Chapter 230:

Chapter 230: Consumption

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 230: Consumption

Narrator: Crimson accesses the Dark Goddess’s power that lies within him!

Zonbi: The black rain. This is the Dark Goddess’s power.

Boy: Can Crimson actually use it? He lacks divinity right now.

Zonbi: I guess we will find out.

*Zeth stands up and forms a Bloody Star Blast and then releases it at Crimson. Crimson uses his new power to smack it away to the side and destroy more of the stadium. Despite this, Zeth’s mind has calmed and the consumption desire suppressed*

Zeth: (Thinking) My mind has calmed. With my consumption desire and Blood Magic in effect, I didn’t even realize just how badly we have destroyed this stadium. My main question is how do I win now? That is the Dark Goddess’s power and it is full of divine energy. Using divine energy without being divine yourself has consequences. I need to find what happens when he uses a lot of it. I need to hurry before my consumption desire takes over again!

*Zeth concentrates a lot of his Blood Magic into his right fist*

Zeth: This should be enough to test.

*Zeth rushes forward toward Crimson and does an extremely powerful punch charged with blood magic but it collides with Crimson’s punch that is charged with the Dark Goddess’s power. They try to overpower each other*

Crimson: Give up!!! The Dark Goddess has the ultimate power!!!

Zeth: I doubt you are even capable of using it correctly!!!

*Soon, Crimson overpowers Zeth and knocks him high into the audience section above his team’s side which has taken the least damage of the stadium. Crimson’s arm begins to tear in multiple spots and his arm becomes very sore. Crimson then screams in pain*

Crimson: Aaahh!!! Why does it hurt!!!?

*Zeth stands up in the audience section*

Zeth: Just as I thought. Those attacks will tear him apart. I just need to last a little longer and then use a proper finishing move.

*Zeth starts salivating as he can feel his consumption desire taking over again. He launches himself toward Crimson and starts attacking with a series of punches. Zeth gets some good hits in before Crimson finally overcomes the pain in his arm and uppercuts Zeth which knocks him straight up*

*Crimson jumps up and kicks Zeth down into the crater that was made in the arena. Crimson then stands at the edge of the crater without going in*

Crimson: You do not have the power to resist this!!

*Crimson then has all the black rain falling from the sky converge on him as he holds out his arms. The falling black rain begins to form a large black ball of dark energy in front of him that is about 3 feet in diameter. Demonic screams can be heard from the black ball*

Boy: Mother, what is that?

Zonbi: It’s called the Sphere of Demons, an attack created by the Dark Goddess. It’s similar to Sasha’s Power of the Dead but instead of taking in power from the dead, it takes in demonic power from demons in the area, including us. It can be a lot bigger than that but even one of that size is strong enough to kill Zeth. Crimson must have completely lost his mind. He can’t consume Zeth if he kills him.

Sasha: This is bad!! That’s one of my mother’s signature abilities!

*Zeth’s consumption desire is suppressed again and he starts to feel fear*

Zeth: Those screams! They are affecting my mental state!

Crimson: Once I hit you with this move, you will be on the brink of death and I will consume you!!!

*Crimson grabs the floating ball of dark divine energy. Crimson is about to throw it at Zeth in the crater but Crimson suddenly feels a lot of pain and the ball begins to shrink until it is the size of a golf ball. Crimson’s body begins to tear all over*

Crimson: Why!!!? Why does this power damage me!!?

*Zeth launches himself up toward Crimson and kicks the ball out of his hands and to the side of the stadium that has collapsed. A blast of dark energy occurs but nobody is caught in it*

Zeth: You just don’t get it!!

*Zeth continuously punches Crimson. Crimson tries to counterpunch but Zeth dodges and punches Crimson hard in the face to knock him back some*

Zeth: You can’t use divine energy without being a divine being!!

Crimson: What the hell are you talking about!!!? We were born from the Light Goddess!!!!

Zeth: When I was split into two beings, the divinity was lost! As a whole, we are a divine being, but split, we are not! Right now, I’m the equivalent of a mortal that can live for 200 years! My Star Magic is based on divine abilities but right now is not charged with divine energy!

*Zeth crosses his arms and puts his hands on the opposite shoulder and he starts to glow a bloody red color*

Zeth: I will win with my next attack!

Crimson: I don’t care what you say!! I will win!!!!

*Crimson charges himself with even more Blood Magic*

*They charge at each other*

Zeth: Blood Saykomera!!

Crimson: Bloody Fracture!!

*Crimson does a chop motion with his arm and an extension of blood magic energy is extended, doing the same motion. It splits open Zeth’s shoulder a bit but he keeps on charging through*

Zeth: Here we go!!!

*Zeth runs right into Crimson and Crimson feels a force of energy just blast right into him. Zeth’s arms move into a different formation*

Zeth: Twenty Auto-Punch!

*Zeth begins punching Crimson twenty times so fast that he finishes in a few seconds*

Zeth: Ascending Kick!

*Zeth kicks Crimson up into the air*

Zeth: Feather Slash!

*Zeth leaps in the air with his arms crossed and zooms towards Crimson like a bird and then slashes Crimson with both of his arms*

Zeth: Diving Torpedo!

*Zeth grabs Crimsons and launches them both downwards toward the arena floor. Zeth crashes Crimson hard into the floor while jumping off at the last second*

Sasha: The Blood Magic must have really helped him with that. I still haven’t seen him pull off a Saykomera Step 3 or beyond in training and he just did a 5 Step Saykomera.

*Crimson lies on the floor barely conscious as his Blood Magic ends and he looks up at Zeth whose blood magic also ends and their appearances return to normal*

Zeth: It’s the end of the line for you.

Crimson: How… How could I lose… to you…?

*Zeth kneels over Crimson and puts his hands on Crimson’s back. Purple energy extends from Zeth’s body and surrounds Crimson*

Narrator: Zeth has defeated Crimson and will now consume him!

Chapter 230 END

To be Continued in Chapter 231: Why I Hated You