Chapter 234:

Chapter 234: Vengeful Guardian

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 234: Vengeful Guardian

Narrator: Zaydra returns to Heaven severely wounded from her quest to defeat Poleon! Now, it’s time to find out what happened.

*The heroes, Harmona, and the severely wounded Zaydra are all now in a medical room in Heaven. Zaydra lies on a bed*

Zaydra: I had found and teamed up with Korobu on the way because he was also after Poleon.

Harmona: You really teamed up with him?

Zaydra: Yes. Even if it was only a temporary alliance, there was no point in not working together. As you correctly guessed, Korobu did know where Poleon was and we were able to catch him deep inside the mountains of the Swamp Underworld. I thought the two of us would easily be able to defeat him…

*Zaydra starts shaking in fear*

Zaydra: But I was so horribly wrong! His power was far greater than anything I could have imagined!

Zeth: (Thinking) She is completely shaking in fear. I don’t like where this is going.

Harmona: Looking at you, it must have been a very traumatic experience. Are you able to explain what happened?

Zaydra: Yes…


Zaydra: (Narrating) It didn’t take us long to find him.

*In Zaydra’s flashback, Zaydra and Korobu find a wall of dark purple colored plasma inside a cave*

Zaydra: Poleon, come on out!

Korobu: Your life shall end here.

*Poleon comes out of the wall of plasma. He has tan-colored scaly skin. He has two short horns on his head and a short horn on his nose. He has a 4-foot-long tail. He is 8 feet tall and bulky. He wears silver-colored armor with short spikes on the arm plates. He looks reptilian*

Narrator: Vengeful Guardian – Poleon.

Korobu: So this is the form you are currently taking. I will cut off your head and hang it on my wall.

Poleon: I suppose I am impressed you were able to find me. But I will make you wish you hadn’t.

*Suddenly, Poleon is standing right behind Zaydra. He leans in close to Zaydra’s face*

Poleon: After all, I can use you instead of Zeth to accomplish my plans, Zaydra.

*Zaydra is wide-eyed as she didn’t even see Poleon get behind her. She then shivers as Poleon licks her cheek. Zaydra tries to elbow him but, suddenly, he is back where he originally was*

Korobu: Don’t get rattled so easily, Zaydra!

*Korobu powers up with a massive dark aura*

Zaydra: I’m not rattled!

*Zaydra powers up with a massive gold aura and then she launches towards Poleon. Korobu releases a lot of red ghostly skulls at Poleon*

*Poleon flicks a bunch of small gooey balls of plasma at the skulls which destroy them. He then immediately grabs Zaydra as she is about to hit him. He slams her into the ground and then kicks her back*

Korobu: You destroyed my skulls. You certainly are more powerful than you used to be.

*Korobu turns his eyes into Abyss Mode where the eyeballs become an abyss except for his irises which become shaped like skulls and red-colored. Korobu then jumps around toward Poleon. Korobu then jumps directly at Poleon and tries to punch him but the Poleon he hit was not real*

Korobu: An afterimage!? Just like before!

*Poleon falls from above and punches Korobu hard in the face, knocking him into the ground and the impact creates a small crater*

*Poleon sees Zaydra getting up and he zooms over to her, leaving a bunch of afterimages trying to “attack” her. She can’t tell which is the real one and it’s too late as Poleon punches her over and over*

*Poleon’s attack is stopped as he gets hit from behind by a large red skull trying to bite away at him, Poleon expels a lot of plasma and destroys the skull, though it did bite off a chunk of his armor on the back. Poleon zips toward Korobu. Once again, afterimages are left behind and Korobu doesn’t see the real one as he tries to attack. Poleon grabs Korobu’s arms from behind and kicks him back to where Zaydra is*

Poleon: Now, you will see the kind of mind-destroying power that I wield!

*Poleon envelops Zaydra and Korobu in a ball of plasma. Zaydra and Korobu are stuck in place as some of the plasma starts to take the shape of swords. They both start seeing monstrous silhouettes as the swords start to pierce into their bodies one by one*

Zaydra: What is this power!!?

*A sword pierces into her body*

Zaydra: Aaaaahhh!!

Korobu: Am I starting to feel… fear?

*A sword pierces into his body*

Korobu: Gaaah!!

*They can hear Poleon*

Poleon: My power is beyond even the both of you now.

Korobu: How did your power increase so much? It’s so unbelievable for the one once known as the “Peaceful Guardian”.

Poleon: I am driven by my hatred. There is no one more motivated than me right now to get stronger. And I will continue to get stronger until I avenge them all!

Zaydra: And then what!? Are you going to kill literally everyone!?

Poleon: I will cross that bridge when it comes but for now, if nobody else, I will never forget all of those skeletons in Harmona’s closet! The Dark Goddess shall also pay for not only allowing it to happen, but also encouraging it to happen! Don’t call me the “Peaceful Guardian” anymore. Call me the “Vengeful Guardian”!

*More swords continue to stab Zaydra and Korobu, causing both of them to continue to scream in pain*

Poleon: I love your screams of pain and the blood that flows from your wounds. I’m purposely targeting the spots least likely to kill you so as to prolong the pain. Of course, Zaydra, I do need you alive to use you in my plan so I will pull you out eventually but you will be forever ruined by this traumatic experience! And even then, it will still be nothing compared to what I… and they… went through!

Korobu: (Thinking) I have no choice! I can’t believe I’m going to have to use “that” not once but twice for us to win this! Here it goes!

*Korobu’s whole body turns pitch black and only his red skull irises are not pitch black*

Korobu: Seal of 1000 Skulls!!

*1000 black skulls are released from Korobu’s body and they completely envelop the plasma in darkness and then the plasma starts to disappear*

Poleon: What did you do!?

Korobu: I sealed away your plasma so we could escape! Now again! Seal of 1000 Skulls!!

*1000 black skulls are released and surround Poleon in darkness. He can’t destroy them*

Poleon: I see now. So it’s a temporary seal. Know this, I will be back one day! I will continue to get stronger and next time, this seal won’t work on me!

*Poleon and the darkness go vanish*

Korobu: *huff huff* I can’t believe I had to use over 2000 skulls just to seal him away temporarily, not even killing him. Now I’m going to need to spend a long time just rebuilding my skull supply…

(End Flashback)


Zaydra: I had used that opportunity to escape before Korobu might have decided to attack me.

Harmona: Hmm. As disappointing as this is, it allows us to focus on the impending Hell invasion of Earth. However, the same applies to the Dark Goddess and her goals.

*Zeth looks like he is eager to ask something*

Zeth: Mom… It’s time. Tell me what happened. What are the “skeletons in your closet”?

*Harmona pauses for a moment and then takes a deep breath*

Harmona: Okay… It’s time you learned the truth… 30,000 years ago…. There was a mortal species even more advanced than humanity. Humans nowadays refer to them as dinosaurs. 30,000 years ago…. I drove them to extinction.

*Zeth, Sasha, Kurt, Emily, Joe, and Keith all look shocked*

Zeth: ….Extinction?

Narrator: Poleon has been temporarily sealed! It has now been revealed just who exactly he wants to avenge! With the bombshell revelation being dropped, why did Harmona do what she did!? What is Poleon’s connection to them!? Find out in the next chapter!

Chapter 234 END

To be Continued in Chapter 235: The Horrid Truth