Chapter 237:

Chapter 237: Reign City Shootout

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 237: Reign City Shootout

Narrator: A sniper has Zeth in his sights!

*The sniper is still aiming at the back of Zeth’s head*

Sniper: (Masked Voice) You’re mine.

*As he pulls the trigger, a random man passes by behind Zeth and the man gets hit by the bullet in the head and dies*

*Everyone, including Zeth, jumps in shock from the shot and they turn to look at the body. From where the shot hit the man in the head there is a green glowing gooey liquid*

Zeth: What is that?

Sniper: (Masked Voice) Damn, of course someone just walks right in front of my shot.

*Out from an alleyway, a group of men comes running. They are wearing black uniforms and helmet masks that are designed like the face of a forward-facing crow with short beaks that point downward which allows them to also act like gas masks. The eye visors on the masks are red*

Narrator: Soldiers of the Crow Beak Divine Killers.

*The soldiers are holding Assault Rifles and SMGs*

Soldier: (Masked Voice) There he is! Kill him!

*They start firing at Zeth*

Zeth: What the…!?

*Zeth runs away*

Zeth: What the hell did I do to deserve this!?

*Zeth is shot in the shoulder just as he turns the corner. Green goop is on the wound*

Zeth: Gah! This hurts! Just who are these guys!?

*People in the city are panicking*

Soldier: (Masked Voice) Stay calm people of this city! We are not here to harm you! We are here to kill the divine being and free you from his tyranny!

*Zeth overhears him*

Zeth: (Thinking) They must be members of the Divine Killers. That’s right, mother did say they wear a mask and helmet with a crow face while on official business. Damn, I don’t need this right now!

*More Crow Beak Divine Killers soldiers start entering the streets. They spot Zeth so he starts running again*

Zeth: How many of them are there!?

*Zeth turns down an alleyway and finds a CBDK soldier and punches him. Zeth then jumps over the short wall to enter a different street*

Zeth: (Thinking) I promised mom I wouldn’t do anything reckless. This wound I have is so painful! What is this goop that they are using in their shots!? I absolutely should not even think of trying to take them on until I at least know that much!

*Zeth spots three CBDK soldiers riding on motorcycles heading straight toward him. They are holding pistols too*

Zeth: Give me a break!

*As the soldiers get closer, they start shooting their pistols at Zeth but he jumps up and above them before he gets hit. He is able to land on one of them and kick the driver off of it*

*Zeth starts driving the motorcycle to escape and the two others chase after him*

Zeth: I have never driven a motorcycle before! I better learn fast!

*The soldiers start shooting at Zeth and he gets hit in the back. Zeth coughs up green goop onto the street*

Zeth: It hurts so badly! Seriously, what is this goop!? Why did I cough it up!?

*Zeth does a sharp turn around an intersection to try and lose them. It does not help as they are still on his trail*

Zeth: Where the hell are the police officers of this city!!?


Narrator: Meanwhile in an unknown location.

*The Crow Beak Divine Killers soldiers have the police of Reign City locked up*

Soldier: (Masked Voice) Sorry, but we can’t risk any of you helping the divine being we are trying to kill. So you will stay in here until we are done.

Policeman: Don’t blame us when the wrath of the Light Goddess comes down on you!

Soldier: (Masked Voice) Ha!! That’s funny! We will be the ones to kill her! When we execute her son, she will no doubt come down to face us!


Narrator: Back with Zeth.

*Zeth decides he has to attack and releases two weak Star Shine Blasts at them. He hits and destroys their motorcycles*

Zeth: That should stop them from getting me! Now to get the hell out of this city!

*Zeth looks forward and he sees a large roadblock made by a large number of CBDK soldiers*

*One of the vehicles at the roadblock is a tank*

Zeth: Shit!!

*Zeth takes a sharp turn into the glass windows of a building and breaks inside as the tank fires. More green goop is released from the explosion of the tank shell*

*Zeth was able to avoid getting hit by the goop in the building. The motorcycle is wrecked. He stares at the outside for a moment and then goes upstairs*

Soldier: (Masked Voice) Don’t just stand around! Go in there after him!!

*The soldiers go in after Zeth*

Zeth: This doesn’t count as reckless, does it? I’m just trying to escape!

*Zeth is running through the second floor of a shopping building and then soldiers break through the windows to enter and start shooting at him. He is hit in both his left arm and left leg. Zeth runs through a door while in pain. Zeth closes the door and blocks it with a heavy bookshelf*

Zeth: *huff huff* This attack is way too coordinated to be a coincidence! How did they know I was here!?

*The soldiers are now banging on the door to try and open it*

Soldier: (Masked Voice) He has blocked it! Blow it up!

Zeth: Damn it!

*Zeth starts running. As he runs, the iris of his left eye changes from the divine green to the glowing green color of the goop*

*Zeth runs into more soldiers that have intercepted him*

Soldier: (Masked Voice) End of the road, divine trash!

*Zeth looks up and uses a Star Shine Blast to blow a hole in the ceiling and then jumps out as the soldiers shoot at him*

*Zeth is now on the roof and sees the surrounding areas are filled with CBDK soldiers and vehicles*

Zeth: Oh great! Now what do I do!?

Narrator: Zeth is now surrounded by the Crow Beak Divine Killers. What is the green substance they are using and how did they know Zeth was here?

Chapter 237 END

To be Continued in Chapter 238: Beginning of Corruption