Chapter 2:

Fool in town

Runner's High

Fool in town

We entered the island perimeters as Cat becomes a quiet animal carefully analyzing every angle of the road as every other vehicle disappears; He turns on every light of the vehicle and showed a terrifying grin whilst turning on the speakers.
The Pillows.
Kicking up to 152 kilometers an hour, on one hand I held the woman next to me and one on my front hair as to cover the Vii airlines. I then decided to drop down prone whilst the torn papers disappear and the boxes on the passenger seats float as the madman Cat goes full on YOLO disregarding the lives on-board, while also singing his heart out
So that’s there’s no windows.

Hair dancing with the wind forming the stance of an Agni Kai of a mysterious dragon slapping my face and crawling into my mouth… I choke…
This shampoo…
As the song closes its final tune, the star of the show on the edge of his seat garners a thought and turned down the volume…
Really? Just one song?
He slows down as his curiosity peaks preparing for something extravagant.
“Hey Vii… since you just got out of the hospital, let’s have a drink!” he exclaimed as he drifts the booming race truck whilst finishing the sentence and starting another song at maximum volume.
I already see the school as well…shrinking… smally.

We stopped at the Runner’s Isle side of the bridge for parking space and meets a fascinating figure of an Owl… Which scared the shit out of me.
“Owl, look at this face” Cat said as he squeezed my gentle blob figure of my face and lifted my bangs exposing my really large forehead.
Is it the hairline or just the forehead that’s big?
Anyways that’s one insecurity I remember for no reason, and okay. I agree, it is a little bit over the top of my head but… That’s why I have bangs okay. Don’t judge me, damnit. As I talked to myself the wide-eyed woman who Cat called Owl, she was mesmerized of the beauty I hold.
Forehead or Hairline? Owl thought.
“I’m Vii” casually said with the hard intention to break the ice, but the mysterious woman leaned back and blinked simultaneously and had her head twist like spring and blinked again.
Who is this woman? Vii thought.
She smiled as drawn on her face that her charge bar is full and was about to burst out wheezing whilst losing her vocal cords and bending as she held her stomach.
And she did as I thought she would.
“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA” was all that was heard.

The other girl on the other hand who just woke up grabbed Vii’s arm whilst scratching her cute little eyes.
The image of a sassy looking dandere being cute is unmatched! as Cat the degenerate thought.
Owl stopped wheezing and said “Welcome back Cat, and nice to meet you Vii…”
The three then proceeds to walk to the town across the bridge leaving Owl to guard Cat’s so-called vehicle.

“Vii, hold Ame’s hand buddy… And don’t let her go.”
“Ame? Fitting, I guess? HER HAND?!” I said in shock and embarrassment but I quickly realize the familiar feeling of having a medusa watch over you, but instead it was a slithery street full of horny old men calling names.
Ame, the sassy looking emotionless girl was looking around and amazed as she’s seeing fireflies, or more accurately, burning ash floating near a barbecue stand.
Or maybe she’s just hungry.
Anyways yes, I did stare at her cute sassy face as I walk blindly only following Cat’s walking body at the edge of my eyeball until he stopped in front of a little grocery store and said.
“This my friend is where our safe haven for the next semester is”
Sparkled eyes of ours with one person missing, Cat notices first that a fellow degenerate was inside of the safe haven holding a camera, alongside him was the beauty of a thousand angels inside one soul that deemed familiar to mine, it was someone I definitely knew but not remember. Actually, both of them seemed familiar.
“Moose!” Cat shouted at the six-foot man who held the camera.
“Cat!” the man shouted back. What a classic interaction between cat and moose. Small fella and big fella, well I mean…
Is five-foot five small? Anyways the two approached us like a heartbeat.
Mine racing fast that is.
“Remember him Moose?” Cat remarked at the man staring at my hair covered face.
“Hmm, do you find him cute Anne?” he said as he looks at the pretty girl beside her.
“No comment” she replied.
I blushed from her saying that?!
As what Cat first said, I wondered. Does this guy know me before I was hospitalized or something? Am I being disrespectful for not knowing him? Or is he an ex of my cousin…
I stepped back twice…
“My name’s Vii” I said stuttering…
“Anne…” she briefly replied.
Oh okay, is she bluffing or is she blushing to get my attention?
“This is Moose, he was your caretaker at the hospital before your cousin introduced herself”
“Wait, I thought you were my caretaker Cat?”
“Nah, I only watched over you because I wanted to get close to your cousin allot more” He said with a proud grin as a Pinocchio being proud of the truth as the nose shines short.
I do not consent.
His drooling in the thoughts of male heaven was quickly cut short as he remembers the firefly chasing second passenger of his who had gone missing. He gazed at the also drooling passenger of his on Moose’s lovely model and bonks him on the head with an empty plastic bottle littered on the street.
“THE ONLY THING I TELL YOU TO DO?” he shouted at the crouching bonked young man holding his head bump. Without another word, Cat grabs Moose and dashed off to look for the missing firefly chasing sassy-faced dandere, Ame.

