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Omake Chapter: The Crimson Wolf Part I (Chapter 1.25)

Naruto: The Tale of Yuki Uchiha Volume 1 and 2

A/N: As a short note, Omake chapters are just side chapters taken from outside of Yuki’s viewpoint. Since Yuki can’t be everywhere at once, I’ll do these as a kind of fun little thing while I take a break from the main story. And since I’m the author, I can say that these things are canon (Haha), but whether or not Yuki knows they happened is up in the air.

Though know that these are completely skippable as not everything that happens would be discussed in the main story. If anything, they will most likely be mentioned as side comments, and if there’s a need for an explanation, then we’ll get it in the main story.

Omake Chapter: The Crimson Wolf Part I (Chapter 1.25)

“I can’t wait for tomorrow! We’ll finally be Genin.”

“We still have to pass the final exams.”

“C’mon, the only idiot in class who can’t do a simple clone technique is Naruto.”

After returning from a two-week mission, Kai Inuzuka—a teen ninja—was finally off duty. All dressed in his casual black fuzzy hoodie, he overheard two academy students as he passed by the Yamanaka flower shop.

“Hey Kabura, you thinking what I’m thinking?” Kai said to his white and grey coated companion, relaxing inside of his jacket. Kabura was a Shiba ninken dog—well, puppy—that closely resembled a wolf and Kai’s best friend. So even when Kabura let out a bark, Kai understood him entirely as if they spoke the same language.

“Yeah, I just hope that she doesn’t think it’s too weird. I mean, the timing’s perfect. She’ll graduate, and I can ask her out without the excuse of us being too far apart.” Kai reasoned with himself, and with an approving bark from Kabura, all he needed to do was enter the shop.

The Yamanaka flower shop was fairly big as they made a large profit selling the best assortment of flowers and other flora. Though Kai wasn’t too interested in buying poisonous plants as most other ninja did since just the smell was enough to make him nauseous.

No, he was there for something more sweet-smelling that contained the perfect beauty of the girl he admired. And when he spotted a bouquet filled with pink flowers, his nonexistent tail wagged. Which was something he should probably fix, but for now, he had to settle for not having a tail.

“Ah, I see you’re eyeing the cherry blossoms.”

Kai looked up to see that it wasn’t the usual florist he was used to, but the girl did closely resemble Inoichi, so Kai assumed this had to be his daughter. The girl in question had long blond hair and baby blue eyes that seemed friendly enough.

“Well since they’re in season right now, we’re having a 25% off sale.” She then lowered her voice in a hush-hush manner and pointed to another bouquet of cherry blossoms. “Also, if you pick those right there. I’ll throw in an extra 10% off.”

Kai looked over at the other set of flowers, and to him, they were too good to be true. He’d come to the store quite often and had a keen eye for flowers—especially cherry blossoms—so he could tell when they were grown by an amateur. Yet these were better than Inoichi’s. The subtle fragrance, the strength within the stem, and not to mention the vibrance of their color… They were perfect.

“What’s the catch?” Kai said, eyeing the now suspicious-looking shopkeeper.

“Catch? What catch? Sorry sir, but we don’t play catch in the store. Even with the Inuzuka clan.”

“Th-that’s not what I meant…”

The shopkeeper placed a finger to her lips and thought for a moment before responding with, “I’m not sure what you mean.”

“These flowers here are better than Inoichi’s, yet you’re selling them for close to half the price. I don’t need to have a dog nose to smell something fishy.” Kai said as he scanned her body, checking for the slightest change in demeanor.

Most folks saw the dog and immediately thought that he was an idiot because his family tended to talk to their animals. The rest of the world just didn’t know that dogs were man’s best friend, and if you treated them right, they were even better than people. Especially since a dog had never scammed him. So obviously, Kai would be suspicious, and once he found her name tag that said: Ino Yamanaka, it dawned on him.

“I’ll be taking the other ones, thank you very much.”

“W-why?” Ino said, confused at his complete 180. “Didn’t you just say they were good?”

“And I changed my mind.”

“A-are you sure?”

Kai grabbed the nearest bouquet of pink flowers, being sure to avoid the one Ino had pointed out, and pulled out the Ryo he needed to purchase them.

“I’m sure.” He said as he gave her the coins and walked out of the store.

Once outside, Kabura barked at him, probably as confused as Ino. I mean, who gives up a 30% off from good flowers. I’d call it a steal and move on, but this is Kai we’re talking about, so I’ll stop talking now. It took a moment, but after walking a bit away from the Yamanaka shop, Kai finally responded to Kabura.

