Chapter 231:

Chapter 231: Why I Hated You

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 231: Why I Hated You

*As Zeth and Crimson are linked while Zeth consumes Crimson, they both then appear in Zeth’s subconscious. They are sitting on what appears to be the clouds of Heaven during a bright sunny day*

Crimson: So this it, huh? I’m just going to disappear from existence.

Zeth: More like you are just returning to me.

*Crimson looks out to the vast distance*

Crimson: Ever since I met you for the first time in that abandoned town, I hated you. At first, I didn’t understand why. It seemed more than just because you escaped before I could consume you.

Zeth: Did you figure out why?

Crimson: I did eventually. When I came to understand that I was just a rogue part of you, I understood why I hated you. I hated you because my existence was pointless. If I consumed you, we would become whole with me in control and my existence wouldn’t be pointless. Consuming you became the only thing I cared about. It ruled my life.

Zeth: I think I understand you now. Why you are so crazy about it. It was easy for me. I was the tree. I looked at you as just a branch that had fallen off.

Crimson: That’s exactly my point. I didn’t want to be that branch. I wanted to be the tree. After our first battle, even though you escaped, my confidence sored that I would consume you. After I learned who I truly was, I looked down on you even. You were so weak. Why did you get to be the tree? When we met for the second time right after you went through the mansion incident, I was just so excited. I thought it would be an easy fight. I didn’t think you would be any stronger or have any abilities that could threaten me. It was going well but then you used Blood Magic. You easily overpowered me after you activated it. My mind began to go through a complete shock and I was unstable for a while after that day. I just went around from place to place trying to find meaning. Why and how did you defeat me?

Zeth: So when did you become stable again?

Crimson: The day I met that mysterious boy, the son of Zonbi. He decided to help me get on the path to consuming you. That was when I ran into you for a third time during the Enigmus incident. Despite the boy helping me find you, I was no match for you in battle anymore. Even without Blood Magic, you were able to easily defeat me. He saved me from being consumed by you but told me he would not do it again.

Zeth: But yet, during this battle, you were able to catch up to me in strength. What did he do?

Crimson: He was able to motivate me to train. Before this tournament, I had barely trained a day in my life. But I was absolutely desperate to consume you so I trained incredibly hard. In the end, even that was not enough. We fought as equals but the branch will never take down the tree. Here as I am consumed, my life will forever have remained pointless.

*Tears starts to flow down from Crimson’s eyes*

*Zeth puts his hand on Crimson’s shoulder*

Zeth: Your life is not pointless. It’s thanks to your existence that I have met some amazing people. Had Korobu not corrupted my body when I was a baby with the Dark Goddess’s darkness and then my mother not separated it from me, which created your existence, I would have not met great people like my step-parents, Sasha, Kurt, Emily, Joe, Keith, and every other friend I had. It’s only because my mother was forced to hide me in the mortal world that I met those people.

Crimson: Should that make me feel better? Was meeting them that significant? I wouldn’t understand since I was a loner.

Zeth: Of course! Friends are important and they could end up being invaluable help in saving the world.

Crimson: I see…

Zeth: But you are also me. Your life isn’t pointless because my life isn’t pointless. We are technically one and the same.

Crimson: I guess that is true.

*Tears still flow down from his eyes and Zeth stares at him for a few moments*

*Zeth smiles. He stands up and then grabs Crimson’s arm. Crimson looks up at him*

Zeth: So stand up. Embrace this moment. Take happiness in that we are becoming whole again. After all, I can’t fight the darkness from Hell without you joining me.

*Crimson looks up in awe at Zeth*

*Zeth lifts up Crimson by pulling on his arm and Crimson finally starts to smile as the Dark Goddess’s darkness begins to leave his body*

Zeth: Look, the darkness is leaving you.

*They both are standing, looking out to the bright sunshine in the distance*

*Crimson is smiling and is crying tears of joy*

Crimson: For the first time in my life, I feel genuinely happy! Thank you, Zeth! I have no regrets! Thank you for allowing me to rejoin you!

Zeth: That’s the spirit!

*They shake hands as Crimson turns to gold energy and flows into Zeth. Zeth continues to smile as he looks out into the distance*


Narrator: Meanwhile in Heaven.

*Harmona is still meeting with Diamond and Clora*

Harmona: It is done. Zeth has consumed Crimson and became whole again.

Diamond: That’s great news!

Clora: I knew Prince Zeth could do it! The baby that I once gave to his mortal step-parents has grown so strong!

Harmona: (Talking to herself) I’m so proud of you, my son. With your divinity back, you can finally return to your home, here in Heaven.

Narrator: Say goodbye to black-haired Zeth. With Crimson consumed, Zeth’s divinity is now restored and his hair will turn to its natural blonde color.

Chapter 231 END

To be Continued in Chapter 232: Whole Again