It was me and her, alone… On the edge of a town, I don’t know near the sea; I walked closer to the sand, it crunches slightly burying my shoes as I stumble upon this mystical view of the whole Runner’s Isle glimmering upon the night sky floating peacefully on the sea. I was mesmerized.
“Runner’s Isle…”
“A student of Cat I presume?”
“Honestly I don’t know yet…”
“You’ve never been on school grounds before?”
“How did you know?”
“Weren’t you listening? Cat and Moose was just talking about you awhile ago…” She said as she giggles blushing.
Who is this woman?
“Or is it that you were distracted by something? Hmm?”
She then follows a smile as she started to tease me a little bit more with her words.
“Hopefully not by my boobs… Is it?” she said arms crossed as she pretends to look away while also taking quick peeks at my reaction.
Yes, I was staring at her face, not her boobs.
Damn this girl’s obviously an idiot.
“I hate you already…” I said casually…
Steams were clearly coming from this woman’s head as I assume because of what I said, she’s mad about. A classic narcissist, that needs more lessons in life, that’s what she is…
“You just got out of the hospital right?” She asked.
I glanced as she was sitting on the sand actually changing personalities in a matter of seconds, she was serious… Her hair dancing under the moonlight and her face just says it all. Like a lost soul finding its place among the stars so it can shine as much as everyone else.

“What is it that you want to do in life?” she asked… I sighed.

“A thought I never really asked myself since I was so excited on leaving the hospital, I never really think of what I wanted to do once I get out” is what I said and I completely knew it was a lie of course, that question was all there was when you actually feel alone for once. Being brought back to a world after forgetting everything, a second life given to those who deserve it, or so they said…
Am I deserving?
A miracle in itself happened, you remember every little detail one by one, how it happened and how it felt. But in this case, it was different…
“I woke up, I remember nothing…” I muttered.
“Well, that’s just every one of us, right? Oh, did Cat never tell you?”
I sighed, exhaling all the doubts I have for every word this pretty person says. I listened.
“A mandatory Rehabilitation program…”

