Chapter 249:

Chapter 249: Fighting for His Life

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 249: Fighting for His Life

Narrator: Back with Dom and Goma.

*The explosion clears away and what is apparent is that both Dom and Goma were blown back by the force of the blast. They are both even more injured*

Dom: (Thinking) If not for the burst property of Goma’s attack which blew us away, we might both be dead!


Narrator: Back with Kurt, Keith, and Gentorious in the ruins of New Gringe Town.

Gen: Don’t worry. All mortals die at some point. Your death date just so happens to be today.

*Kurt becomes angry*

Kurt: You still need to pay for killing my father!

*Both Kurt and Keith charge up their magic and Keith goes into his demon form*

Gen: So you actually think you can win? That’s a laugh.

*Keith launches himself towards Gen and tries to punch him. Gen sidesteps to dodge. Keith turns and tries another punch but Gen simply blocks with his index finger*

Keith: Impossible!!

*Kurt unleashes an aura fist at Gen. It hits and knocks Gen back. However, Gen easily steadies himself as the attack did no damage*

Gen: Hmhmhm! That tickled.

Keith: Don’t mock us!!

*In his anger, Keith starts trying to rapidly punch Gen but Gen easily blocks every punch with his index finger*

Gen: Can’t you see? I’m out of your league!

*Kurt prepares another attack and his aura turns to flames*

Kurt: Locking Flames!

*Balls of flames appear all around Gen and lock on to him. They then launch at him and hit him directly, encasing him in flames. Keith jumps above and aims his arms down towards Gen*

Keith: Demonic Burial Cannon!

*A strong red energy beam is released and blows downward into Gen and sends him into the ground. Keith then stops the attack and lands on the ground*

Kurt: Did we get him?

*Kurt looks down into the hole but is immediately hit by Gen’s uppercut as Gen launches himself upwards out of the hole. The hit cracks Kurt’s jaw bone*

*Gen has no noticeable damage other than some tears in his clothes*

Gen: Are you finished with your attacks? Good. Now it’s my turn.

*Gen speedily rushes towards Keith and punches him in the stomach. Keith’s lower ribs crack and he coughs up blood*

Gen: I love the sound of your ribs cracking.

*Gen follows up with a bunch of light punches and then swipe kicks Keith into the ruins of a house where his demon form ends and he falls unconscious*

*Gen then looks at Kurt*

Gen: Your friend is out of commission. Now it’s just you.

*Kurt is furious and overall angrier than he has ever been*

Kurt: You son of a bitch!!! First, you kill my father!!! And then you do that to Keith!!! I’m going to kill you!!! My soul will not rest until I’ve completely destroyed you!!!!

*Gen looks excited*

Gen: Yes!! That’s it!! Show me that anger!! I can’t wait to completely crush that enraged spirit!!

*Kurt charges his magic up to its max. A massive wave of aura forms behind Kurt*

Gen: I guess this is your last attack!!


Narrator: Back to Dom.

Dom: (Thinking) Wait! I can feel Kurt’s aura magic! He’s maxing it out! I have a bad feeling about this! If he’s in trouble, I have to save him! I will do that and then I will finish off Goma!

*Dom looks at Goma*

Dom: I’ll be back to finish you later!

*Dom launches himself away from the battlefield*

Goma: It doesn’t feel like this is a diversion for an attack. Why did he run?


Narrator: Back with Kurt.

Kurt: Aura Tidal Wave!!!

*A tidal wave of Kurt’s blue aura crashes down and engulfs Gen. It destroys some nearby debris*

Kurt: You won’t survive that attack!! It will tear you apart!!

*The Aura Title Wave soon comes to an end and the aura dissipates*

*To Kurt’s shock, Gen emerges from the attack mostly unharmed but he does have some scratches now. Heavy rain begins to pour down*

Gen: At least you scratched me. The bottom line is that you needed more power or you would fall. You will fall here… This grave… is yours. You will be lost in the rain.

*Kurt has a scared look as he recalls the voices in his head from back in the Temple of the Light Goddess (Author's Note: Chapter 59)*

Kurt: More power… Falling… Those words were in the voices… That wasn’t a hint of the past… That was a hint of the future…

Gen: I don’t know what you’re babbling about but your end is here.

*Gen transforms his right hand into a dark green, rough-skinned claw*

Gen: I hope you have made peace with your incoming death as you only have yourself to blame!

*Gen starts running towards Kurt with his claw ready to strike. Kurt is in too much mental shock and fear to even move*

Kurt: I was… destined… to fall here…? I haven’t even done enough to help Zeth…

*Gen continues running while Kurt continues to be in mental shock (Author’s Note: In an anime, this part would be in a quiet slow motion. I wasn't sure how exactly to put that into naturally fitting words so I've stuck it in this author's note.)*

*Gen reaches Kurt and thrusts his claw right through Kurt’s chest. Blood splatters onto Gen’s arm. Gen’s claw has gone through the front of Kurt’s chest and out his upper back*

*Zeth and then Emily and Joe arrive at the town ruins to see the piercing. All three have shocked faces*

Gen: And now it is done.

*Gen removes his arm and then descends into the darkness that he forms on the ground*

*Zeth, Emily, and Joe arrive at Kurt’s lifeless body with a look of despair on their faces as the heavy rain continues to pour*

Zeth, Emily, and Joe: Kurt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Narrator: Gentorious has finally accomplished his goal! He has now killed Kurt! Without a beloved friend, how will the remaining heroes move forward?

Chapter 249 END

To be Continued in Chapter 250: The Night the Sky Cried