Chapter 12:


My Devil Is A Beautiful Female

There is no response from the guy.Bookmark here

*Snore* *Snore*Bookmark here

"Is he sleeping…?" Mio saysBookmark here

"Hey, Mister. Please wake up" – RenjiBookmark here

"I don't think this will wake him up. Let me try." - RoyBookmark here

Roy starts pushing the guy but he doesn't respond. Roy then pushes the guy off the bench.Bookmark here

The guy suddenly stands up before falling to the ground.Bookmark here

He has a handsome face. His jawline is sharp. He has black hair that reaches his shoulders. He is wearing a Knight dress that is composed of an inner coat and a shoulder coat and embroidered breeches. This also includes both legs side white stripe, with decorative cuffs, and a cravat. He is wearing a blue sunglass to hide his eyes.Bookmark here

The guy starts looking around and shouts like a madman, "Hey! Who did that?"Bookmark here

Renji and Mio get scared.Bookmark here

A tremendous aura starts to emit from him. The aura intimidates them.Bookmark here

Roy thinks while backing away slowly, 'What The- He is on the same level as that Egao guy.'Bookmark here

"Hieeek" Mio gets scared after suddenly feeling a terrifying aura.Bookmark here

"Who are you guys?" The guy saysBookmark here

"S-sir, are you S-shira Torizawa?" Mio asks while stutteringBookmark here

"Yeah, so?" Shira says while looking around as if he is searching for something.Bookmark here

"Um, We are new rookies. Who got selected and we will be working under you from now on." Renjii saysBookmark here

Shira says "Oh, I see..."Bookmark here

"By the way, are you looking for something?" Renjii asks ShiraBookmark here

Shira nods and says, "Yes, can you see any stick around here?"Bookmark here

"A...stick?" Mio saysBookmark here

"Well, there is a stick right beside your leg." Roy saysBookmark here

"Can hand it to me?" Shira asksBookmark here

"...Sure" Roy replies to Shira.Bookmark here

Roy Then walks beside Shira and picks up a stick. The stick looks ordinary but it has an aura of its own.Bookmark here

Roy then gives the stick to Shira.Bookmark here

"Sir, did you hurt your legs?" Mio asksBookmark here

"No, why do you ask?" Shira repliesBookmark here

"Then why do you need this stick?" Mio asks againBookmark here

"I am blind..." Shira saysBookmark here

All of them are dumbfounded after hearing what Shira said.Bookmark here

"..."Bookmark here

"I don't wanna waste time, so, let's go to the base." Shira says and continues, "Just follow me."Bookmark here

"Okay." Mio and Renjii say in sync.Bookmark here

Shira starts going towards the coliseum.Bookmark here

"Why are we going back there?" Renjii asks while following him from behind.Bookmark here

"Just shut up and follow me." Shira says.Bookmark here

After walking for a minute they come close to some carriages.Bookmark here

"Get in." Shira says.Bookmark here

"...Okayy..." Mio says while getting inside the carriage. Renjii and Roy also get inside the carriage.Bookmark here

"Take us to my base." Shira says to the carriage driver.Bookmark here

-Bookmark here

-Bookmark here

They reach their base and see something that confuses the three of them.Bookmark here

"What is this?" Roy saysBookmark here

"This is your new home! Be grateful!" Shira saysBookmark here

The building that is in front of them is a small old two-story house. Which looks broken and neglected.Bookmark here

"Let's go in." Shira says.Bookmark here

"This place looks so creepy, I am sure there are ghosts here. I don't wanna go inside ." Mio says with a scared look.Bookmark here

"Aww, little miss princess is scared." Roy says with a taunting voice.Bookmark here

"You-" Mio gets cut off by Shira before she could finish what she was saying.Bookmark here

"Hurry up and get inside already." Shira yells from inside of the base.Bookmark here

After walking inside the house the first thing that they notice is the creaking noise. Every step they take makes a creaking noise.Bookmark here

"Why did I even become a Knight? Why did I come here?" Mio starts questioning her decisions.Bookmark here

"Before you ask any questions, go and get some rest." Shira says.Bookmark here

"Okay." The three of them say in sync.Bookmark here

Everyone picks a room to stay.Bookmark here

Roy goes into his room and jumps straight into the bed. Because of how tired he is and because his whole body aches from pain.Bookmark here

Not long after jumping in the bed, he falls asleep. Before he went to sleep he was expecting a very good night's sleep but looks like it was not in his luck that dayBookmark here

-Bookmark here

-Bookmark here

He wakes up in the middle of nowhere inside of his subconscious. Normally this place is somewhat dark and spooky but this time it is completely different. As if it is a whole new world inside of his subconscious.Bookmark here

There is a sun inside of his subconscious! Not just any Sun, The Sun is completely red!Bookmark here

It is emitting what looks like red light! Instead of the usual normal light, the sun is emitting red light!Bookmark here

Because of this, the whole atmosphere is BLOOD RED!Bookmark here

Taken aback from all of this he starts thinking, 'what the HELL is going on?!'Bookmark here

Trying to find what might have caused this, Roy starts looking all around him. That's when he remembers the girl that was inside of his subconscious last time.Bookmark here

'Did this happen because of that girl?'Bookmark here

That's when Roy starts understanding what is going on.Bookmark here

Roy starts speaking out loud, "All of this weird stuff started happening after I picked up that sword in the dungeon. Am I...possessed? No, that can't be. Is this really all happening because of that girl?"Bookmark here

While saying all sorts of stuff he notices a small silhouette that is very very far away from him.Bookmark here

Normally, it would take him hours to go there but because he is inside of his subconscious space he can travel there in a matter of seconds.Bookmark here

Roy takes a step and travels tens of kilometers. He then takes another step and closes the distance between him and the silhouette.Bookmark here

After coming close to the silhouette he sees a 'GIANT CASTLE'.Bookmark here

'Castle?! In my subconsciousness?!!' Roy is dumbfounded when he sees the castle.Bookmark here

'I am not even that close to the castle yet, and it's still that big?!'Bookmark here

Roy then thinks of going inside of that castle but before he can take another step his head starts hurting just like last time when he was in here.Bookmark here

"UGHH" Roy screams out in pain.Bookmark here

"This is...worse than the...previous ones" Roy starts losing his senses and passes out.Bookmark here

When he wakes up, he sees the ceiling of his room.Bookmark here

To Be Continued...Bookmark here

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