Chapter 15:

Chaos In The Woods Part 2

Tales Of The Chosen "Heroes"

Kuran slammed the hilt of his blade right into the temple of a chaos worshipper. His opponent dropped to the ground, and he gave him one more quick slash to his opponent.Bookmark here

Kuran panting took in his surroundings. The chaos worshippers numbered more than he thought, he was unable to even reach the leader with the sheer wave of chaos worshippers that crashed in.Bookmark here

The chaos chief for his part simply stood there with a confident grin, he looked around surveying the field. Even more annoying was that the warlock was nowhere to be found.Bookmark here

Kuran began charging forward towards the chaos chief, only for two more worshippers to intercept him. Kuran quickly raised his blade and began exchanging strikes.Bookmark here

The fight was interrupted by Blake who with a heavy strike brought down one of the chaos worshippers. Blake then moved in on the other chaos worshipper.Bookmark here

“Go ahead, I’ll keep them off of you.” Blake told Kuran as he swung at the chaos worshipper.Bookmark here

“Thanks.” Kuran said quickly before charging towards the chaos chief.Bookmark here

As Kuran approached the chaos chief he gave a lightning-fast downward slash at him. To his shock, the chaos chief without moving from his spot quickly slammed down on the oncoming blade with his axe. The force of the impact sent Kuran back, nearly falling.Bookmark here

“You are a fool.” The chaos chief rumbled.Bookmark here

Kuran rolled his shoulders before raising his sword in front of him. “You’re too confident.” Kuran said before he moved forward.Bookmark here

The chaos chief readied his axe and attempted to cleave him in two. Kuran swiftly weaved to the side. The axe hitting nothing but air. Kuran retaliated with a slash of his own. The chaos chief took a quick step back and was merely scratched by the blade.Bookmark here

Looking down on the small red mark on his arm the chaos chief gave a grunt of discontent. Looking back at Kuran, he rushed in at blinding speed. Cutting and slashing, the chief advanced forward.Bookmark here

Kuran was forced on the back step. Forced to retreat more and more as the chief pressed his attack. Unable to take any of the blow’s head on for fear of being sent flying, Kuran could only avoid.Bookmark here

Kuran tried to read his opponents next movements, but they proved to fast. Kuran spent all his energy trying to avoid each strike, he had no time, no opportunity to strike back.Bookmark here

This is insane. There is no gap in his defence. Kuran’s mind raced as he tried to keep up with the chaos chief. Trying to figure out what was going on in this fight, why he couldn’t capitalize on any opportunity.Bookmark here

Kuran was pressed further back. A gap in Kuran’s defence appeared, the chaos chief didn’t fail to notice. A sideways slash came slamming into his shoulder.Bookmark here

Kuran barely had time try and move with the impact of the blow. Thankfully for him his armoured spaulders on his shoulder were able to absorb the brunt of the slam. The metal and leather stopping the blade from going any deeper.Bookmark here

The force of the blow however sent Kuran flying into the ground. Kuran slammed into the floor with a gasp, air leaving his body. As Kuran turned his head to look up, he saw the chaos chief’s shadow loom over him, axe raised.Bookmark here

A grin appeared on the chaos chief’s face as he brought the axe down. Only it never reached Kuran. Instead, it was the chaos chief that was sent flying away. With the armoured blonde woman as the cause. Her massive teardrop shield slamming into the chaos chief sending him careening away from Kuran.Bookmark here

Kuran blinked at her in surprise as Blake rushed over to him. Helping Kuran back on his feet Blake asked Kuran in concern, “You alright.”Bookmark here

“Arm’s a bit numb, but not broken or bleeding.” Kuran replied through gritted teeth as he rose to his feet.Bookmark here

“Mind if I join this dance?” The blonde woman asked, looking back towards Kuran.Bookmark here

“Be my guest.” Kuran said as he lifted his sword once more.Bookmark here

“Hey, we’ve never actually had a proper introduction, have we?” The woman asked, the entire situation seeming not to bother her. “Name’s Eleanor. You two ready to get back in this?”Bookmark here

“Uh, Blake. Sure.” Blake said.Bookmark here

Kuran gave a simple nod as he stared down the chaos chief. Who at this point was simply brushing of the dirt, an annoyed expression on his face.Bookmark here

“More of you won’t change the outcome.” The chaos chief growled at them. “Come on.”Bookmark here

“So, from what I saw when you fought him, I think the warlock enchanted him.” Eleanor explained.Bookmark here

“So that’s why he was so fast. Wait, how do you know?” Kuran asked.Bookmark here

“Well, I wouldn’t be much of a paladin if I couldn’t notice an enhancement spell now, would I?” She replied.Bookmark here

“Wait, you know magic?” Blake asked.Bookmark here

“Yeah, mainly enhancement and healing based once though. Not like that sorcerer. Now are we going to keep talking or are we going beat that freak?” Eleanor quickly explained.Bookmark here

“Okay then. Do we have a plan?” Blake asked.Bookmark here

“He shouldn’t be able keep up with the three of us. Keep applying pressure.” Eleanor said before moving towards the chaos chief.Bookmark here