“Listen buddy I thought you’d know after all that time we spent listening to Sakura.”

Kabura barked once more.

“Yeah, I know her head rubs are the best, but you should pay attention when a girl speaks. If you did, you’d know to never trust Inopig. Apparently, she’s a monster that likes to make fun of Sakura’s cute forehead.”

Kabura let out a growl.

“No no it’s fine. She’s a part of the village, and besides, getting banned from the flower shop would be a bad idea.” Kai said, patting down his companion’s fur. “That also means no leaving surprises by their front door.”

Kabura let out a barely audible whimper that Kai seemingly understood as his companion accepting his commands albeit reluctantly. Kabura may not look it due to spending his time lounging inside of Kai’s jacket, but he was fiercely protective over his master’s interests. Which made the command to not leave shit at their doorway one that Kai had to clarify. Yet as Kabura let out a yawn and started to doze off against his chest Kai couldn’t help but smile.

“Rest easy buddy, and while you’re doing that, I’ll prep for tomorrow.”


The very next day, Kai woke up within his home inside the Inuzuka compound. An alarm was blaring to his side and the morning light shined through his bedroom window. Kai snuggled deeper into Kabura as the warmth from the sun soothed him…

Wait a minute. Alarm. Light. Sun. “I’m going to be late!”

Kai bolted up out of his bed only to trip over a bag of dog treats—called Inu-snax, apparently one of the higher quality brands—and landed face first in a puddle of gold.

“Kabura!” Kai screamed, waking up the little pup from a pleasant dream filled with tummy rubs and head scratches.

As such, Kabura did the only sane thing a dog could do when his sleep was disturbed. He went back to sleep. Which left Kai in a pissy situation that he’d pay Kabura back for later, but first, he needed to shower, get dressed, and groom. Judging by the alarm clock, he was only… 2 hours off schedule.

“Alright Kai, you can do this. I mean, you’re an ANBU. Kasai and Kurai both look up to you as the squad leader. Heck, even Danzō praised you on the last mission. Which means you got this.”

And with that Kai scampered off to go do his morning routine, ignoring the disaster that was his bedroom. Meanwhile, Kabura, having heard his best friend’s speech which was pretty much him on extreme levels of copium because no one in their right mind would believe that Team K looked up to him, decided to let Kai dream and, in the meantime, do his best to clean up the room. By first jumping on top of the alarm clock and shutting the damn thing off.

Kabura let out a sigh relieved that he could concentrate. Thoroughly surveying the area, the room was a disaster with clothes, shoes, and food everywhere. Not to mention the amount of fur and hair that littered the floor because no one had been there to clean up for 2 weeks. And the week before they left, it was Kabura’s turn to clean up, like always… Kabura barked and got to work. He was a ninken after all.

When Kai finished, he was back in his daily wear, no longer smelled of dog piss—probably still smelled like dog—and all he had to do was check his scrolls. Since big bags were mostly for overnight trips, it was better to carry scrolls that contained items, and in Kai’s case, he was strictly ordered to keep his ANBU uniform on hand.

“ANBU uniform in case there’s trouble check. Food pills check.” Kai pulled out and stared at the last scroll, which was colored red, with a toothy grin. “Bouquet check. Kabura, let’s get out of here.”

Kabura let out a bark as he was still busy eating breakfast.

“Ok, you can finish up, but only because you cleaned up after yourself,” Kai said, noting that the soaked doggy pad had been removed. Promptly ignoring that everything else was more or less the same as when he left. Yet somehow, they both thought that food crumbs everywhere and an unmade bed meant clean.

“I know you’re still a pup and all, but when are you going to get a handle on that. Toilets are pretty awesome.”

Kabura let out a hmph! As he wolfed down the rest of his kibble and drank up his water.

“I guess you’re not buying that.”

Kabura nodded and jumped into Kai’s jacket, where Kai zipped it up slightly to give his companion a first-class seat. With all things set, he flipped out of the window he tended to leave open as that was faster than taking the stairs. Outside he did his routinely greeting of his fellow clansmen and their companions as mornings were the best time for walks, so everyone was out and about.

At the end, Kai passed by old man Gaku’s place, who would always tell stories of the Third Great Ninja War. This war, having taken place before Kai was even born, always seemed far-fetched, especially with how Gaku described the Fourth Hokage. Something about him being able to fight the Third Raikage and the Eight Tailed Jinchūriki. Kai knew the Fourth was a hero, but some people liked to stretch his feats like how Kurai did whenever the Fourth was mentioned.

