the wind, and water-tagged kunai I set up, stopping him just short of piercing my chest with his sword that was actually—

“A humerus.” I muttered as I jumped back deeper into my line of barely visible wires, catching my bearings.

“Ah, so you know about anatomy.” Kimimaro said, effortlessly breaking free from the ice due to the bones that stuck out from his legs.

“Well, when you grow up around dead bodies, you learn a thing or two.” I said, preparing to gain some more distance. If his Jutsu manipulated the bones in his body, I needed to stay as far away from him as possible.

“I see. Is that all?”

“You know you’re very polite for someone who tried to skewer me. Why is that?”

“Is it not normal to have manners—”

“Fire Style: Fire ball Jutsu!” I shot a ball of fire at him then touched the ground. “Earth Style: Earth Turning Palm Jutsu!”

As the fireball was easily blocked by a shield of bone that grew from his arm, Kimimaro dashed at me only for his leg to dip into the ground. Our eyes met as his legs tensed and kunai hit the ground in front of him. All four were wind tagged. Checkmate!

I shot out another breath of fire that flowed along the trail of wires, igniting the wind against the chakra-infused earth. “Improvised Style: Dust-Styled: Atomic Dismantling Jutsu!”

In a flash of light that lit the forest in white, the area in front of me turned to dust, but I wasn’t an idiot. I stomped onto the ground creating a wall of earth that blocked the bone spear aimed for my spine and threw my water kunai into the thick tree branch above, pulling myself up.

“Thank you, Hiruzen-sensei.” I said as the scroll on my back saved my life since it took most of the bone spear that pierced through my earth wall. It was still too thin, or maybe Kimimaro was just that strong, but thankfully the scroll seemed to have absorbed the attack and wasn’t ruined.

Relieved, I looked down and saw that Kimimaro had black lines that looked like blocks spread all across his body, which was undamaged by the explosion. Damnit! I only got stage 1 out of him. I’m so fucked.

“A mid to long-range user that has the ability to use Ice style and Dust style. Impressive.” He stared up at me from below as the markings on his body receded back to the three curves tattooed on his chest. “But after seeing your eyes up close twice now, you can’t seem to keep up with me even without my stage 1 curse mark form. Lord Orochimaru would not be pleased with a vessel like this.”

Kimimaro walked away from me, cutting through the wires as if they weren’t even there. “Tayuya, I have decided that Lord Orochimaru no longer has a use for someone like you. And you shall be replaced by Yuki Uchiha.”

The marks on Tayuya’s neck began to spread, but I knew without her flute, she’d die against Kimimaro. I barely understood what he meant by replacing Tayuya; I assumed he was talking about giving me a mark, forcing me to work for Orochimaru. But not only would I never join someone who’d kill a comrade. I would never let someone precious to me die in front of my eyes again!

“Wait, you can’t do this without Lord Orochimaru’s approval.”

“Lord Orochimaru gave me full control of all four of you so I can do what I believe is best for him.” Kimimaro raised his sword against Tayuya, who still didn’t move, almost as if she was paralyzed.

“Farewell, Tayuya.”

Lightning Style: Chakra Mode.”

Appearing between them, I broke the bone sword with the palm of my hand and struck at his chest with my right palm. Feeling the wind knocked out of him, I slid my foot around, getting into Sui’s stance, following up with my left palm, striking at his right shoulder. Pulling back my right arm only to shoot it at his left hip.

I struck at general spots, not knowing exactly where his chakra points were located. Especially for someone who used his own bones to fight, it’d have been impossible for someone without the Byakugan to ever shut him down. But I tried and tried, hitting him with 6 palms, then 8 palms, 16 palms, and as I knocked him away from me coughing up blood, I said the words as Sui had done.

“Eight Trigrams: Thirty-Two Palms!”

The blue chakra around me faded, revealing my body to be covered in scratches and burns. I collapsed on one knee, my Sharingan fading as blood threw up from my mouth. “And I thought I had gotten better at this.”

“Yuki! You fucking idiot!” Hearing Tayuya’s voice followed by her rough embrace made me smile.

“Even your hugs feel like a man’s.”

“I will fucking murder you.” Tayuya said, laughing. “Telling jokes at a time like this.”

“Who would I be if I didn’t.” I said, chuckling, which turned into a cough of blood. “You should probably run. He’ll be getting up soon. His bones felt like I was hitting iron. I think I broke my hands hitting him.”

“No shit it felt like hitting iron; that’s Kimimaro Kekkei Genkai Shikotsumyaku. He controls the bones in his body, making them as tough as iron. Not even all of the sound four can stop him with our curse marks. Kimimaro’s a monster.”

“Then you should really leave; he wants to kill you.”

“I refuse.” Was all she said as I felt my body stabilize. “If I leave you now, you’ll die. And I’m not going to be in your debt again.”

