Chapter 11:

Shira Torizawa

My Devil Is A Beautiful Female

"And Now, We will now announce the winners. If your name is called, come to the arena."Bookmark here

"First place goes to Botan Himura, Haru Matsuya, and Masaki Koyama. Team Leader is 'Asuma Kosugi'."Bookmark here

The three of them enter the arena and stand in the middle of the arena.Bookmark here

"On second place we have Takagi Sho, Nanao Arai, and Takahiro Hanazawa. Your Team Leader is 'Akira Satou'. Please come to the arena."Bookmark here

They come inside the arena and stand beside the first team.Bookmark here

'Takagi's team…is second place…' Roy thinks to himself.Bookmark here

'Hmph, only second place…' Atsushi think inwardlyBookmark here

"On third place, we have Mayuri Shiro, Kirika Tachibana, and Tiana Shindou. Team Leader is 'Kimihiro Modoki'."Bookmark here

They also come to the arena and stand beside the second team.Bookmark here

"Looks like we didn't make it." Mio says with a disappointed face.Bookmark here

"On the fourth place, we have Roy Yagami, Mio Izumi, and Renjii Kazuyuki. Team Leader is 'Shira Torizawa'. They had the hardest fight in this examination. Extra credits to them."Bookmark here

"Hardest fight? I thought all of our fights were the same." Takagi says loudly.Bookmark here

"No, everyone went to different places and fought different monsters." The announcer explained.Bookmark here

All of them are shocked after hearing what the announcer said.Bookmark here

"We…made it…in the top four…" Renjii says in low voice.Bookmark here

"Yessss!!!" Mio screams in joy and continues, "What are we waiting for? Let's goooo!!!"Bookmark here

Mio starts walking in a promenade way.Bookmark here

Roy gets up and starts walking. But he is having trouble walking. Seeing this Renjii offers him help, "Roy, let me help." Renjii puts Roy's arm over his shoulder and supports him to walk.Bookmark here

They come into the arena and walk next to the third team.Bookmark here

'Huh? What happened to Roy' Takagi thinks.Bookmark here

'Hmmm?' Atsushi thinks.Bookmark here

"Is that your friend?" Takahiro asks Takagi.Bookmark here

"Yeah." Takagi replies.Bookmark here

"He's HOT!" Nanao says.Bookmark here

Hearing this, Takagi and Takahiro look at Nanao in a weird way.Bookmark here

"What?" Nanao says when she notices both of them staring at her.Bookmark here

Takahiro and Takagi just shake their heads side to side.Bookmark here

"On fifth place we have Touka Toudou, Nagi Asanuma, and Ayase Ayatsuji. Team Leader is 'Motoko Kayabuki'."Bookmark here

They walk into the arena and stand beside Roy's team.Bookmark here

"Here are the top five teams. Let's get a round of applauds for them."Bookmark here

*Clap* *Clap*Bookmark here

All the other examines start clapping their hands, the clapping sound fills up the arena. The Generals start clapping for them too.Bookmark here

"We have prepared a special gift for the top five teams. Bring them in gentlemen."Bookmark here

A group of people comes inside the arena with thin black-cardboard boxes in their hands.Bookmark here

They walk and come right in front of the teams. They give the black-cardboard boxes to each of the team members.Bookmark here

"Inside of those boxes are special 'Knight Dresses'. They are very durable for combat and different from everyone else's Knight Dress."Bookmark here

"And now, I am going to announce the rest of the winners…"Bookmark here

The announcer started announcing the winners one by one but they didn't come to the arena. The announcer just announced their names. He didn't tell them to come to the arena.Bookmark here

After ten minutes,Bookmark here

"That's all the winners for this year. Don't be discouraged if you were not selected. Try your luck next time."Bookmark here

"Each of your team captains will be waiting outside."Bookmark here

"This is the end of the examination. We have high hopes for you. Good Luck."Bookmark here

*Clap* *Clap*Bookmark here

Everyone starts to leave the coliseum.Bookmark here

The people that didn't win left the place. And the people that did win are searching for their Team Captains.Bookmark here

"Hmm…This is annoying. Ughh" Roy says while looking for his Team Captain.Bookmark here

"Yeah…" Mio agrees with Roy.Bookmark here

"Should we just ask around?" Renjii suggestsBookmark here

"What's his name? I forget." Mio asksBookmark here

"I think it was 'Shira Torizawa'." Renjii saysBookmark here

They start asking people if they know where 'Shira Torizawa' is.Bookmark here

After asking around for a while they didn't find anything.Bookmark here

"Ughh! This is so annoying!!" Mio screamsBookmark here

"Do you guys need help?" A guy says to them.Bookmark here

"Hmm? Who are you?" Mio asksBookmark here

"Oh, my bad, I am Akira Satou, I am a Team Captain."Bookmark here

"Akira Satou? You are Takagi's Team Captain." Roy saysBookmark here

"You know him?" Akira asks RoyBookmark here

"Yeah." Roy repliesBookmark here

"Are you guys looking for your Team Captain?" Akira asksBookmark here

"Yeah, His name is Shira Torizawa." Renjii saysBookmark here

"Oh, Shira. I saw him near the food stalls."Bookmark here

"The food stalls?" Mio says with a neutral faceBookmark here

"Thank you very much." Renjii saysBookmark here

"You're welcome." Akira says with a smileBookmark here

They then start to walk towards the food stalls.Bookmark here

After walking for a while they get to the food stalls. There aren't many people there.Bookmark here

"Now what do we do?" Mio asks with an annoyed look.Bookmark here

"Hmm…" Roy looks around to find someone who matches the description of a Team Captain.Bookmark here

"Hmm?" When Roy looks to his left, he sees a guy lying down on a wooden bench.Bookmark here

"I think I found him." Roy saysBookmark here

"Huh?" Mio exclaims.Bookmark here

Roy points at the guy and says, "I am pretty sure that's him."Bookmark here

"HUH?!" Mio exclaims againBookmark here

"Let's ask him." Renjii saysBookmark here

Renjii and Roy start walking toward the guy.Bookmark here

"Hey, wait!" Mio says and starts following them.Bookmark here

"Excuse me." Renjii says to the guy.Bookmark here

"…"Bookmark here

There is no response from the guy.Bookmark here

*Snore* *Snore*Bookmark here

"Is he sleeping…?" Mio saysBookmark here

To Be Continued…Bookmark here

⁅ ZonePedia ⁆Bookmark here

Name: Shira Torizawa || Magic: UnknownBookmark here

Name: Akira Satou || Magic: UnknownBookmark here

Name: Asuma Kosugi || Magic: UnknownBookmark here

Name: Botan Himura || Magic: UnknownBookmark here

Name: Haru Matsuya || Magic: UnknownBookmark here

Name: Masaki Koyama || Magic: UnknownBookmark here

Name: Kimihiro Modoki || Magic: UnknownBookmark here

Name: Mayuri Shiro || Magic: UnknownBookmark here

Name: Kirika Tachibana || Magic: UnknownBookmark here

Name: Tiana Shindou || Magic: UnknownBookmark here

Name: Motoko Kayabuki || Magic: UnknownBookmark here

Name: Touka Toudou || Magic: UnknownBookmark here

Name: Nagi Asanuma || Magic: UnknownBookmark here

Name: Ayase Ayatsuj || Magic: UnknownBookmark here

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