“Hey Gaku, how’s it going?”

“About as well as any other day in retirement,” Gaku said with four dogs on a leash.

“It can’t be that bad, considering you’re a breeder and all.”

“I’d rather go out on missions like you than sit home all day.”

“I doubt even you would have liked the mission I was just on,” Kai muttered but forgot that Gaku may be old, but he was still an Inuzuka.

“Haha, yeah I hated those week-long trips to minor towns. The food there was always the worst, and so was camping out. Not to mention the damn fleas.” Gaku scratched his beard as if it was suddenly being attacked.

“Yeah, the bedding was the worst,” Kai said, silently thanking the old man’s need to reminisce as he didn’t want to go through the trouble of lying to him. No one knew what Kai did or even that he was a Root ninja besides—

“Kai Inuzuka! You lazy son of a bitch!”

Hearing the clan’s head, Tsume Inuzuka, call for Kai, Kabura woke up and jumped out of Kai’s jacket, sprinting away. Animals knew when they were about to confront something or someone dangerous, which tended to trigger their fight or flight response. Seeing his companion run for the hills, Kai also knew better than to stay.

“It was nice seeing you Gaku, but I’m already late, and I can’t deal with Tsume right now.” Kai did several hand signs and placed one hand on the ground. “Partial Beast Transformation!”

With that, Kai felt the strength in his body grow before he sprinted off as fast as he could to get away from the Pack Leader. Kai had forgotten to greet her yesterday when he got back home, and it was Inuzuka tradition to welcome the Pact Leader whenever you came back from a long journey or if they came back from a long trip. Most Inuzukas in the past didn’t take the tradition too seriously, but once Gaku stepped down, Tsume made sure to get the Inuzukas back in shape.

She was a monster, and Kai did not feel like tackling a monster before seeing Sakura, so running and hiding his scent was probably the best course of action. However, on his way out Kai took note that Hana wasn’t around, meaning she was probably out on a mission, but other than that, it was a normal day for Kai. That was until he made it to the academy.


Since Kai had missed his morning opportunity with Sakura, he decided to just meet her at school but low and behold, she was with Inopig and some guy. This was someone he’d seen before in various reports, but the memory slipped Kai’s mind due to the sheer jealousy of how devilishly cool he was. All that was left was the final straw of Kai’s ears twitching to the sound of the guy’s voice.

“Geez, you two are hopeless.” The black-haired student said, shaking his head.

“Who the hell do you think you are? Calling Sakura-chan hopeless?” Kai said, blocking the student’s path. He held back a growl as the student bumped into him. Sad he’s not even aware of his surroundings.

Unlike his companion, Kabura let out a bark and growled at the guy for touching his fluffy fur, which was a joy reserved for a select few people. Luckily a voice of reason calmed them both down.

“Ah, it’s you Kai,” Sakura said, her green eyes shined brightly at Kai, calming him down.

Sakura Haruno, was easily the most beautiful girl Kai had ever seen, not to mention the sweetest. To the point that Kai cursed being a year ahead of her since every time he tried to make a move, she’d always reject him using the excuse that she wasn’t a ninja. Which wasn’t true at all. Kai had personally seen how accurate she could make her clones, and her substitution Jutsu wasn’t bad either. Sakura would pass for sure, and Kai was certain she’d be a great ninja.

“Hey Sakura-chan,” Kai said, enamored with Sakura’s pink hair, whose color rivaled that of even the ripest of cherry blossoms.

Kabura also greeted Sakura, but instead of a bark, he jumped out of Kai’s jacket and into Sakura’s arms. She cradled Kabura running her hands through his fur. Oh, how Kai wished he was his best friend but conceded the moment her green eyes were back on him.

“So Kai, what brings you here?” Sakura asked, slightly confused. “I thought you said you’d be on a mission.”

“I was. I got back just yesterday.”

“Really, well I’m happy you came back in one piece.”

Sakura smiled, taking Kai away from reality. He didn’t tell her that while out on the mission, he killed fifteen people. Some of them the same age as her. Some of them as innocent as her. None of them as strong as her. Yet he did it so that her eyes would keep on shining. At least that was the point of the Root. To protect the Leaf in the shadows.

“But,” Sakura glared at him. Uh-Oh “Shouldn’t you be resting?”


“I get you want to see me, but you got to take care of yourself. I bet you didn’t even clean up your room when you got home.”

Kai looked away from her knowing that Sakura would learn the truth from his eyes.

“You didn’t, did you?” Sakura said, pressing on while Kabura opened up a sleepy eye to watch his companion fumble around for an answer.