Words that formed the final puzzle piece I was looking for ever since I awoke on the hospital bed. As the rest of her words blurred my vision, I never understood anything after that. Information travelling and connecting my brain nerves, I could feel every spark.
As she says another few words I was finally brought back to solid ground and hear her remark.
“What a waste of lovely night” she sighed as the two men comes back along with Ame.
Me, who was still processing thoughts finally find something I actually remember wanting in my life before I gone through rehabilitation. I said to myself, I think I know what I want now…
“I want to watch a live orchestra” I muttered
“Orchestra? There’s one at the festival in a few weeks…” said Anne.
Moose from a distance comes closer and closer as he asks
“Festival? Guess who’s entering?”
“What are you entering for Moose?” says Cat.
“Really Cat? Am I that talented to be assumed as entering? Aw, thanks dude. But sadly, no, I’m not entering. Anne here is trying to chase her dream and I’m helping her”
“Moose, come with me for a second” Cat said as he shows a face that he’s never shown me before, oh boy is he unhappy to hear that.
Why though?
As the two argues far behind us, Anne who kept quiet for a while never says another word again as she looks away from us and walks away. As things felt even more uneasy, Ame who was just brought back started to crouch and scream as she squeezes her head unsettlingly. I was in a bad dream…
“WHAT HAPPENED CAT?!” I asked screaming whilst carrying the heavily breathing Ame as tears wash on my loose shirt.
“JUST HOLD HER DOWN!” Cat responded as he quickly starts the pickup truck. We then rushed to the Laboratory school offices to find help. The night breeze on my worried hands holding this cold but tender woman who calmed down as we enter the quiet school grounds.
I just can’t get over how beautiful this girl is…

We wait outside the campus hospital operation room door…
“Explain Cat…”
“I don’t feel like it” he sighed.
As my hand shivers on demanding answers, I stood stupid.
“Go find your cousin, she’s around here somewhere. She’ll tell you everything” he said as he presses the button on his nose just like how my cousin did way back at the hospital. He exhaled… It was blueberry flavored…
A fucking vape…What is wrong with these people?
“Also, don’t get too close to those two…” a sounding advice, though meant to warn me of something I don’t know, I ignore. I am too encapsulated from what’s happening right now.
“A mandatory Rehabilitation program, College?” I said as I walked away slowly, not to look cool but to actually understand where to search first for the actual boss.

What am I doing with my life?

Walking around the hallways and pathways around the campus I stumbled upon the students who seem to be in pairs wherever I go. Semester partner? Mine who just held my arms, not even saying a single word to me… Resting next to me for hours, waving her hair all over the place of course the wind being at fault, and her just disappearing so suddenly; then screaming like she’s mental. And that other girl with that Moose guy, those two must be my soon-to-be classmates later on.
Oh, that girl was pretty as well.
Wait, what was I doing again? Oh yeah…
My cousin… Where would the main office be? Or is she not in the main office? As to this campus being a rehabilitation center, she must be in a hospital office somewhere…
‘she’s around here somewhere’ he said… I’m so dumb…
I said as I stutter and eat my words due to self-embarrassment. Well, that’s one thing narcissists like me don’t like. Clearing my thoughts, I continue to go back to the building where I first started.
I’m so tired…

As the doors of the hospital door make way for my arrival, a woman was dancing on the other side of a see-through, glass-walled office that was definitely muffling the loud banger of a music just booming as she carries a bottle, downing another glass of what I think is vodka.
I salute you, brave woman.
But alas! To who I thought was the most ethical person I knew ever since I came out of the hospital was downing a bottle of vodka alone in a glass office just beside the entrance. It was the actual boss, my cousin…
Oh no…
I slowly open the door to what I presume is the reason why some people call rock demonic, the door unleashed the trapped volumes of loud banging rock carrying out a gust of wind as I stepped inside whilst closing the door immediately behind me.