Kuran and Blake followed suit, the chaos chief gave a confident grin and waited for them to reach him. Kuran noticed a light glow in the chief’s eyes, the magic enchantment he presumed.Bookmark here

The moment they were in the chaos chief’s reach he swung his axe down. Eleanor quickly brought up her shield taking the hit. Blake flanked the chaos chief on the right side and Kuran darted left.Bookmark here

Blake stabbed towards the chaos chief. The chaos chief brought his axe back and had its pommel smash into Blake’s blade. The blade knocked harmlessly to the side. Kuran darted forward trying to get behind the chaos chief. Only for the chief to thrust forward with his axe, cutting him off. Eleanor now charged forward, only for the axe head to return towards her. With a click of her tongue, she brought her shield up once more, absorbing the heavy strike.Bookmark here

The four continued this dance. Blake and Kuran trying to flank the chaos chief while Eleanor tried to take the brunt of the attacks. However whatever magical enhancements the warlock gave to the chief was working. Able to react and stop whatever the three attempted to do.Bookmark here

But the chaos chief was still alone, still mortal, and all his men were busy dealing with other adventurers and Esterwood soldiers to aid him. The chaos chief was forced to retreat, moving further and further back as the three pressed their attack. Closer towards the more heavily wooded area, closer to losing space for him to retreat.Bookmark here

The chaos chief started to become desperate, and his attacks communicated so. He tried to smash through Blake, charging towards him. Only to have Eleanor replace Blake is a flash and take the charge head on with her shield.Bookmark here

This action also left him open, a quick slash from Kuran across his side drew blood. Snarling in pain he instinctively lurched away from Kuran and into Blake’s in coming blade. Quickly snapping his head to the side, the blade was only able to graze him as he moved himself out of striking range.Bookmark here

A nasty gash across his face appeared. As blood dripped from his cheek the chaos worshipper stared at the three incredulously. Bookmark here

The chaos chief was reaching the end of his rope, Kuran could feel it. It wouldn’t be long before the chaos chief will be beaten.Bookmark here

The chaos chief began to seethe, his breathing became far more agitated. Kuran paused for a moment; he noticed the chaos chief’s body language change. Regripping his axe the chaos warrior gave a massive roar and charged towards them with renewed fervor.Bookmark here

Eleanor moved to the front in intercept him, only to wind up stumbling back from the charging chaos chief. At the same time, a one-handed axe swing came slamming into Kuran. Kuran raised his sword to brace, planted his feet to the ground. The impact caused him to momentarily lose feeling in his arms. The chaos chief used his free hand and smashed it across the jaw of Blake.Bookmark here

A stunned Blake was trying to stay on his feet. The chief then booted Eleanor, the impact sending her further away from him. Using this opportunity, the chaos chief then regripped the axe with both hands and swung it down at Kuran, aiming to cleave him in half.Bookmark here

Kuran brought his sword up and was able to catch the axe blade before it reached him. The force of the blow dropped Kuran down to one knee, the chaos chief pressed his weight down on the axe. Kuran gritted his teeth, before shifting his body to the side, allowing the axe to swing past him. As the chaos chief was pulling back his axe, Kuran slashed towards the chaos chief. His blade made contact, leaving a gash across the chaos chief’s side.Bookmark here

Without so much of a pause the chaos chief slammed his pommel across the head of Kuran. The pommel clanged of Kuran’s helmet, rattling his skull. In retaliation Kuran slashed his blade across the calf of the chaos worshipper, drawing blood once more.Bookmark here

Eleanor then rushed in striking forward with her sword, only for the chaos chief to parry it. However, that left him open for Eleanor to bash her shield into his face. Blake then used this opportunity to join back in and land a slash of his own.Bookmark here

The chaos chief moved back, giving everyone time to gather their bearings.Bookmark here

“Okay… I’m not the only one who found his skin insanely tough right?” Blake asked as he spat out blood.Bookmark here

“Yes. I’m assuming it’s those enchantments he has.” Kuran said.Bookmark here

“Probably. One hell of a warlock.” Eleanor said with annoyance.Bookmark here

“Anyway to get rid of those?” Kuran asked.Bookmark here

“Well unless either of you know any dispelling magic the only way to deal with it is to deal with the caster or wait it out.” She explained.Bookmark here

“And the warlock is no where to be found.” Kuran said with a sigh, then recalled something. “You said you can also cast enhancement spells right?”Bookmark here

“Yeah, but not many and not like what he has. I can make your strikes more powerful, but you would still need to hit him. Also, a time limit for how long it lasts.” She replied.Bookmark here

They watched as the chaos chief quickly checked over his wounds before refocusing on them.Bookmark here

“Use one on me.” Kuran requested.Bookmark here

“You sure? I need time to chant it, you’ll only have a minute, and it will mean one less healing spell.” Eleanor asked.Bookmark here

“Wait until I think we have the time.” He instructed.Bookmark here

“Alright then.” Eleanor said as the chaos chief began to charge towards them again.Bookmark here

As Kuran prepared for his attack he wondered just where in the world the warlock was.Bookmark here

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