“I-Uh-it was Kabura’s turn to clean up.”



“You know Kai.” Sakura shook her head. “Sometimes, you make me think that I’ll become an amazing ninja.”

“That’s a good thing, right? Since I truly believe you will.”

Kai took a step forward, one cherry blossom in hand. Sakura didn’t even notice what Kai was doing until she felt his hands on her head as he placed the pink flower in her hair.

“Kai~ What’s this for?”

“A sakura for Sakura.” Kai gave a toothy grin. “They’re in bloom right now, and since you’ll be a genin after today. I want to know—”

Sakura’s eyes widened as she realized how close they were. She had never been so close to a guy before. Kai typically kept his distance, but today was different, and she felt it. Does he really like me? What the fuck is wrong with him-Cha! Damn it Kai! You’re making me nervous before my test!

“—will you be my girlfriend?”

The crowd that formed around them all Oooed in suspense for her response. I mean a Genin asking out an academy student in front of the school. No one would have guessed it would happen, not to mention it was Sakura, of all people. The girl with no friends who stalked Sasuke even more than the other girls in class. How was she the one being asked out by a cool—not in my opinion—older ninja?

“Sorry Kai… You’ll have to give me time to think about it.” Sakura stepped back away from Kai. “I think you’re cool—even amazing—but you being a Genin. Already going out on missions. I—”

“I’m only a year ahead of you.” Kai pleaded, and Kabura barked, trying to help out his companion. “See, even Kabura thinks it’s fine.”

“Yeah, but what do you even see in a girl like me?” Sakura said, followed by a whisper that only those with trained ears heard. “Not even Sasuke notices me.”

Kai clicked his tongue and turned to glare at the black-haired academy student he bumped into earlier. “That Uchiha kid.”

Kabura lunged at the kid, who simply sidestepped his fangs. The kid shook his head and shrugged his shoulders, mocking Kabura. Kai heard his companion’s growl grow louder, signaling he would lose control. That was something Kai couldn’t let happen, so he command whistled, reminding Kabura of himself.

“Wow. Nice reactions, Uchiha brat. You must think you’re so cool.” Kai said, walking past Sakura, not hearing the words: that’s not Sasuke.

“Actually, I don’t think I am. I know I’m cool.” He blew away the strands of hair that covered parts of his face, then smirked. “But I wish the same could be said for you. Getting rejected by an Academy girl when you’re a Genin. Good grief. Maybe you should train more.”

The kid’s smile grew wider as Oooos erupted from the crowd of students.

“I could give you a few pointers. If you want.” He said, egging Kai on.

Yet getting tired of this act, Ino facepalmed. “What the hell are you doing? This is why no one thinks you’re an Uchiha.”

This time Kai snickered. “You should listen to your girlfriend over there.”

“He wishes I was his girlfriend. I’m more of a Sasuke kind of gal like Sakura. And he ain’t Sasuke, so you can buzz off now.” Ino said, making Kai feel like an idiot for jumping the gun.

Ha, maybe I am a loser. Kai thought as he realized what he was getting himself into. Arguing with someone who wasn’t even a fully-fledged ninja and letting his words get to him. Especially since he wasn’t even the right guy. Kai knew he was in the wrong and decided to make things right. If he couldn’t do this, then what right did he have to lead team K.

“Listen man.” Kai let out a sigh as he bowed his head to someone younger than him. The ultimate sign of respect. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know you weren’t—”

“Imagine trying to apologize after you tried to bite my head off. Literally.”

The boy looked down on Kai with eyes shrouded in darkness. Kai didn’t need his Sharingan to tell that this kid’s chakra was purple like his clothes. He was filled with hate that not even his joking demeanor could mask from Kai as he continued to insult him.

“That must be why we didn’t allow stains like you in our clan. No class at all.” The kid said, sticking his hands in his pockets as he backed away with a devilish grin. Taunting Kai. Telling him to do it. I dare you. You’ll lose.

Kai forgot about his position, about the fact that he wasn’t supposed to be a killer inside the village. But Kai wasn’t a stain; he didn’t ask to be born like this. It wasn’t his choice.

The world grew cold for Kai as his nails turned into claws and his once blue eyes filled with rage until they became red with three Tomoe. Kai was an Uchiha and an Inuzuka, a wolf that howled at the crimson moon. The first of his kind and maybe the last as he lunged at the boy who had his own red eyes.

They both felt the chills of their blood, but both could care less in that moment as the words—


—Rang in their ears.

T.K. 月狐
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