Apparently… The law of attraction, law of polarity, law of rhythm, law of relativity, law of cause and effect, law of gender and gestation, and the law of perpetual transmutation of energy don’t work on this island; I could be just tripping though… Anyways, I quickly realize that the exaggerated paradise was no myth. The woman who I’m trying to talk to throws me onto the air and I afloat… As I slowly came down, she catches me and squeezes me like a teddy bear rubbing her cheek against mine…
Yep, she reeked of vodka.
Not even trying to squirm, I liked how warm she was. That is… Almost trying to kiss me, not on the lips but on the forehead again, she gets a good look at me and pauses at zen. She exhaled.
“What is life without you…”
As to my dark dictionary of humor, that’s something she just can’t say. Although, her happiness is not something to be trampled, so pure and innocent yet wreaks of sin and anti-bacterial solution. I couldn’t say anything, for I know nothing; that confusion was buried even though I remember so little, I just can’t help but laugh and smile…
at this warm, drunk woman I just wanna punch and hug at the same time.
Drunk as she can be, it was obvious that she possesses no ability to think from such a powerful spell. Therefore, she couldn’t think as she spews out every information I need… It was the exact time to use my gatling gun.
My mouth, obviously…
I rapid-fire questions before she’s going to pass out. My tongue clicks loaded.
Questions about this place, obviously…
“Who am I?”
Words prolonging and as enthusiastic as she can be, she smirks as she sat cross-legged on the office glass table…
“Little brother!!”
Hiccups of her being damn cute.
“What do you do?”
“I work here! Duuuh…”
Forget being cute, damn annoying drunkard
“You work here?”
“YES!! A laboratory school as great as I handle!”
“Rehabilitation Center you mean?”
“Nah, that’s just a myth little brother! Lemme guess, the cat came crawling through that empty head of yours hmmmph??”
“Really? Okay, this one… What happened to me? What am I doing here?”
Her jolly enthusiasm slowly disappears; upward curved lips slowly flatten. Her face went neutral showcasing the deep popping eyebags she possesses. Putting down the bottle slowly as she settles, sitting down on the office recliner.
She’s just as tired as I am…
Filled with guilt, I sat next to her as she sinks in thought of what I just asked. It’s a long pause; I sat awkwardly and manually took my breaths…
so much for a reunion.
I take a breather, as I was about to stand up to take my leave, she rested on my shoulder… Slowly pulling my shirt as she tries to wipe her tears with her other hand… she cries quietly, trying to hold it in… It was too much for me, and too much for her. I sat still…

It was getting late, there were no other person around… Crickets outside, and only her dry, quiet snores.
Good thing this recliner’s huge…

Drenched in sweat and reeking of alcohol; I wake up along with my shattered mental.
Fuck, hangover…
With the thought of having slept with another man, I quickly remembered, this was no man; I’d say not even human. The delicate, remaining entity of my little brother.
Why did I even drink on the day he came back to me?
Just released from the hospital; I forget, he’s just tired as I am.

Leaving him on the recliner, I obviously mopped my vomits from last night first. It’s still four in the morning, I have to clean myself up so I can regain sleep.
This hangover’s nothing!... fuck

Showering thoughts, I never imagined such a miracle. Definitely, this time for sure, regaining your old self or not, you are still my little brother; I swear, I’ll be there for you until the day I die.

Screams echo throughout the campus as the laboratory building quakes from the stampede of uncultivated subjects running through the hallways, it was time for phase two. A naked hungover Moza sneaks quietly to her room as she forgets her towel as loose, wild, adolescence run free.

“So. Let me get this straight, you are the guy who gave birth to me?” The first words I hear from the girl who I thought was a sickly and lacking in the mental department, the girl who out of nowhere disappeared and came back screaming, scaring the shit out of me, a girl I’m certain just near my age-gap is asking me, if I am her mother.
Must be a writer that feline.
Smirking behind the door is a whiskered retard trying to insert incense on the vape installed in his nose, and a cameraman who resembles a horned demon who’d beat the shit out of you if touched.