“So what you’re saying is: we’re going to die together.” I said, staring ahead at Kimimaro who was, as expected, unharmed by the blows. Actually, judging by the broken bones scattered at his feet, he pretty much just regrew parts of his skeletal structure. It was pretty fucking bullshit if you asked me.

“It looks like you have more tricks up your sleeve. Good Job Tayuya, Yuki Uchiha is a worthy replacement, and with the curse mark, he may even be a worthwhile vessel like you say.”

“Oh god here it comes.” I said.


He fucking said it!

“If he’s the vessel, then what would my purpose be?” Kimimaro shook his head. “No, Lord Orochimaru deserves my body, and I’ll prove it by killing him. And should you stand in my way, you’ll die too.”

“Sorry Kimimaro, but Lord Orochimaru specifically requested that I find a Sharingan user as a backup vessel.” Tayuya in her stage 1 curse mark form, stood in front of me prepared to fight without her flute. “You’re the one going against his orders.”

“Lord Orochimaru doesn’t need a backup with me here! My body is fine!” Kimimaro charged us with two bone swords in his hands. Tayuya did the hand signs for her wind Jutsu, but she’d never hit him with it. We were boned.

“God Sui’s going to kill me for dying.” I said as I prayed to God for something. And the bastard responded with a trident-shaped kunai striking the ground in front of me.

“Flying Raijin Level One.”

A blur of red flashed by saying the words. “Rasengan!” As a blast erupted, sending a shockwave through the area. If it wasn’t for Tayuya holding onto me, I would’ve flown away, and that was not how I wanted to fly.

Once the dust settled and my eyes refocused, I recognized the kid’s red hair and his banged-up ANBU uniform, his raven mask was nowhere to be found as he looked at me or, more specifically, at Tayuya. He pulled a red lollipop out of his mouth, giving Tayuya the stink eye.

“Man! She really did have the nerve to order me to save you.” Kurai sighed as he looked even more depressed than Shikamaru. When was the last time he slept?

“I haven’t slept in the last 72 hours, to be exact.” He said, magically reading my mind.

“How did you—”

“Read your mind; I didn’t. I just have done this enough times that I’ve been asked the same question far too many times, and it can be a drag at times.”

“Did you say a drag?”

“I did, and before you say I’m from the Nara clan, no, I am not. I’m an Uzumaki, just like my cousin over there.”

“Ok dumbass, like I told you before, I’m not your cousin, and I'm not really an Uzumaki. I’ve never even met my parents—”

“Yeah, yeah, you see that red hair; it may be a different shade from mine.” Kurai said, pulling at his red hair. “But no one has red hair without being at least part Uzumaki, especially since red hair is a recessive gene.”

“Kimimaro can you please just kill him!”

“Honestly, I agree with Tayuya. I’d rather die than listen to him talk.”

“…” Kurai stared at us almost in tears as he was pierced by a blade of bone. The dust had cleared a while ago, and Kimimaro had a shield of bone that absorbed the shockwave from that… Rasengan, I believed he called it.

“Yes you’re right; he did survive the first Rasengan.” Kurai said, stepping out from behind a tree as the Kurai in front of us turned out to be a clone as it poofed into smoke.

“But can he survive the second?” Another Kurai walked out of the tree line.

“Or the third.” Said another Kurai.

Then another, “Or fourth.”


“Please! Make it fucking stop! This is why I tried to kill you.” Tayuya went grabbing at my pockets searching for her flute.

“You’re not normal are you?” Kimimaro said as he stared at the twenty Kurai clones that surrounded him.

Each Kurai clone held out the palm of their hand, letting their orange chakra swirl until it created a ball of orange spinning chakra. Then, who I assumed was the real one, spoke while standing behind us, pulling out a red lollipop.

“I wouldn’t say I’m weird. But when you spend all your time figuring out algorithms with no one else but a bunch of clones to talk to… You might become a little unhinged.”

“I see.”

“Yup. So when you die, please be sure to say that it was the Red Comet that killed you. I’m trying to catch up with the Yellow Flash.” Kurai then stuck the lollipop back into his mouth, and all of the clones charged him, screaming one word.


Kimimaro didn’t seem to care as he saw through the Kurai clones' weakness. Which is that one killing blow made them disappear, and they weren’t too fast. At least not compared to Kimimaro as he spun around in a sort of dance, weaving past the clones, dodging their Rasengans, and cutting them down.

When he finished, Kimimaro stared at us with a bored look. “Is that it?”

“You know.” Kurai popped the lollipop out of his mouth. “This is why I hate following orders. Waste of my time when I could be using it to break more of the Fourth Hokage’s Jutsus.”

“Yuki Uchiha. I have decided I won’t be killing you.” Kimimaro said, sheathing his bones back into his body. It was pretty gross to watch. “If you’re growing up with ninja like him, you won’t be of any use to Lord Orochimaru.”

