Chapter 14:

A teacher should at least care about their students problems, shouldn't they!?

It's My First Day at My New School and I'm Already in a Yuri Harem!?

Back in Mr. Dinglewhatevers class, the teacher was at his desk listening to a student bitch about his problems. He really couldn't care any less.

"99.9999%!? Why not 100? I know I got every single question correct!" A student with glasses and blue spiky hair named Isaac shouted at the teacher.

"Huh…? Well, that's true I guess." Mr.Dinglefeck said as he scratched his nose. He didn't even bother making eye contact with the student that had the best grades in school.

"You didn't answer my question! I've never gotten a question wrong in my life!" Isaac pointed at the paper that was laid out in front of the teacher.

"You don't even realize how stupid you are…" The teacher muttered under his breath.

"W-what are you saying…?"

Mr.Dinglefeck picked up the paper and held it right in Isaac's face. "Look at it very carefully."

Isaac took it from him and looked it over from top to bottom several times. "I don't see the problem-"

"YOUR NAME RETARD!! You forgot your fucking name!" He pointed at the empty line on the corner of the paper where students are supposed to put down their names.

Isaac grabbed the paper and stared at the empty space. I forgot my name, how could I make such a careless mistake!? He looked up at the teacher. "Anybody could have made that mistake, I shouldn't be knocked down a .0000001% because of that!"

"I would normally agree with that but you do this every goddamn time. Every single paper you forget your name, why is it so hard for you!? Since I have to go out of my way to figure out what paper is yours, no perfect score for your dumb ass." The teacher snatched it from the student's hands and ripped it up in front of him. Leaving a pile of tiny pieces of paper.

"I think you have something against me!"

"I have something against all of you."

"This is bullshit! Yes, I forget my name every once in a while but that says nothing about my academic abilities!"

The teacher who was now getting impatient opened the filing cabinet next to his desk as hard as he could and pulled a paper out of it. "Look here, on the last test you filled out the name, but you put down someone else's! Who the fuck is Jimmy Cactus!? That's not even a student here!"

Isaac felt extremely embarrassed. He was perfect in every subject but even he didn't know why he had so much trouble with names. He had spent many nights tirelessly repeatedly writing his name down over and over till his fingers started bleeding. He had hoped this would help him get past this obstacle, the only thing that came from it was improved handwriting.

"P-please…" Isaac hung his head down. He didn't know if he could handle having a grade that was even slightly imperfect.

"Oh, are you going to resort to crying?" The teacher chuckled.

"Please reconsider! My grades are the only thing I do better than my sister and just barely at that! I need this!"

"Tough shit, Eve is better than you."

Isaac growled and turned around. He has spent his entire life in his older sister's shadow. No matter how hard he tried, Eve always managed to be better at everything, be it sports, music, or art, even their parents favored her. His studies were the only thing he was better at, mostly because Eve purposely did slightly worse at tests to let him have that one thing.

As Isaac was about to leave the classroom -probably to go cry in the bathroom like a little bitch- Law flung open the classroom door.


"Law." He was surprised by the purple-haired kids' entrance. Ever since he was a kid, Law had always been a little wild and extra. Isaac was glad when he became the hall monitor since he had something to put all that energy into.

"It's an emergency!" Law yelled as he grabbed hold of Isaac's hands.

"You assault another innocent student again…"

"Probably but that's beside the point."

All the students in the classroom watched the two from their desks. This was mildly more interesting than watching the teacher laze about.

"Daisy is fighting with Jason after school!" Said Law.

"Isn't that something you should be able to handle…? You're the hall monitor after all. Besides, you've dealt with Jason tons of times already."

"Are you insane!? Since this involves Daisy then that means it obviously involves your sister!"

"Oh, is Daisy my sister's new girlfriend? I haven't met her yet."

"You didn't know that…?"

"It's best for my sanity if I stay out of my sister's love life. Anyways, I see how it involves Eve but how does it involve me?"

"You know Eve, she will fucking kill Jason if she finds out! If a student dies while I'm on duty then that will make me look bad!"

Thanks for looking out for us… All the students thought.

"And I know I can't count on any of the teachers here! They are all unreliable! Just look at him. Do you think he could do anything!?" Law pointed at the teacher who was spinning around in his chair like a child. Mr.Dinglefeck didn't even bother to stand up for himself. Whenever a student was about to ask him for help he would act as stupid as possible to get them to go ask someone else.

"Just calm down Law, we talked about how to handle stress. Did you bring your ball?" Isaac asked as he patted Law's shoulder.

"Screw the ball! She's your sister and as her brother, you have the responsibility to do something!"

"Why don't you just talk to Jason and tell him to call off the fight…"

"It's hard to get Jason to back down from anything…and just the fact that he challenged her in the first place is enough for a death sentence..."

"I'm sure he doesn't want to die over it…"

"True, even he isn't that stupid…m-maybe I can get them to talk it over and promise to forget it ever happened…and destroy all the camera footage of it while I'm at it."

"There you go, I'm proud of you." Isaac smiled.

"Just make sure your sister doesn't find out, I heard that she and the other two are not currently in the school. That gives us some time."

"Hey man, you know you can count on me."

"Thanks, man…anyways I have to hurry. I owe you one!" Law said as he ran out of the classroom.

Isaac took a deep breath and brought out his phone. He went to his contacts and dialed his sister's number without hesitation.

Sorry man, if she finds out that I kept something that involved one of her girlfriends hidden, I'm going to be the one that ends up dead.