“How’s our main girl?” asks the feline.
“I mean, she must be okay if she starts asking if I’m her mother”
“Are you?” says the sickly, still shocked for some reason.
“Wait, Ma’am Moza’s your mother?” asks the cameraman blatantly staring at the ass of that girl’s pictures he just took.
Wait, am I in the right planet right now?
“Well, are you my mother?” crawling outside of bed for an answer, not wise sickly child, not wise. Although I have to admit.
Who is she again?
“I mean, does it look like a mother to you?”
“Well, are you implying that mothers should look like their children? Because if you are, I’m near certain that I do not look shit like that, ew.” chuckling afterwards, this cute stranger coughs dry, as I thought, after crying that much last night who the hell could still joke around like you?
“And here I thought you were a sick bastard who can’t even talk. You were a waifu at one point by the way.”
“Says the guy who calls cute girls ‘waifu’. I mean, thanks but no. yuck” Once again, a smirk that could kill a virgin.
Okay. I admit that was a little cringe, but I can’t yield just like that.
as I exhaled and decided to put things in the past, the feline expresses his revelation by exhaling the thickest cloud of incense man has ever seen.
“Cat, this is a hospital room” says the horned demon.
“Yeah, whatever happens, happens. Hey Ame, give him his School ID”
The sick girl gallantly stands up proud of herself; she looks annoyed whilst being sexy at the same time in that clothing, she pulls out something from her pocket and asked “Open that princess hand of yours Vonn Civvi Montague”. It was at that time, everything slowed down.
That virgin moment where just her breathe arouses me.

Slowly rotating her hand, the tall and gentle finger crossed my eyes looking right in the middle, behind that is Miss Amelia Demsum Enanoria uttering the words.
“Jokes on you, not one person here has an identity you little shit!” she says ever so proud of herself looking at the laughing feline behind the door.
Why am I still standing here on the door?
“Two retards and two boring old men in one room, it hasn’t even started yet.” Uttered quietly by the horned demon.
I guess he’s right, I might just be a retard myself.

Creaking metal and breaking glass, a requiem unfolded as the motherfucker chokes on his incense vape from laughing too much, Moose rushed in action as Ame follows him.
Why are they going where the danger’s at? Retards.
As for the feline, he tells me to go after them like a mad man.
“What? NO! I’m not an idiot who goes to where the danger’s at!” I said to the still choking feline, as he desperately fights to speak up; “Ame needs her medication, and she still hasn’t… drank water since last night”

And that my friend is how wannabe-heroes like me die.

The knight in shining armor dashes out the door… Nah that didn’t happen, the first step I took outside the door I see a panicking beast of a naked guy staring at my soul, I hear the door slam beside me.
That damn feline.
This doesn’t quite startle the beast as I slowly notice, the hairless beast seems to catch a scent. It was the horned beast pummelling the naked beast to the ground, a scream by a woman echoed throughout the hallway I stand on.

The sudden rabbit out of the hat, twelve people started running towards me; seeing familiar faces, running in front was the retarded, sickly girl and the model of the cameraman leading the charge. One laughs uncontrollably and one panicking looking like one misstep could cost her life. I ran like the latter girl.

Escaping the building I stopped as I see no one else, peace. As I hear a cracked, dry voice, I peek, it was the sickly girl and another girl chasing her with eyes and mouth wide open resembling a dog chasing a little girl across the backstreets. The two passed me like the wind.
Oh no, I am not getting myself into that.
As I come out of the bush I hid in, bumping into me was a guy blind as fuck that he still ran without anyone beside him thinking I was a rock or something. It was at that moment I see, the pissed-off naked beast looking for revenge but setting eyes on me instead. I traveled between galaxies choking on the water Cat gave me. I stopped at the edge of a waterfall, it was the beautiful horizon scorching the sky in half, dusk.

I raise both my hands, closed my eyes, and uttered the words.
“One day, you’ll leave this world behind; So live a life you will remember. My father told me when I was just a child, these are the nights that will never ever die” I was tackled by the sickly girl crying as she closes her eyes almost pushing me to the edge. The other one jumps, I felt the wind scratching the back of my neck.

The model girl shows up and does the same with the intention of saving her I guess. And came after was the horned demon, jumping as well whilst the sick girl still clings to me.
I now know the strength and power my toes has within.
“I wanna drink water, do you have one on you?” she cutesilly asks. She looks down the waterfall as the others who jumped, climbs up the river shore.
“I’m thirsty” she smirks as she clears her nose.
I’m going to die.

We jump.

Runner's High