Chapter 1:

Chapter 1: Outside


13 Years Later

I was scratching at the walls in my new room, waiting for Mother to come. I waited for what felt like FOREVER, but it was all worth it and the door opened and I saw her smiling face."Hello Mother!" I greeted her with excitement. She waved, "Good morning 9320. You know, you don't have to keep calling me "mother," right? Just, call me Ms. Amber." "I don't HAVE to…" I responded, "But I like calling you mother." She sighed and sat on my bed, patting it for me to come to sit with her, which of course I did. Why wouldn't I? "So, what're we doing today, mother?" I asked with enthusiasm. "Well, today is a very special day." She replied. I cocked my head in confusion, "It is?" She nodded, "Yes because today is your 18th birthday, you and I are going outside." My grin grew, "You mean we're going to go see the big window again?! Awesome! I can't wait to see all the trees, the birds, and the…" She giggled, "Not THAT outside. You have been chosen as the first to go out of the facility and see the real world." My eyes widened, "Wait…you mean "outside" outside? Like, buildings, mountains, oceans, and people?!?!?!" "Uh-huh. Just you and me." She responded. I jumped off the bed, "YESSSSS!! YESSSSS!!! YESSSSS!!!!"

I was excited beyond belief. All my life I have heard of the outside and what there is. Mother has told me many stories about buildings being things that people build so other people can live. Large rocks called mountains and large puddles called oceans. And to be able to FINALLY meet other ACTUAL people…oh well that was just the best part! "Well, what are we waiting for, let's go!" I was about to run out of the room, but she stopped me. "Now, now. You need to take a bath first. I'll lay out some new clothes you can wear. Got it?" I nodded, "Ouuuuu, I'm so excited!" I ran into the bathroom inside my room to take a bath. Miss Amber walked outside to let 9320 bathe. When she walked out, she was greeted by two other scientists that work in the facility. "Dr. Aero, Dr. Atlas, to what do I owe the pleasure." Ms. Amber asked. "You know, we don’t fully approve of you taking Experiment 9320 to the outside world, right?” Dr. Atlas said. “Yes, I’m fully aware. Had to fight the organization to let him go.” Ms. Amber responded. Dr. Aero chuckled, “And do you know WHY that is?” He asked. “Because you treat him like a thing rather than an actual human being.” She remarked. “Well do you expect? He’s a killing machine.” Dr. Aero commented. “He’s just a boy!” Ms. Amber snapped, “Do you realize that all his life he’s only known violence…” “Because that’s what he was made for.” Dr. Atlas interjected. “That’s not the point. All the others have lived relatively normal lives. They even got to go see the real world before he did. And at younger ages.” Miss Amber’s face was turning red with frustration, “All he’s ever known is isolation and solidarity. If it wasn’t for me…” “If it wasn’t for you he would serve his only purpose.” Dr. Aero interrupted. Ms. Amber looked at the two with annoyance and sighed, “One day he’s going to leave this place. And when he does, he’ll get to be free and live the life HE wants. Not be a captive and treated like an animal.” She walked past them and left them staring at the door to 9320’s room.

After I finished taking a bath, I put on a plain blue shirt, dark blue jeans, and simple black sneakers (all of which he had trouble putting on). I and Mother walked to a parking lot inside the facility where a steel gray van was ready to take them. “Ohhhh! I know what this is.” I exclaimed, “It’s a car, right?” Mother nodded and I stared at it in awe. He walked up and put my hands on it, feeling how smooth it was…prompted by then licking the vehicle. “EWWWW!” Mother exclaimed, “Why did you do that?!” “I wanted to see if it tasted good.” He scratched his tongue, “It’s not.” Mother smiled and shook her head, “Just, get in the car.” She opened the door for him, in which he got into the car. The first thing I noticed was the driver who would be their chauffeur. “Hello!” I said to him but didn’t get a response. I was examined everything inside the card, fascinated by every little thing I could see. Once Mother got in, she sat down and buckled herself, prompting me to do the same after seeing her. I had trouble at first but figured it out. Then, Mother told the driver to go and the car began to move forward. “So, first I wanna climb and mountain. Then swim the ocean, and then…” Mother cut me off, “We’ll do those another time, okay? Today, we’re just going to head to the nearby city and do some sightseeing.” I looked at her with a blank expression. “Sigh-t-seeing? What’s that?” I asked. “Sightseeing means we’re just going to look around the city.” Mother responded, “You know, try some food, maybe go watch a baseball game, talk to some people. Simple stuff.” The moment she said ‘talk to people’ my eyes lit up. “I actually get to talk to REAL people?! WOW! I’m gonna want them ALL to be my friends!” Mother giggled, “Now I don’t know about all of them, but I’m sure you’ll definitely make a friend or two.” She said. I sighed wistfully “This is going to be the best day of my life.” I looked at Mother and smiled, “And I get to spend it with you, Mother.” She looked at me with surprise, but then she gave me a heartwarming smile. “I’m glad too. You deserve this.” She patted me on the head.

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