Chapter 235:

Chapter 235: The Horrid Truth

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 235: The Horrid Truth

Narrator: It’s time to learn the truth! Harmona drove the dinosaurs to extinction!

*Zeth is in complete shock*

Zeth: …Why? Sending an entire species to extinction… But you’re the goddess of light…

*Harmona looks down with a look of guilt on her face*

Harmona: I’ll understand if you never look at me the same way again. Let me tell you what happened. Before that day over 30,000 years ago, the Zorens, or as humans call them nowadays, the dinosaurs, were a very advanced reptilian species that lived on their own continent separate from humanity. Like humanity, they had social structures and governments. They had diverse body structures. Some were four-legged, some were two-legged, and some were humanoid by standing tall on two legs. However, unlike humans, they decided to go their own path and not follow the goddesses of light or dark. Instead, they turned their worship to their guardian deity. That guardian deity…. was Poleon.

*Zeth and Sasha are shocked by that revelation*

Harmona: Poleon was so beloved by the Zorens that anyone who did follow either of the goddesses were shunned. They would be attacked or even killed by their fellow Zorens.

Zeth: I can’t believe they would do that to others just for being different!

Harmona: As a deity, Poleon was not very powerful. He had the ability to settle domestic disputes but he was nowhere near powerful enough to handle divine disputes. He came to be known as the “Peaceful Guardian” for his ability to settle internal conflicts without violence.

Zeth: But what about the non-worshippers that were being killed?

Harmona: He mainly focused on stopping the big problems. He was able to stop the threat of civil war in their continent but the small things, well, there was only so much he could do. As the Light Goddess, I allowed the Zorens the freedom to not follow me. I was disappointed with the killing of those that did follow me but that’s not why I sent them to extinction.

Zeth: Then why?

Harmona: It was no secret that the Zorens were not that fond of humanity. They avoided open trade with the rest of the world unless it was absolutely necessary. Just over 30,000 years ago, I was getting credible intel that the Zorens were planning an invasion of the human continents. This struck fear in me.

Zeth: Why?

Harmona: Magic was widespread among the Zorens while it was very rare among humanity. If the Zorens invaded, humans would not have stood a chance. The Zorens would have the advantage in every way, even beyond just magic. If you recall, magic did not become common among humans until the Great Chaos that just ended 120 years ago. I had to make the hardest decision I have ever made. I could wait and see and then maybe they wouldn’t invade or I could put a stop to it before it even begins and use one of my ultimate attacks. In hindsight, I could have used my own angel army to fight if they did invade but back then I did not want to use my army in a conflict between mortals. After I spent days thinking about it, I chose to eliminate the threat.

Zeth: What swayed you to that?

Harmona: I believed that as a mortal race, they were too powerful. Magic should not be that widespread. Of course, it makes me sound contradictory considering I gave magic to many humans to help them defend themselves during the Great Chaos but 30,000 years ago was a different time. Standing on the edge of Heaven, I prepared for their extinction. My attack that destroys without discrimination was the “Divine Meteor of the Gods.” Because it does not discriminate on who it kills, it is considered an emergency use only attack.

(Flashback) *In Harmona’s flashback, she raises her left hand. A large meteor forms in it*

*Harmona stares down with a nervous look*

Harmona: This is it…

*Harmona then throws the meteor down through the clouds of Heaven*

*A portal opens in the Earth’s atmosphere and the meteor comes out of it. Some Zorens on the ground look up at the sky*

Zoren 1: What is that!?

Zoren 2: It’s a meteor!!

Zoren 3: No!! I don’t want to die!!!

Zoren 4: Get underground!!!

*The meteor makes impact with the continent and as it hits, an incredible amount of divine power is released and it sweeps across the entire continent, killing everyone in its path*

*As Harmona watches from Heaven, she begins heavily crying and looking up*

Harmona: Mother!! Did I do the right thing!!? I cry!! I cry for the innocents that I just killed!! I cry for those that had no intentions of doing harm to the humans!! And finally, I cry for my own sanity!!!

(End Flashback)


*Harmona is now currently crying. Zeth looks down, feeling guilty. Tears start to flow down his face*

Zeth: I’m sorry, mom. I was starting to feel angry but now I see the emotional toll such a decision was taking on you. *sniff* Please forgive me!

Harmona: No, you had every right to feel angry with me! I made a rash decision! Clora told you how I became the new Light Goddess when I was only 34 years old after my mother had been killed. I was not even close to being ready to be the Light Goddess! I had made a lot of rash decisions! I had to be taught how to be a proper goddess by my angel assistants. But even that could not prepare me to make these kinds of decisions! That would need to be taught by my mother but she never got to that before she died. That is why I refuse to die before you and Zaydra, my heirs, are ready to succeed me!

Zeth: Were you sure they all died?

Harmona: Yes. They were all dead. Not even hiding underground could save them from that attack.

Zeth: What happened to that continent afterward?

Harmona: Humans learned of their extinction and began moving onto the continent to live there. They decided to give the continent a new name. They named it Harmone in honor of me.

*All of the heroes are shocked*

Zeth: Then that means…

Sasha: The land…

Kurt: We have been…

Emily: Living on…

Joe: Was the continent…

Keith: That the Zorens lived on…

*Zeth has a sudden flashback to when the heroes were trying to get to the Swamp Underworld and Mark the Grim Reaper said “It’s the perfect place for a grim reaper. Foolish humans come looking here to search for the abundant amount of dinosaur fossils that are here and then they die trying. Well, they are not really called dinosaurs but that’s what you humans call them.”*

Zeth: (Thinking) I never even stopped to think about what he meant by that. (Now speaking aloud) So how did Poleon survive?

Harmona: As a deity, he was not in the mortal world. Because of his low power, there was nothing he could do to save them. From that day onward, he vowed to avenge them and the “Peaceful Guardian” became the “Vengeful Guardian”. Now he kills anyone in his path that gets between him and what he wants. It appears he is now getting closer and closer to becoming as strong as I am.

Zeth: How will we stop him once he is freed from the seal?

Harmona: I will face him myself. I will give him the fight he desires.

Zeth: But mom! You can’t do that! You can’t risk death!

Harmona: Zeth. You’re my son and I love you. I will not let you get involved in this. His power is too great now. Make no mistake. I do not plan to sacrifice myself for victory. I will defeat him and live.

Zeth: …Okay. I have come to acceptance with all you have told me. Thank you, mom.

Narrator: Harmona has revealed the truth behind the extinction of the Zorens. It was emotionally difficult for Harmona and Zeth has come to the conclusion that she should not be judged for it. One day, Harmona will fight Poleon but right now, the attention shifts to a much more immediate problem.

Chapter 235 END

To be Continued in Chapter 236: The Brother I Never Knew