Chapter 15:

You shouldn't be so rough with your new little sister!

It's My First Day at My New School and I'm Already in a Yuri Harem!?

"Where is that fucking marble!?" Alice yelled as she dug through a basket full of the little bastards. She was getting uncharismatically frustrated.

The three girls had been searching Daisy's room for hours now. Tables were flipped over, drawers emptied out onto the floor, and a bookshelf that displayed her collection was tipped over. Her room was already in bad shape but these three had completely destroyed her room.

"Just shut up and keep looking…" Eve muttered.

"I don't see why we are still looking for it, she said she would go on a date with us just for looking." Molly had already stopped looking by this point and was playing on her phone while laying down on Daisy's bed.

"Getting that marble back for her will make her fall in love with us even faster. Besides, don't you want to see the smile on our girl's cute face when we give it to her?" Alice smiled and drooled as she thought about all the sex they were going to have after she gives the lucky marble back.

"I don't get how a marble can be lucky anyway…it's stupid." Molly scoffed.

"You believed in Santa for a long time after everyone else stopped believing yet you find a lucky item to be too far-fetched…" Eve scoffed back. Molly might not be as stupid as Daisy but she was just as childish.

"What!?" Molly yelled and dropped her phone on her face.

"Um darling…she still believed in him," Alice whispered into Eve's ear.

"Oh, um sorry…he's still real dear, I was just joking…" She said in a far from convincing way.

"Well, that's ok, at least the Easter bunny is still real." Molly quickly recovered from the biggest plot twist in her life. Perhaps maybe she was as stupid as Daisy after all.

"Hey, why don't you help me look over here darling?" Alice asked Molly, hoping to change the topic.

"You've already searched her underwear drawer six times…" said Eve.

"I can't help it, they are so cute~" Alice held out a pair of her darling's panties.

Molly came over and grabbed a pair as well. Eve sighed then grinned and walked over to them.

"Why do they all have a fruit pattern on them?" Molly asked. "It's kinda childish."

"Yours isn't much better," Eve said as she lifted up Molly's skirt, revealing her bright pink and white striped panties.

"Well, yours are boring!" Molly barked back and threw up Eve's skirt. They were just plain white.

"Both of yours are fine darlings but maybe I should try to get our baby to wear something like mine." Alice thought every type of woman's underwear was lovely and fantastic in its own way.

"I don't think a thong really suits her," Eve said.

The door to Daisy's bedroom opened as Daisy's little sister Lily walked in and gasped when she saw the three girls playing with her sister's panties.

"O-oh hi Lily, it's um, not what it looks like…" Eve quickly put the panties she was holding back into the drawer. Molly did the same.

"Yes, it is," Alice said, proudly holding on to the one she was holding.

"Big sisters!" Lily yelled as she ran over and tackled Molly, knocking her to the ground.

"Hey Mini Daisy, what are you doing home?" Molly laughed.

"Today was a half-day for elementary students. What are you doing here!?"

"Our Darling has lost her lucky marble. We are here looking for it but can't seem to find it." Alice patted the girl's head.

Lily laughed. "She's so stupid!" She said as she got back up to her feet, she held out her hand and helped the pink-haired girl up. "That's really weird of her to lose something so important to her. If it wasn't for that marble she would have gotten run over by a truck."

That story was true!? It really is a lucky marble! The three yanderes thought.

"You wouldn't happen to know where it might be would you?" Alice asked.


"That's a shame. I guess we should just head back." Eve said as she walked towards the doorway.

"I think I will stay and keep looking." Alice volunteered.

"No, you just want to keep going through her underwear."

"Well, we gotta go, bye-bye Mini Daisy!" Molly said as she gave the little girl a quick hug.

Lily started climbing on Molly's back. "Aw c'mon, let's play a little while."

"I really can't right now…I need to get back to Daisy. She must be so lonely without us."

"No! Stay and play with me!" Lily started to tear up.

"I'm sorry, but we can come over tonight," Eve said.

"Yeah, I promise I'll come and-" Molly started saying when Lily dropped off her back and grabbed her by her waist, and delivered a mighty suplex. Molly slammed into the floor so hard that she almost went through it and into the room below.

"Aw, how cute~" Alice put a hand to her cheek.

"I don't know if cute is the right word…" Eve said.

"C'mon get up-" Lily said before Molly swept her legs under the girl and knocked her to the floor.

"Easy now…"

Molly stood up and wiped a bead of sweat away from her forehead. "That was a pretty good attack, kid."

Lily's eyes flashed open. She erupted from the floor and sent a fist straight into Molly's face.

The pink-haired girl's body bent backward slightly before she grabbed hold of the girl's wrist. She slammed Lily to the floor. The small girl laid on the cracked floor motionless.

"1…2…3" Alice started a countdown.

"If you are too rough with her you will make mom and dad angry!" Eve scolded.

"Uh…I didn't mean to…"


"S-she isn't moving…!" Eve panicked.

"I didn't think I did it that hard! L-lily are you ok!?" Molly yelled as she ran towards Lily.


A grin came on Lily's face as she shot an energy beam out of her mouth. The blast sent Molly crashing into the ceiling.

Eve sighed in relief when she realized their new little sister wasn't dead.

Molly fell from the ceiling and onto the floor with a thud. She started laughing as she picked herself up. "I see that there is no need to hold back with you."

"Well, I'm the strongest girl in my school after all."

"Elementary school is a lot more intense than I remember…" Said Eve.

Molly walked over rubble and torn up furniture and out of Daisy's room and into the hallway. She motioned Lily to follow. "Come. I don't want to destroy this place." Lily grinned and ran past Molly down the stairs.

"My, my I think our baby has gotten distracted again."

"Let's just go back without her. I have a feeling this could take a while-" A jingle went off as Eve and Alice went down the stairs. A phone was going off inside Alice's purse.

Alice took it out. "Oh, it's your brother, Eve."

"Why is he calling you?"

"It's not unusual, everyone wants to talk to me." She said as she answered the phone. "Hello Isaac, missing me?"

"Hey-... huh, Alice? Why are you answering my sister's phone?"

"You must have entered the name wrong in your contacts again."

"Ugh…can you just hand the phone over to her?"

"Certainly." She held the phone out towards Eve.

"What's up? How'd your test go? I'm sure you aced it." Eve said sarcastically.

"Shut up, that's not important. I'm calling about Daisy."

Alice, who had been listening in, got a serious expression when she heard him say that. "Our little bunny!?"

"What's this I'm hearing about my baby? I think I misheard you."

"She's going to be in a fight after school…"

"I think I misheard you!"

"No, you didn't!"

Alice looked at Eve with a pained expression. "Who is she fighting!? I'll destroy them!" She was about ready to ask her daddy to buy a tank for her.

"Thanks for letting me know, we will be there shortly." Eve hung up the phone. She ran outside and yelled to Molly who was in the middle of a fight. She was reading a ball of energy in her hand when Eve shouted. "Daisy's in a fight!"


"Big sister!?"

"What are we going to do!?" Molly shouted.

"Well, obviously we have to get to school as fast as possible!" Alice said.

"Um…what is she doing?" Eve pointed at Lily.

The three watched the little girl who was sucking in as much air as her lungs could hold. She held her hands towards her mouth as she let out a booming voice "MOM! DAD! DAISY'S IN A FIGHT!"

Shortly after a large cloud of smoke and the sound of a car going at full speed came down the street. Lily took off running towards it.

"Where are you going, Mini Daisy?" Molly asked.

"To save big sister obviously!"