Kimimaro pulled up his shirt and tightened back up his kimono, hopping up into a nearby tree. “And Tayuya. Don’t think for a moment I’m letting your disobedience go unchecked. I’ll be sure to discuss your status with Lord Orochimaru.”

“Wait… he’s with Orochimaru?”

We all stared at Kurai, who dropped his lollipop in the grass as he went up in a cloud of smoke, signaling that he was a clone.

“Are all leaf ninja like this?” Kimimaro asked.

“You get used to it, sort of. They’re really bad.” Tayuya said as I was beginning to agree with them. Is the Leaf village really full of weirdos and weaklings?

“I see. Well, my work here is done. I’ll be seeing you soon Tayuya, and you too, Yuki Uchiha.” And with that, Kimimaro disappeared, leaving me and Tayuya alone, at night, in a forest, with a trident-shaped kunai that had some weird markings on it.

“So… Cool boyfriend, you got there. He really gave us a boning.” I said with a wide grin.

“I will fucking kill you.” Tayuya said as she let me rest my head on her lap. “And he’s not my boyfriend, nor is he my ex. I don’t have feelings like that.”

“Not even for me?” I said, teasing her.

“I’m more likely to fuck Sui than you.”

“Tayuya… You scare me with the things you say.”

“I-Is he gone?”

“What the fuck!” Tayuya and I screamed as Kurai appeared next to us, scaring the shit out of us.

“Rude. I’m not that scary looking.” He then took the lollipop out of his mouth, pointing it at us. “Are you two dating?”

“Hell no!” We both said, even though we were currently holding onto each other.

“Hmm, well then, Tayuya please don’t tell Lord Danzō about me interrupting your talks. Sui tricked me, and I had no idea I’d be interfering with their schemes.”

“What schemes?” I said, looking at them both. I still hadn’t figured out what Danzō and Orochimaru had planned, but it probably didn't matter if Kurai was a part of it.

“The same schemes that will have my head blown off if I keep talking about it, and that would be such a drag.”

“A drag?”

“No…” Tayuya facepalmed. “I won’t say shit! Now leave.”

“Oh so you can be nice, noted. Thanks cousin.” Kurai then went up in smoke again, revealing it was another clone.

“So that’s the last member of team K.” I said, sliding back down onto Tayuya’s lap pillow.

“Yeah… I hate those three.”

“Didn’t you only meet them once?”

“One time too many!”

“Rude.” Kurai returned again, taking a lollipop out of his mouth. “Talking behind my back, especially when I just saved your life—Ow!”

We both stared at him rubbing his head as neither of us hit him.

“Alright, before Sui hits me again and cause all of my clones to disappear, I need to tell you something important.”

“Me?” Tayuya said.

“No. Him.” Kurai pointed his lollipop at me.

“Ok… shoot.”

Kurai let out a sigh as if a weight had been lifted off his shoulders. “Alright, so Sui met with the Third Hokage, and his office is in disarray as Team Rou returned.”

“Ok…” I mean, I hadn’t seen them in a while, but that was what ninja did; they went on missions that took weeks, maybe months at a time.

“Yes, well, upon their return, they were gravely injured. Bones, spider webs, and a bunch of other stuff were found with their bodies. Oh, but don’t worry, the important ones returned like Tenzō and Yūgao.”

“…” I stared at him, trying to believe what he just said. “Important ones?

“Yeah… important by Danzō’s metric, not by mine considering that Kou died. I really liked that guy. Oh, and all of the Hokage’s bodies are missing.” Kurai then stuck his lollipop back in his mouth, followed by a crunch.

Kurai gave me a long and hard stare like he was analyzing my expression for my emotions. I never liked ravens.

“These right here are my words.” Kurai opened his mouth and held out his tongue, revealing a black sealing tattoo on it. Once he made sure I saw it, he closed his mouth.

“Tayuya and Sui have already made their choices. Whether you believe it or not. The same can be said for Team K. The question is: whose side do you choose? Yuki Uchiha. Sui says you believe in the Will of Fire, and I did too, at one point, but life has a way of dragging you down. Especially if you’re an Uzumaki.” He then stuck a new lollipop back in his mouth.

“And I guess Uchiha too. Funny. Neither clan has parents.” He said, shaking his head.

With that, instead of disappearing, Kurai picked up the trident-shaped kunai and threw it at a high tree branch. Then, almost like a comet, a blur of red flashed forward, and he appeared on the tree.

“I’ve completed my mission, and now I’m taking this back.” He said picking up the trident shaped kunai and throwing it once more. “I’m looking forward to working with Team 9 in the upcoming mission.”

Kurai gave us a smile before teleporting away in a flash of red, leaving me and Tayuya wondering: what would happen next?

To be continued in Naruto: The Tale of Yuki Uchiha Volume 2

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